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  1. I agree you can't compare them directly, but I'm drawing the line somewhere for my wallet. And we should need to rely on price reductions for a "reasonable" price.
  2. The LEGO price in the Netherlands for this is € 450. That is insane. I remember buying 8258 for around € 160. For 42056 I paid around € 200. It's as far as I'm willing to go for a (toy) Lego set. You could buy 2x 8258 and have money left, or 2x 42056. I find myself less and less drawn to Technic Lego, much less these kind of numbers. I haven't figured out if it is just overpriced, or just very expensive. If your batteries die out, or you phone, this is just a sitting pile of dust. 42129 - Zetros? No thanks. 42128 - I might buy this 42113 - Cancelled. Would have bought. Looking at some other themes, where they release good looking models with lots of functions, I feel I don't like where the Technic theme is going. At all.
  3. Good thing that you are still going. Love to see the end result. Love the canopy. My project is gathering dust. I have moved, and don't have much time. Lego is stored away, and I don't have a place to build yet.
  4. Well done! Really like the looks and the functions. You are correct on the landing gear being your favorite. It looks awesome.
  5. captainmib

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Hi @steph77, just found your helicopters and other moc's in this thread. I think they are awesome. Your UH-77 is looking great. Just wondering if you have any pictures or digital files to build it, or how the internals work.
  6. Well, yes, but it fits the same category in my opinion. Maybe not on the license level, but it's still a racing car within the same (Lego) scale.
  7. Thanks for the great review. I find it very lacking. If I compare it to 42077, it brings more design, and 670 more parts. But nothing function wise. And no B-model either. @Sariel How would you compare it with 42077?
  8. The new ferrari contains the new rotor blade in black, so I guess it's just a matter of time before you can buy the parts you need to recreate it yourself. I personally wouldnt bother with those hoarder prices.
  9. You mean the instructions, or would a company dare it to release it like a set.
  10. Love the oldskool look of this. Could you reverse engineer it using
  11. I'm hearing this to many times, and it makes no sense. A perfect set that would somehow also be boring? Because it can't be improved? Lego is just making to many [TECHNIC] sets that are meh on the functional side. This Ferrari is just the next example. The perfect set doesn't exist, but my wallet is being closed for two years now. I would probably have bought 42113... Sets like this come with heaps of panels, which I own enough of. Other than the looks, I think this set lacks Technicality
  12. I just don't see myself buying this. I also passed on the Bugatti, the Lambo... This looks nice on the outside, but I'm missing the wow factor, the functions, the never done before... I agree with @Erik Leppen about the part counts, functions etc. The € 400 car sets are big and impressive, but also a very expensive dust collector.
  13. captainmib

    Flaperons [IDEAS]

    @Rudivdk Thanks. Hope it helps. I'm not taking credit though, I think I borrowed this somewhere, but can't remember where or what it was. It's true that it has various options. You could even leave the turntable out I think, replace it with a liftarm, and do the steering (yellow) through a liftarm as well.