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  1. Ahh ok that's unfortunate. Thanks for the clarification
  2. Think my previous post got deleted so just want to clarify that as far as I can tell this is genuine information and is not me making a guess: There's a post on Reddit of Brick Clicker confirming that the figure is young Leia.
  3. As far as I'm aware the plastic colour was never the issue with the old B2s- it was the mould itself. Other droids with the same legs in different colours (e.g. Magnaguards and the Tactical Droid) are known for having exactly the same durability problems, as did the 3 different colours of B2s (blue, 2007-2010 gunmetal and 2011-2015 gunmetal). Pretty sure the new ones are actually in the same gunmetal plastic as the 2011-2015 ones. The issue was in the thickness of the clips which meant they were not very flexible, like how part 2555 would almost always break until they changed to part 15712 with a thinner, more flexible clip.
  4. Would've been great if they included them in a colour other than dark bley. We haven't had black accessories since 2011. Maybe they could've put a binocular visor in one of the crates too.
  5. Was hoping we might finally get a red eye printed on the B2s (they do at least have a moulded-in dot now, better than nothing I guess). Arms and legs seem pretty much identical to the old ones, though does anyone else feel like the arms stick out too much? Kinda looks like what you'd get if you put the old ones on at the wrong end (so that they curve out rather than in). Might just be the poses used in the pictures though. (Edit: just seen the front-of-box which has the arms down at the side and they look fine- must just be the angle of the other pictures) Happy with the tri-droid build. I'm not a fan of the 2020 Clone design (I only really collect the older 2014 realistic ones) and already have a lot of B1s and B2s so I might see if I can get a couple of tri-droids dirt cheap without minifigures.
  6. Agreed, especially since the set's pretty overpriced in the UK and I've never seen it below the RRP except for preowned ones on eBay (mainly due to the only non-LEGO retailer selling it being Tesco who aren't great for discounts anyway, regardless of the fact that they never even have the set in stock).
  7. In a discord server. Someone else has posted a screenshot on the SW leaks subreddit.
  8. Grogu's Escape minifigure lineup is wrong according to Brick Clicker. Hasn't said what it really is but apparently it's not 2 Shock Troopers. What was the original source of it being 2 Shocks?
  9. If they're being accurate, Bly's vertical stripe on the helmet and torso are more brown than the yellow stripes for the standard troopers. He also has a fully yellow belt on his torso. His helmet should have yellow wrapping all the way around but they might just print yellow patches on the front half- not sure they've ever done printing on the back of clone helmets before. Of course, after Vaughn we can't be sure LEGO will actually carry these details over. (And we don't even know if it's a real leak yet)
  10. Saw some people were wondering whether Malak would reuse a mould from the new Ultron in the Avengers Tower set. Looks like that's a confirmed no as the Ultron in that set just has a standard minifig head. Oh that's excellent news- I was waiting for him to be a bit cheaper so I could get a few. Still annoyed at myself for not getting more of the loyalists when they were in the magazines.
  11. Agreed- it's crazy that we've never had a properly accurate ANH Vader. I'm not getting my hopes up too much though since the current Vader figures appear to be based on a mix of his OT appearances (no robes over the chestplate and his leftmost switch is red which suggests ESB/RotJ but there's a green button on his torso panel which is from ANH).
  12. Strongly disagree with this. The Rebels Thrawn figure is one of the worst cases of LEGO's poor design quality control, and it predates the current Clone problems. As a Legends fan, them getting his rank plaque wrong felt pretty insulting, similar to how their lack of care with the new Fox figure is insulting to CW fans. I'd prefer it if they made the new figure not have any wear marks so that it could be used for Rebels Thrawn and also as a generic Grand Admiral torso.
  13. Another difference is that in Rebels it's an ISD1 (with ISD2 turrets for some reason) while in Ahsoka it's fully an ISD2. Bit of a weird continuity error which doesn't matter too much but would affect some details on a LEGO set, beyond the obvious damage patches.
  14. CallumPears

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    The difference is that Gandalf didn't wear different outfits in the sets he appeared in. Except for the Black Gate where they included Gandalf the White, his grey outfit fit the scenes so there was no need for a different variant. Aragorn, however, had several different outfits. His outfit at Helm's Deep for example was very different from his outfit at Weathertop and so it wasn't accurate for LEGO to use the same minifigure design in both sets. The biggest offender to me though is the standard Orc design. They were originally made as the Orcs of Isengard in the Orc Forge set but then they started being used in many other sets, e.g. as Hunter Orcs in Attack of the Wargs and as Mordor Orcs in the Battle at the Black Gate. These Orcs are supposed to have very different designs from the Isengard ones and it's one of my biggest criticisms of the 2012-2014 sets.
  15. I'm not too upset about Yularen not having arm printing (yes he has those black bands but they aren't too noticeable- I was more upset when the Bespin Guard in 75060 didn't have his red cuffs) but yeah his torso is pretty bad. The top left part of his outfit is a big pad that stretches across most of his chest and over onto his left shoulder but on the minifigure it's only represented as a vaguely-curved horizontal line between the two vertical lines which I guess they just copied over from the Imperial Officer design. This causes the distinctive S-shape of his uniform to not be very well-defined. Those vertical lines shouldn't really be there. He doesn't have one at all on his left side and the one of the right should be a lot fainter and closer to the edge. Having it overlapping with part of the S-shape makes his whole torso feel a bit squished. The shaping of the design around his neck is wrong too. Imperial Officers do have a semi-circular dip in the chest padding around their collar but Republic Officers like Yularen do not. Overall they really should've had another go at his torso from scratch.