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  1. And you finished ORP Orzel at the same time... Nice! No really, great boat, amazing build. The submarine looks fantastic. Edit: After watching the complete video: I admire your dedication and creativity every single build, but this thing is on another level. Functions are great, and getting it floating and modulair is an amazing feature. Well done!
  2. I think @brunojj1 created an impressive model. If it wasn't presented here (CaDa or not) I and many others would have missed it. I would be very happy if I build models good enough to be noticed by a manufacturer, have my model produced into a set, and maybe make some money. The point i'm trying to make is: A) Lego is getting more competition, which is good. This model is cheaper, drives remoted controlled with a 4-speed gearbox (on bluetooth) which is impressive. I haven't seen Lego do this. B) This is a total different situation then with Lepin - which just steals designs. The parts probably don't have a copyright. The set is produced with the designer. C) Shooting down everything that isn't pure 100% Lego is just nitpicking. Let's not do that. We are people that enjoy a hobby with great potential. I'm seeing myself buying less Lego sets every year. The V22 Osprey was a set I was interested in, we all know how that ended. The Lamborghini is a nice set, but very expensive, and doens't do much function wise. Maybe some competition is good for Lego...
  3. captainmib

    [B Model] Ferrari Enzo from 42115

    Nice model. Amazing that you already managed to build something from a fresh set. I am seeing a lot of color variation in your model. Is it because of the lighting or camera, or are the green parts really that different?
  4. Same. I thought the first picture was a scale model. Impressive build.
  5. captainmib

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Am i seeing things, or are the wings retractable? It looks like a hinge of some sorts. Really starting to like this set. Can replace the 42025. (That was a great build, parts pack)
  6. captainmib

    [REVIEW] 42050 - Drag Racer

    Well, that's something different I didn't expect from this set.
  7. captainmib

    Kenworth K100

    What a great truck. Do you happen to have more details on the chassis/rear suspension? I'd like to recreate something like this.
  8. 40 : 10 24 : 6 29 : 4 28 : 3 47 : 2 53 : 1 So many entries makes voting even harder. Great entries, and some real gems in there.
  9. 45. Ford Mustang Fastback Dimensions: 15x35x11 Working Steering V8 engine Opening doors, hood and trunk Rear suspension Topic:
  10. captainmib

    [TC18] Ford Mustang Fastback [Finished]

    Opening post has been updated with finished result. Thanks for watching, reading.
  11. captainmib

    [TC18] VW Rally Car

    This is looking great. I agree on the roof, the A-pillar needs some extension.
  12. captainmib

    [REVIEW] 42050 - Drag Racer

    You're welcome. Thanks for mentioning 42106, didn't know it had a whopping 24 medium azure parts... Wow! Yes, the pictures make it hard to spot the bulkiness. It's quite a large model. You are right about the tires. If you have a good use for them, and you could get the set for cheap, it could be a parts donor.
  13. I recently received 42050 Drag Racer as a gift. This set apparently is from 2016, which is already 4 years ago. Feel old yet? Or nostalgic? I had some spare time, so decided to build it, and write up a short review. For some nice pictures, I'd like to point you at the review of Ted, I mean Jim, also available in this forum. The Build This is a quick, and mostly boring build around a very small chassis consisting of mostly beams. It's roughly devided into two stages: the chassis and the shell. The chassis is so small that there isn't even a differential between the rear wheels. Looks I'm not familiar with this type of racing vehicles, but I think it looks terrible. The shell is mostly panels, and someone with a chainsaw made the holes for the wheels. It looks very rough. The color combination of Medium Azure and Black is great, and the stickers enhance some of the looks. I have two problems here: Apparently, the color used here is Medium Azure. I made a reference picture for all the Shades of Blue I own. I had to look up the name that's used in this one. So, from the front it looks very cool and aggresive. And that's where the coolness ends. There are a total of 18 Medium Azure parts used in this set. 18. The color Medium Azure is only used in one other Technic set, 42059 from 2017 (12 medium azure parts). It almost feels like a scam. Short Quiz: name all the shades of blue The second problem is with the Stickers. They look cool, and increase the presence of Medium Azure with another 50%. It's a real pitty that the looks depend way to much on them, and it's even more forthcoming when you don't apply them (which I never do). 50% more Medium Azure with this simple trick Functions There are no surprises here: Steering with HoG V8 engine Lifting shell Lifting the car into a wheelie stand (42111 anyone?) Parts So, let's start with the Good: The Rear Wheels are awesome. To bad it's only two of them. That's it. The Bad: The amount of Medium Azure For the rest, it's a bunch of liftarms and panels. Nothing interesting. All the left-overs The Verdict My two daughters wanted to race this car immediatly, so after the last part was added to the build, they went to play. The first thing I noticed was a scraping noise on the floor. Turns out that either the exhausts, or the wheelie stand is scraping over the floor. It kills the fun instantly. Floorscraper Installed The exhausts contain 8 corrugated pipes, which are terrible to secure. The lack of Medium Azure is such a big miss. This could have been a mean looking Drag Racer. Even the chassis would have looked great with it as well. There are some other rough areas, like the mount of the windshield, the front wheels touching the shell when steering, and apparently, this set is prepared for power functions, which lead to some weird unused parts sticking out. Is this even legal? If the chassis was any wider, it would have allowed to have a working steeringwheel I rate this set a solid 'Missed-opportunity-to-introduce-a-cool-new-shade-of-blue'. I know I sound very negative, but I just don't like the set... It feels like this set would have grown if some more details went into the engine, had proper colours and didn't cut so many corners. Thanks for reading, and now back to TC18 and waiting on more Lambo news...
  14. captainmib

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    What video and where?
  15. captainmib

    [TC18] Codename: Katana

    Nice solution. Hope it's sturdy enough when you build the rest of the car.