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  1. Tomcat RIO

    INDEX: Armies

    well to answer all of you, I took 25 years to collect them all since 1990. Just recieved my Metal Beard Sea Cow 70810 last week. I started with 6274 Carribean Clipper in 1990, then every ship since then i bought from the shops. recently i bricklinked the 6285 with box (i crushed the box of my old set when i was younger). i bricklinked for 6250 as it was not released in Asia. I am also waiting for 10021 USS Constellation to arrive, from a Bricklink seller. All in anticipation of the 2015 sets!
  2. Tomcat RIO

    INDEX: Armies

    No army assembled. but here is my fleet collection in their boxes.. will take some time to build them all !
  3. Hi all, modified the Lego cave troll into the 3 Entenmoor trolls from Hobbit. They are based roughly on the movie depiction of Tom, Bert and William.
  4. My custom minifigs. Freddie Mercury rip 24 Nov 1991. Brian May has a new hairdo from Friends Andrea. It's been raining quite heavily here in South East Asia because of the monsoon. Which brought to mind a Guns n Roses song, November Rain. Axl Rose has a repainted series 7 Hippie hairpiece, while Slash has a repainted Andrea hairpiece and a tophat. Slash is using an airbrushed Brickforge guitar, in the orange tone Gibson les Paul as used in the music video for the song.
  5. Tomcat RIO

    LEGO Hobbit 2014

    just bought and built up my lake town attack and battle of five armies sets. pics and review coming. early release by an unknowing department store staff :) here in the far east in Singapore. the stock of the TLM and WKB is still being shipped according to the store's warehouse guy.
  6. Tomcat RIO

    Lord of the Rings minifigs custom

    RedViper - sneak peeks tonight or tomorrow! btw nice signature pics ;) Why not use Duplo castle figures for the mountain! hehehehe
  7. Hi all. Back posting on this forum. These are my custom Ghost Riders. As usual, all handpainted and no decals. Enjoy! These are not the ghosts we are looking for :(
  8. Tomcat RIO

    Lord of the Rings minifigs custom

    Woah, you guys dug out this old post of mine! @Legoman4life.. dunno if i can send you a helmet. I've never shipped anything overseas before.. @Deathleech - I love your LOTR Armies!! Yes I've finished some of those battle trolls (the ones at the Minas Tirith Gate). I also did a snow troll. As well as Tom, Bert and William. I would love to show them soon, i just don't have time to build small MOC vignettes to showcase the figures.
  9. Nice. Loving the "extended" look of the sarissas. And that shield!! Would definitely be getting at least a dozen, on my next order..
  10. Tomcat RIO


    I did one using the big castle troll blade as well.
  11. Tomcat RIO

    Colossal Castle Contest XI

    Ah!! I forgot my classic castle forum username and account! Its been almost 2 or 3 years since I've logged on there. Will be participating this year, getting my MOC fingers moving again after a hiatus.. -edit - hopefully my new account gets approved! cant wait to start posting in about a month's time!
  12. Well, theres been making lots of customised Iron Mans lately. I'd thought i will jump onto to MOC wagon.. This is not any Mark in particular, but its just to test revolutionary idea of customising minifigs, with high dynamic poses.. I was toying for a few weeks of thinking how to get my Assassin Creed Ezio to have poseable arms. I suddenly got a brain wave and tried it out.. Then i came across some wonderful customs on Flickr and google search for ideas. Scroll below for more pics 1. For the basic armour, i opted to make a 3D armour instead of the flat plain decal torso - NO DECALS FOR ME!!! HAND POWER! I used a Brickarms armour piece, added Brickforge neckarmour+Pauldron. Welded them together? Nah just superglue 2. A old type skeleton was sacrificed, and the arm socket glued to the ironman torso, with the arms fused with the skeletal arm as well 3. next, the legs were cut up and levers glued 4. Sculpting and blending was done 6. Ready for paint! Note the 2 sets of hands, one is a clenched fist, the other is the open palm attack mode, with individual fingers carefully sculpted onto a standard lego hand 7. Sprayed and ready. . Introducing the MK HP WOOOAHHHHH!!!! Okay okay guys, relax.. It's just a Iron Man minifig Pew Pew! Time to fly. Jarvis, full power to the thrusters boosters! Notice the angle of the head can now be tilted backwards so IronMan can see where he is flying. This is the drawback of all Lego Iron Man minifigs in the inflight mode.. that is, until now.. Landing time.. This is the classic Iron Man poster kneeling pose with 1 fist on the ground.. Thanks to my new modified legs, it can do this pose easily, with some bluetack to stick it in place. So what's next after a hard two days of MOCing, Need some booze, of course.. Tony Stark can rest his arm on the glass bartop thanks to the new arm, and even curl his knees abit. That's all folks! Bye!
  13. Tomcat RIO

    Customised Lego Animals

    Thanks all! For the griffin, i cut away some teeth and sculpted the beak with sculpey clay, followed by a bit of sanding with sandpaper to get a smoother finish. Yep, the Pegasus has a probelm with the legs of the minifig-rider having to stand on the 1x1 clips that the wing is attached to. I am experimenting with saddles and other kinds of radical methods, to be shown at a future date.. Yep, i order about 3 dozen wargs and 2 dozen eagles on bricklink..
  14. Tomcat RIO

    Lord of the Rings minifigs custom

    Oh look,its the orc smiths, they are busy hatching evil wares.. A whole set of helmet for trolls! An unhappy customer comes back for refunds.. The helmets are not ready yet, some painting in steel colours is to be done
  15. Hi all, it's been ages since i've logged into my account! There's so much new things to see and learn around here. Anyway, I'd just wanna show some custom animals i made, mostly repaints, but some with heavy modding. First up, repainted wargs. Painted them in a dark brown, and dark tan colours Next is a custom based on the warg, with a beak added. This is my first trial at a Griffin. It looks presentable enough, but the 2nd attempt (which is being made) will definitely improve on this with new wings from LOTR Eagle added Next is a Pegasus, using the new Horse mould, and adding the wings of the LOTR Eagle (painted white) the old tristar cinema movie opening Those who played Heroes of Might and Magic or Magic cards will know it as Night Mare, I call it, Devilcloud, Horse of Hades. "Upon a cloud of flame and brimstone the Devil rode to war".. Good versus evil Bald Eagle. I think i should do something patriotic American for the USA fans around here. :P