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  1. captainmib

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    What conditions?
  2. captainmib

    [MOC] Crawler crane: 42055 C model

    Nice build. Maybe create something on the side with the leftover parts? I agree that the extending tracks seem a bit weak. Maybe try to reinforce those if you have space left.
  3. captainmib

    2019 Mclaren Indy 500 IndyCar Model

    Why is the engine so far forward in the last pic? Pneumatic jack: try it. Is there a gearbox?
  4. captainmib

    LEGO Technic Supercar Auction

    Amazing vehicle. I don't understand how you managed to get all the functions in... Love the detailed engine, the curves. Nice!
  5. captainmib

    Classic technic, new wheels

    Host your Lego pictures at Bricksafe. Bricksafe The 100kb picture space is only for signatures of your profile. See mine below.
  6. captainmib

    Landing Gear

    Thanks! I have it build here, it works great. So far it seems pretty robust. Weight may or may not be a problem. Weight pushing down on an axle should not really be a problem i think?
  7. captainmib

    Landing Gear

    I think i found a simple and effective solution. Keep it simple, right?
  8. captainmib

    Landing Gear

    I think i found a solution. Will post a pic later. Unfortunately, there are only long parts that can connect to towballs...
  9. captainmib

    Landing Gear

    With gears i mean that i know a standard solution where you use gears to turn the wheel. I tried copying it, but i'm not a mechanical wonder, and can't figure it out.
  10. captainmib

    Landing Gear

    I want to recreate the mechanic in this video, starting at 1:14, in the smallest scale possible. Is there a way to do this without gears? Is this even possible with Lego? Ideas will be much appreciated.
  11. captainmib

    [MOC] Red Alert 3: GRINDER

    I played C&C 3, but i can't remember this unit. Is this from an expansion? Nice build, looks like a real beast.
  12. 3: 10 5: 6 12: 4 13: 3 14: 2 7: 1 Well done by everybody, even the ones i didn't give any points. Some real good MOC's in here.
  13. captainmib

    [TC15[ Motorized BiCopter

    What a great model. Simple, nice functions that work well. Great job.
  14. captainmib

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    So... Panel McPanelface There is a great 42009 C-model somewhere for a car transporter. It has a lot of nice functions. I hope this will be somewhat in that direction. But I don't like all the excessive paneling on a lot of sets these days.
  15. Nice build so far. I like how you use just one set, a car, and build a helicopter out of it. It looks like the original has a winch or something on the side? Will you implement that?