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  1. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC] Voyage of the Fyrdraca

    I was a yellowist myself for a long time as well. But when I started op playing D&D with the figures I wanted a more diverse skin tone for my players. And if you use medium dark flesh, reddish brown and flesh yellow doesn't really add up and stands out as rather unnatural in my opinion. So I made the switch to flesh And the rowers should indeed be facing the other way round, but I liked this better for the picture so you could see their faces.
  2. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC] Voyage of the Fyrdraca

    He rested his hand on the top bowstrake. It felt good to sail again. The creaking of the wood and the oars as his ship the Fyrdraca flew over the waters of the Mirrorsea. The sea breeze blowing through his hair gave him happiness. A small island slid by a small tree waving in the same breeze, almost as if it were wishing them farewell on their voyage. A spray of sea water splashed in his face as the bow pierced a wave. Rán was merciful this day. “So? What do you think of the offer?” the fool said. Hroar sighed and turned to him. “Why do you think this offer would end any other way than our last?” “Yes, but this time it is different. The Jarl is wounded. He is old and will not endure much longer.” “He endured me. Do not underestimate Jarl Rygnar.” The fool smiled. “But you will take up the challenge Hroar? If the Jarl sees fit to die?” Hroar contemplated his words. The challenge against the Jarl had left him defeated. And though he was able to wound his old friend, it did not seem enough. The Jarl had not only defeated him, but he had also refused him Valhalla. Rygnar had exiled him. Humiliated him. But it was the words he said before he exiled him that had hurt the most. “You are wrong, Hroar. They deceive you.” There was a look of disappointment in Rygnar’s eyes when he uttered those words. And it caused a doubt in Hroar that he had not felt before. Ever. Hroar’s gaze fell upon Thorfinn. Was this one of ‘They’ that Rygnar warned him about? It had been Thorfinn who came to him and planted the idea in his head to pursue the challenge. And now he wanted him to do something that went against the honor and tradition that had made their people so strong, feared and even revered along the continent. “Hroar?” The shrewd eyes on this fool’s head looked at him trying to read Hroar’s face. “I will. But first I need to see an old friend.” I had wanted to build a brickbuilt longship for quite some time and I now finally had a good reason. If you go to my Flickr I linked to the build I based the ship on. It has the ability to clip on shields, but the Norsemen hardly did that when they were not going Viking. Viking is not a person, but an act of taking to sees and do some raiding and piracy. The shields were there to impress and instill fear in their enemies, once they would just go travelling the shields would be stored in the bilge or under the steering platform. They were much to valuable to just hang over the edge of the side, potentially losing them in some rough weather. The same goes with the beasthead on the prow. They were there to frighten spirits (and enemies) of foreign lands and would be removed once they reached friendly lands as to not frighten friendly spirits. That concludes my little history lesson for today
  3. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC[ The Exiled Warlord

    If you like this boat, I think you're gonna love my next build.
  4. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC[ The Exiled Warlord

    The scar on his chest stinged as he saw the dark red and dark blue flags billowing on the wind. The waves lapped at the bow of the small vessel that made its way to the pier jutting from the little piece of rock he called home. It had belonged to on of his father’s enemies and the Jarl was courteous enough to let him keep that little piece of land. The loss of his challenge against the Jarl still stung, beyond the scar that it left. It was a deep wound that carved into his soul. The exile was as if he had lost every reason to live. Gudrun seemed to have almost welcomed it. She enjoyed his company and spent most of her time reading books and singing old songs. It was almost as if she thought that him losing the challenge was the best thing that ever happened to them. But she didn’t understand. How could she? She had never gone to battle. She did not revel in the beauty, the violence and the brutality of it. And he did. And he missed it.And here they were. Coming back to him. He saw that bastard Thorfinn grinning on the bow of the ship. As if they were close friends.Fool.That stupid grin could catch the blade of his axe if he did not state his business soon. The boat’s timbers banged against the pier.“Hroar, my dear friend!” the fool bellowed, “We need to talk.” The Exiled Warlord by Bram, on Flickr So... It has been a while, but I'm sort of back I guess. Have not been that active the last couple of years. This is the first chapter in a series of builds for the character of Hroar, who I think is quite an interesting character. I hope you guys enjoy it!
  5. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC] The Ring Goes South

    I always love good rock work! Captured the scene quite nicely ;)
  6. This scene always gave me goosebumps, actually it still does every time I re-watch the movies. You excellently captured this scene!
  7. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC] Steampunk High Wheeler

    This looks even better then the Chicken Walker!
  8. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC] Steampunk Chicken Scout

    I love the randomness of how you created it :P But the build in it self looks great! Nice parts usage. The only thing that seems a little off is the controls. I personally would have liked it more if the controls were connected. Unless of course it's some sort of wireless contraption, which would make it more awesome...
  9. Elderon Eldar

    Fantastic Beasts Confirmed(?)

    I would certainly hope so! Can you imagine new torso's from the 1920's or 30's? Epic! I've always liked the Harry Potter sets, so maybe they'll do the same as with the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.
  10. Elderon Eldar

    [MOC] Nautopolis Loading Dock

    Goodday people of Eurobricks, My very first moc posted on Eurobricks, it feels like a brand new day for me I actually built the Mech on the platform a few years back, but never got to properly photgraph it. The setting of this Mech is in my own fictional universe with a complex backstory, which I have to write down properly and add to another of my Steampunk Moc's probably. I hope you guys like it Nautopolis Loading Dock by Bram, on Flickr Nautopolis Loading Dock by Bram, on Flickr Nautopolis Loading Dock by Bram, on Flickr greetings, Elderon
  11. Elderon Eldar

    Why, hello there *winks*

    Hey people, I'm Elderon and hail from the Netherlands. A few of you guys probably know me from Classic Castle or the Dutch lug site Lowlug, but I decided to show my face here as well. I'm a quarter of a century old and my main themes are castle and Lord of the Rings. I'm out of my grey ages for about 5 years now and have been steadily expanding my Lego collection over the years. For the last three years I haven't actually been a quick builder limiting myself to two, maybe three bigger builds a year, but I thought why not try your hand at reviewing a couple of sets and maybe be a little more active in the Lego-community. So, there you have it, this is me and I hope we'll see a lot of each other on here ;) Greetings, Elderon