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  1. Woohoo! This set is so awesome that I can't believe it's real. I love the minifigs and I love everything about the house. A dream come true. Such a colorful, happy dream. Sure I miss some things (pets, saxophone) but it's beautiful anyway. And I even like the price (though it's really a lot to me). I have to wait a few months before I get it, but once I have it I'll be playing with it everyday. I'll be putting the entire family to sleep in their beds every evening before closing the house for the night. And I'll make sure they'll never hungry. And I'll be putting them in front of the TV everyday so they can watch Itchy and Scratchy. And... um, yeah..
  2. Leela

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    :wub: I've been staring at the picture for so long that I hope to have a Lego Simpsons dream tonight (if I'll be able to sleep). This set is so beautiful! I just love how it opens, excellent! And the minifigs are great too. I believe the interior will be awesome. This is going to be so expensive but I have to buy it no matter what.
  3. Congratulations everyone! This was so much fun to look at all the entries, the contest was great! Thank you for organizing it, I'm glad I got inspired and finally found some time to build.
  4. Leela

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    The pet chameleon in Rapunzel's set is so insanely cute That set along with Merida's and Ariel's smaller one are my faves. Merida's bears and Ariel's Flounder are so sweet as well. I really wish I didn't have to collect another theme
  5. Leela

    2014 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Strawberies, pineapples, cookies, red apples, white hens... no wonder these new sets are so yummy! The juice bar is particularly delicious - very bright but just so beautiful, I love everything about it. Sunshine Harvest is really nice but I still can't stand the colors of the ranch (though I'll buy it anyway...). I like the foal in new color and the beach house is excellent. I'm so excited, the Friends sets are all I wanted as a child and want now for my city.
  6. Leela

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    just2good, thank you so much for these pictures. I especially like the comparison photo, compared to Woody Homer's head doesn't look that out of proportions anymore. Besides the size is just like in the cartoon, where their heads are too big for the body. I think they look great. I like the torso you gave to Flanders, but I just really can't look at Homer's flat tummy I can't wait for the minifigures to be finally released.
  7. 3. CM4S - 1 point 9. dr_spock - 1 point 16. burlogh - 1 point
  8. I think that was the hardest category to vote, so many excellent entries! 7. genecyst - 1 point 12. rodiziorobs - 1 point 15. Emma - 1 point
  9. So many great entries! 9. SpacySmoke - 1 point 13. vecchiasignoraceppo - 1 point 21. Praiter Yed - 1 point Edited because I forgot to state the number of points.
  10. 5. farkas1014 - 1 point 15. burlogh - 1 point 19. J.V.D - 1 point
  11. So many great entries! It was really hard to choose... 5. Kombiprise - by Jamesn (1 vote) 8. Transporter - by Wachutu Chief (1 vote) 30. Railcar Camper - by Dr Spock (1 vote) 43. Yellow Submarine - by Sebeusl (1 vote) 106. 50c Joy Ride - by midi (1 vote) 119. ADU Headquarters - by Oky (1 vote) 140. Space Shuttle Bulli - by HilkodeVriesHzn (1 vote) 157. Camper with Interior - by Galatek (1 vote) 175. Steampunk Camper - by aditayam (1 vote)
  12. Leela

    Disney Princess 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Thanks for the pictures! I expected the dressed to be a little more puffy, but a least the minidolls should be able to sit in these flatter ones. I'm not very crazy about these sets but I like them and will try to get most of them. Ariel's Kiss set is so pink... pink dress, pink boat, pink roof, luckily the frog's not pink The Duplo version had better colors. But all the other princesses have the dresses shown on the box art so I hope Ariel will get a better dress. Love the Fabuland arch pieces in this set! I love Rapunzel's Tower, don't really know why, there's nothing to build there but it's just sooo pretty. This theme is going to be really popular with girls, the sets are sweet. The castle (even though my least favorite so far) makes a great dollhouse. I expect Snow White, Aurora and Belle to be next, but would really love to see Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan. I wonder if we'll get these other characters, there aren't many other scenes we could get with the most popular princesses (though Cinderella with step sisters at home would be great).
  13. Leela

    News LEGO CREATOR 2014 News & Discussion

    The Cat & Mouse set is so adorable! A mouse , a cat, a rabbit, a dog, just excellent. I like the mountain lodge but the mountain looks a little weird. I also expected a hut on a side of the mountain. Nice alternative builds.
  14. Yeti's Summer Cottage Tired of his view from the window which is nothing but snow, Yeti decided to spend a part of the year in a more interesting place. From the producer: "This portable summer cottage can be put anywhere thanks to the use of solar panels (included). Three cosy rooms include a bedroom that doubles as a freezer (for all that human meat snacks), a cool living room (satellite dish optional) and a big bathroom - we know how important the grooming of that fur is. Polar Co. for Yeti - For Every Climate, For Every You. Available in all shades of yellowed white." (more of the inside)
  15. Sewer Surprise Not your typical monster fighters. And not a typical monster? When these two guys were called in for yet another "strange sounds in the sewer, probably an alligator" they did not expect to find a lost baby creature from the lagoon. Cute but scary, they need to catch it anyway. But Frank Rock's already there and says there's no such thing as a cute monster.