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  1. A lime green helicopter with really big landing gear A lime green helicopter with really big landing gear Hulls from 42105 will make nice floats for a lime green amphibious heli.
  2. So, I was fooling around with 5x7 frames and made a cube. The natural progression was to fill in the empty spaces with the obvious pattern Goal was to maximise contrast and minimise any visible additional colours. Black and white was pretty successful Insides are clean, should be a reasonably 'true' die. There would be some small weight differences between faces, I'm sure. There are a few blue pins that are the only element that is not black or white, and none are on the surface. The grey / orange has black pins... and uses orange 1x2 liftarms. I started adding bits to brace against wobble / rotation. The inside is a hot mess, I'm sure it could be improved upon.
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    Technic dice

    Playing around with some more parts. Added a smaller model: a bit hampered by the inability to use the centre part of each face. Next challenge is to make a 5x5 version with a true dice pattern.
  4. Finally got round to building the B model of this. It looks like it really stretched the parts from the A model - lots of random gaps in the floor and use of alternatives to simple black pins in various places. I thought the old battery box in a flying machine was ridiculously heavy in the A model, and with unimpressive rotor speed was a really poor cost-benefit ratio. So I modded the B model to use a hand crank on the outside to get into the gearbox and drive the functions - a fun challenge that I eventually got to work satisfactorily. The B-model is huge - a really big body and then 2 enormous rotor radii. A fun build - but too big to keep around in my lego den, where display space is at a premium! Having seen the new Denis Villeneuve Dune movie, I'm thinking those giant blades will work well in a model of the ornithopters from the movie. At some point I may give that a go, but more realistically some of the MOCers here might come up with something better and quicker than me ;)
  5. That is a thing of beauty! Love it.
  6. So I bought and built this in the last couple of days. I agree with most of the comments above. This is an unusual model, and an interesting build. It is by far the wobbliest Technic set I have built! The mechanisms are not your normal vehicle stuff and use some interesting techniques and properties of the bricks. BUT, it all feels a bit pointless, since it can’t really be played with (no bath in this house). I put together a little stand so it can display at an angle. Admiring it for now, not sure how long I will keep it assembled.
  7. Thanks for bumping this thread, that B model looks gorgeous, I will be getting the instructions for sure.
  8. I am semi-obsessive about this since reading on here that it can make it easier to assemble beams with multiple connections, which I think is the case. Anyone else bothered that the box image of 42043 has part 41678 in the grille in different orientations?
  9. Pretty common in 80s Ireland to call these JCBs. I first heard backhoe in Australia in the late 90s.
  10. Hi folks, I am working on a generic tank, based on a request from my son. Inspired by the many shades of green provided by Lego, I have gone for a camo approach, supplemented by black & DBG where needed. Aims for the build were to have something fun for the kids to play with, that looked like a tank, with tank drive, turret rotation and elevation, and ability to shoot. Still working on the last part. The LandRover is providing a lot of the panels, beams and plates. I plan to close the front corners of the turret with 21/22 panels, but waiting for final barrel design. Openable rear to house battery box. Buwizz / CADA compatible, using CADA for now. Bottom is fairly enclosed, this drives well on grass: Drive is by 2 L-motors, pretty much directly connected. Simple and effective. I could try CADA L-motors and Buwizz battery for lots more power. One issue is that this is a far from modular build, so very difficult to take apart even for photos, let alone rework. Two M-motors in the middle of the chassis drive turret rotation (full 360) and barrel elevation. Again, pretty simple linkage. Adding a cockpit for the minifig commander, with opening hatch, ended up with a pleasing result. There are additional crew in the back, but these may need to make way for a second battery for a firing mechanism. The LandRover mudguards work really well here, I think. The current firing mechanism was to be a manual pull back, with a catch, that releases technic springs. This really does not work, so I am looking at some other options described in videos out there. In any case, I realise this needs to be mechanised anyhow, since there is no point having an RC tank that you need to walk up to to fire. I just hope I can find something that works at this scale. I appreciate this is quite crude, and probably reveals its 'make it up as you go along' design choices, but I am quite satisfied at how well it drives and funcitons and it pleases the target audience - I just need to finish that firing mechanism!
  11. Since we are talking about bluntness and being able to take criticism - yes, it happens, @M_longer does this a lot from what I see. All it takes is to acknowledge the work that goes into an MOC and some good points, as well as pointing out things that could have been done differently or better. Part of making 'constructive' criticism actually constructive is expressing it so that the person being criticised will respond positively. That is what is missing imho.
  12. Just finished building this - a really enjoyable build. The roof mechanism never gets old - really well-executed and satisfying. I made a few minor modifications - put on an Audi logo and tweaked the mirrors. And I thought the black panels were because there was not enough light blue, but then saw that the real car has this too (mostly). To me, it is ugly in the real car also, so I tried to replace with light blue. I also tweaked the doors so they catch when closed. Thanks for the creation!
  13. Quoting from another thread that is closed: ”For example, if someone were to pour their effort into building a MOC that they’re proud enough of to go to the effort of taking photos and posting them here, and all you can muster up is “The wheels are too small” or “This doesn’t look like X” without so much as an effort to make them feel welcome for contributing to the forum then sorry but that’s just behaving like a rude piece of shit.” I am far from young, or thin-skinned, but this sort of response does make me reluctant to post stuff here. What’s the point, if some MOCers (whose models I have admired and paid money for) can only seem to respond by nit-picking.
  14. Have we seen a 7:24:25 Pythagorean triple in a set before?
  15. I recently finished building this, also my first foray into the dark side. First the cons: The material quality is not quite up to lego standard - variable friction of axles in axle holes, and poor clutching of studs into pin holes was what I noticed. Some bits of bodywork were a bit tricky to put in place, and some bits of body work are a bit fragile - front grille and diffusers. Seats were ridiculously loose, but I fixed this. Ok, a lot more pros: A nice challenging build, gearbox simpler than e.g. Chiron, but functional, some nice cosmetic/functional features, like the paddle shifters and cockpit. RC shifting while driving is great fun. I really liked that after the functional part of the build there was still interest - the hood/bonnet and especially the doors (with locks - nice!) were really nicely implemented. The finished model looks great - nicely implemented non-boxiness, few gaps. The playability is fantastic. Physical remote + rechargeable battery + powerful motors make this great fun. And even better with a Buwizz - allows the lights to stay on, and in ludicrous mode, it can really move. Too fast in fact to properly control indoors - but this supercar can be crashed and rebuilt with impunity! I'm looking forward to a proper session with room to drive. Thanks @brunojj1!
  16. Bumping this old thread. I just built @jb70's RC mod of this, using Buwizz. Works remarkable well, considering the power goes through the fake engine. Achieves decent speed, a bit more with Landrover wheels and tyres at the rear. These just fit with minor modification, and looking at some real LMP car photos, may be legit. This seems to have about the best turning circle of any of my official sets, making it very playable. I also recoloured to orange / black, added 2x front lights and rear. A few other minor cosmetic mods, some part availability limitations kicked in. I paid above full retail price for this when i found it in a small toy shop after it had gone off the market. Despite that, with all the great B, C, D models and mods, and great playability, this is one of the best value sets I have. Lots of room with the Buwizz, I pushed the 2x4 L beam forward to act as a catch on the front. not the neatest but all good when closed. Short of 3x11 and 3x7 curved tapered panels, but able to improvise with the smaller ones 5x7 panels not really working here Routing wiring a bit of a pain, I may need to get some of those new clip parts. The >1 unit height of that block in the PF lights is a rare piece of poor design from Bilund.
  17. So, I enjoyed building this, my first technic motorbike. Great tinkering value in this set. I think I am done now! Made some similar mods to many above: Front mudguard, still has reasonable suspension travel. Attached to frame, but forks turn it somewhat with the wheel. Also more aggressive lights and added brake levers. Tried to cover the hole around the fuel tank and ended with this - I think it bulked up nicely. Also eliminated one elastic band. Rear mudguard beefed up, added lights and number plate. Also red shock, tightened chain.
  18. SO, I got round to rebuilding this, using @jb70 's smooth version. I never found this build tedious, and the kids (big and small) love playing with it. As I had used much of this set building 42042, BWE now gets a (not-super consistent) re-colour. I like the black & orange combo. I also added in Buwizz power, and ludicrous mode speeds up the slewing and digging. Movement still seems slow. I kept the PF battery box as a counterweight. Also added some powerfunctions lights. Buwizz easy to integrate. In this setup, the lights are powered from the lego battery box, but these can go Buwizz too. Doing what it does best. These pasta shapes rarely clog on the belt. The bucket wheel does sometimes get stuck, mostly just needs a slight nudge. So satisfying to play with (that's what the kids say!).
  19. Glad you liked it! I am ridiculously pleased with how this ~10 part construction worked out.
  20. So, I never had the set of 42042, but was able to make it more or less from my parts. A nice set, cranes have great play value for kids large and small. I think it looks good in 42055 livery... At the back, added some decoration, and limits on the battery box and switch so that polarity is always in the 'correct' direction. Made some claws with small DBG panels Didn't have enough of the really small wheels. Had to drop the cog wheels down 1 unit to prevent tipping over. A bit crude, but it works. Cabin does not tilt!
  21. Speed champions for grown-ups!
  22. 42055 is like nothing else in official Lego sets, unusual functions and build experience. I’m rebuilding mine now. 42082 has a lot of great looking C models out there (I’m looking forward to those, have not made yet). Both have good built experiences, mechanisms and playability. Price wise, 42082 is probably pretty good right now, may go up, 42055 already got that retired set premium.
  23. Mine arrived yesterday. Surprisingly small. Put together the ugliest and most poorly engineered and designed car to test out. Seems great! Lots of fun potential. Looking forward to making something better.