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  1. I posted a few weeks ago about the 501st Jet Trooper having an extra blue line on his helmet between the visor and brim. However, in this image from the Lego Bricks and Pieces inventory the mark is not there. Could it be that the line is simply some sort of production error present only in the first few batches? They're clearly aware that it shouldn't be there whatever the case.
  2. It's not anywhere in the shop site as far as I know, but the Bespin Duel is now listed on Bricks and Pieces
  3. Hi everyone. Not sure if anyone else has posted about this but I noticed an error in the design of the new 501st jet trooper. It looks whoever designed it made the standard 501st trooper first then removed the blue stripe on the helmet to but forgot to get rid of the bit between the brim and the visor.