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  1. Was thinking on the door mechanism and how the whole back opens and, on most models, the whole front opens too
  2. Being a Ferrari will not make any improvements to the last 3 ones. A Koenigsegg would have more functions and innovation with the Ghost thing imo
  3. Awesome job! Do the Enzo next
  4. A Koenigsegg would be nice with Ghost functions
  5. LEGO should sell this instead of the mustang
  6. then I'll just buy it and make it 1:8
  7. Set 8674 has 1246 parts and is 1:8 with some empty gaps also. With 42141 having 200 parts more I think it can easily fill in those gaps and still make it 1:8. Formula 1 cars have thin nose, no roof, 1 seat, less body panels so I don't think it will be an empty shell as some compare it to 42125.
  8. Would be nice if the new 42141 F1 car will be in 1:8 scale :D . With 1431 parts it can be done as 8674 has 1245 parts and it's 1:8
  9. this has the same release date as the 42130 BMW but no preview?
  10. I'm in the same position as you and I think the best way is to built it by yourself. I am planning to do something like this. Maybe add a led light strip on the back sides as well. Basically it's a case for each model and then stacking them up Or like this
  11. there were a couple of 1:10 also in the past
  12. Does anyone know the scale? Set 8674 has 1246 parts and it's 1:8. This one has 1431 parts so it can easily be the same scale. Would be awesome