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  1. DutchRebel

    Selling Star Wars collection inc. MOC's

    link should be fine now
  2. DutchRebel

    Star Wars sets and MOC's

    Guys, long time! Not sure if it's also allowed here, but in the sell and trade section I started a topic for selling my Lego star wars collection including some of my MOCs which were displayed here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dutchrebel/with/4228238276/ If you are interested, please send me a message. Grtz DR
  3. Hi, I'm selling my Lego Star Wars collection inluding: UCS Falcon, UCS Ywing, Tantive IV and more sets (see: http://www.marktplaats.nl/verkopers/17441135.html) More intersting perhaps, also selling a couple of my MOCs: see http://www.flickr.co...ith/4228238276/ Please PM for details Belgian or Dutch buyers preferred because of delivery. Grtz DR
  4. DutchRebel

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Oh yes, nice surprise! I'm not a playset fan at all, but Jabba's palace looks cool! Thought I was gonna buy it just for the figs, but the building itself also looks good. Of course the figs are the USP's: Jabba is done very well, same 4 the guard. Let's hope for more detailed images of Leia as Bousch and Oola soon. Thanx for posting the images and video. DR
  5. DutchRebel

    ARC-170 starfighter

    Like it?..... LOVE IT!
  6. DutchRebel

    9492 TIE Fighter

    Just built this set. Must say this was one of the most fun sets to build in a long time. I really like this scale as it is still kinda suitable for minifigs, but also large enough for some more accuracy and detail. Somewhere in between UCS and system scale. Hope this sets the bar for future SW sets. Figs are also nice! For kids a bit expensive though... No issue for me, please go on like this Lego, great job! Now release the other TIE's, a Snowspeeder, Republic Gunship, AT-AT and ARC-170 in this scale ;-) DR
  7. DutchRebel

    Review: 9494 - Anakin's Jedi Interceptor

    Looks like the cockpit is light bluish grey instead of dark bluish grey (as seen on the former JSF's). Can anybody confirm? Thanx DR
  8. DutchRebel


    I find your lack of faith disturbing
  9. DutchRebel


    Oooohh Kieldaman! You are saving me an anormous amount of time by posting this! Thank you so much!!! This is almost exactly what I had in mind doing. Only thing is: I'm kinda hoping/suspecting that Lego is going to release something like this in the near future... I was working on an UCS Imperial Shuttle, what happens? Right... later, working on a new Sebulba's podracer, what happens... than started working on a decent X-wing, what happens... fortunately I can continue with the last one, because I don't really dig the new rendition from lego. Looks great dude! Thanx again. DR
  10. DutchRebel

    UCS Scale Sebulba's Podracer

    I don't know what to add to all posts, but still I would like to congratulate you on another fantastic model! You are truly one of the best MOC-ers around! DR
  11. Must agree with most posts: quality set! Fun build, great figs and the models are accurate!
  12. DutchRebel

    General Grievous custom minifig

    Ha, funny do see this topic get bumped... just put a Bricklink 48729 Bar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw on the neck of GG, connect the upper arms to this. The Bar is hidden by the cape (self made). The extra arm/leg parts are connected by cut tubes. Sorry u purists ;-) You are welcome DR
  13. DutchRebel

    [REVIEW] 7961 Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator

    Most excellent review Future74! You put a lot of effort in it, much appreciated. About the set: not quite sure if this is gonna be mine, I don't own any older version, but it's just not ''realistic'' for me. Figs are great on the other hand.
  14. DutchRebel

    MOC: X-Wing

    Very nice indeed! Original approach, nice detailing. DR
  15. DutchRebel

    Ye Old Forge

    I mostly post on the Star Wars form, but I have to make an exception for this MOC: GRRREAT!