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  1. Hmm, didn't think of production limitations. Makes sense.
  2. I have a question about 3x19 frame: I was wondering why the center holes in the middle aren't in the length orientation - like the center holes on the outside? This would made it possible to have an axle run through the entire length of the frame. Seems to me that would be a very useful function of such a frame...
  3. Yeah, I was wondering this too
  4. It's the new Lego quality control: the first buyers and reviewers.
  5. This is a request for those MOC magicians out there: please build a Testarossa out of this. (and other iconic Ferrari's) I haven't be tempted to buy a Lego Technic set lately, but somehow this ugly beast is growing on me. But there's no way I will buy it for € 400... Come on.
  6. That's the problem with formula 1. Cars are changed almost every race. Hope TLG learns from this... Are they going to change it again when a sponsor retreats? And why would TLG care about that anyway. They made a product, it's done. Or would this be in the contract? Seems unlikely...
  7. Philo, I owe you a beer. Thanks it works. Also thanks for making the part. Turns out AppData map is hidden, and can be accessed through %AppData% in explorer.
  8. I've tried to copy the file, but I don't have the CustomParts folder. And I'm tired, so somehow it's not working. What steps do I need to follow?
  9. Oh, that's neat. Will have to try that. Are there also official updates, or would I have to wait for a loooong time.
  10. Is there any indication when new (technic) parts will arrive in I'm waiting for "Shell 5x1x2 w/ cross" 80286 from 42132.
  11. Somehow this looks very comical. Like someone forgot to design the rear of the car. Well done.
  12. Just what I thought: this set has less than 10 gears and is almost a functional copy of 42000 grand prix racer. Such innovation, many wow. No B-model, no opening parts, just a few new frames and panels. And than the price. €180. What a giant rip-off. I just don't understand Lego Technic anymore. I must be getting old or something. Please, someone explain this to me.
  13. What do I expect from a technic model for € 180? A big detailed engine. With all the cooling, exhausts, turbo's and what not - teach us something about racing engines (include the electrical part too if the 2022 cars still have that) Removable parts - like front wings - teach some design Some actual F1 tires Some great ideas have been mentioned above There are a lot of sets with equal partcount that do more on the functional side This set is just a big pile of panels filled with nothing. I'm not going to buy that. I have a big pile of panels laying around already. Do I need 5 new panel types in 4 different colors? No. Can we not critize Lego anymore? This is expensive and hollow, like a lot of previous sets. I don't like it. I will not buy it. Where are the surprises? I want Lego to design with passion. Surprise us. Teach about technic. They can do this. They have in the past. I want that to return.
  14. Thanks for responding so far. I do try to MOC sometimes, and I like the alternatives some people build from a set. To bad that TLG doesn't provide any B-models anymore. I'm not in a hurry, so let's see where this ends.
  15. Don't know if this is the right place, but a pub is a place for conversation right? I got out of my dark ages around 2011, 2012, and had a lot of fun collecting lego technic again. Sets like 8258, 8070, 42025, 8110. etc. The past years, I haven't bought any lego at all. 42110 was my last set. I was looking at 42113, but that was cancelled. 42128 looks interesting, but I don't know. The direction lego is going, lots of expensive sets, control plus and a lot of sets with zero interesting functionality, is putting me off. It's all empty shells that look good and do nothing.(not even that good sometimes). Having moved, and not building a lot, got me thinking about selling my collection. Maybe start over with new sets. So right now, I'm building my sets again, which is fun, but that's it. So how are you guys looking at the following: - Selling my collection: should I look for one buyer who buys the whole lot? Or should I split it up? - Having less fun or interest in buying sets because reasons...