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    I am Batbrick. I live in Launceston, Tasmania, which is a state of Australia. As you can guess by my username I love lego and Batman. I will admit to iamded's joy that I do like spiderman aswell, but the sad, inspiring characterisation of Batman intrigues me more than Doc Ock puns. My favourite two Batman movies are Batman Begins and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The latter is an animated feature that I consider the best media adaptation of Batman. See it now!

    I love lego, have always collected it. I can remember my first lego set from about 12 years ago, but sadly not much, only that it had a lot of pink windows and doors. Perhaps someone could help me with that? It was a set with a house I'm sure. Anyway, only recently have I REALLY gotten into lego, about the last three years I'd say. It started when I bought a bit of lego for an animation, and then continued to do so. My animations have sadly come to an end for the next lot of months, while I figure out my camera problems.

    That didn't stop me from collecting lego though, and now I love lego far more than animating. Recently, from this year, I joined Eurobricks. I was surprised at what a friendly community it was and decided to stay. Here I am encouraged a lot and get a lot of advice, to the point where I now know a lot of great techniques. It was because of the great EB community that I started MOCing more, and found out it was immense fun! My favourite theme is post-apoc, amd I especially love iamded's post apoc world and TinyPiesRUS's one too. I love entering competitions here too.

    Now onto iamded! Thats right bud, you get a whole paragraph to yourself!
    iamded was the first person I really got to know on EB, which is what I like about it, its the only forum I know where you can get to know someone. It started when I realised that I coincidentally posted after him quite a lot, probably because we live in close by areas and like the same sort of lego and things. I made a funny remark about "stalking him", and then it flew on from there. Now we always include each other in our MOCs and stuff, which makes me feel good that I have an internet buddy, also an archenemy. Although lately we have been on the same team quite a bit, so you never know, we may eventually become not archenemys but team-mates up against the evils of megablocks! We both have sign-offs too, though mine changes occasionally, but always goes back to:
    Batbrick Away!

    My favourite themes of lego are wide. they are:
    Vikings, Castle, Aquaraiders, City, Creator, Indy, but most of all Batman, which even iamded admits is a great theme. You can almost say my liking of lego is too much, as i spend half the time of my day worrying if I can get the next set! I always do though, and that makes me feel good, especially if it is a good set.

    Now onto me:
    I was NOT born in 1987, that was me being stupid, I am younger than that, but like to think of myself s pretty mature..........most of the time. In real life I have blonde, curly hair and blue eyes. I am pretty weird, and a lot of the time am cynical, negative, pessimistic and sarcastic, but in a nice, joking way. I tend not to say that the worst will happen, but to expect the worst to happen, then you will always end up pleasantly surprised. I don't do sarcasm on the internet though, as it never really works. Not that I would, I am actually really positive about things I like. At the time of writing this I am wearing a "sarcasm is just another service I offer" t-shirt, which kind of sums that up, I am not negative in a bad way, just in a way that allows me to get through my life.

    I am pretty smart, I won the Academic student award in primary school, which is the biggest award, as well as the English achiever award. What kind of puts me off is that my high school teachers give me good marks, but not as good as they should be, just because I always make cynical comments, despite me writing essays that use words that will make you roll your eyes if someone used them in real life. My favourite TV show is the classic Batman: The Animated Series, which features an exceptional Mark Hammil (luke skywalker anyone?) as the voice of the greatest villain ever (maybe except two-face) : The Joker!

    I am a christian, funnily enough considering my cynicality, and find this helps me in times of great despair. I have 6 membersw in my family, two sisters, one brother, me, my mum and dad. Mum works pat-time, and Dad is a carpenter. I also work part-time at a demeaning fast food store, but atleast it means I can rack up my resume and get more lego!

    My favourite movies are: Batman Begins, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The Prestige, The Shawshank Redemtion, Casino Royale, Goldfinger, Dr. No, Anything by Pixar or anything featuring Wallace and Gromit, Star Wars (original trilogy ONLY!), Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and King Kong (the classic which I got for 5$, not the admittingly good, but overly long Peter Jackson Affair)

    Well that about wraps me up, you now know Batbrick, or, by my real name.......:


    Good name eh? True, my name is Thomas.

    Batbrick Away! (add evil grin emoticon here)


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  1. Miss you, Batbrick! Hope life is treating you well, these days.

  2. Batbrick

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Heh, nice retcon on the face reveal. Glad to see Friendlich again as he's one of my favourites. I could watch a whole show about him actually: "Officer Friendlich Heroically Provides More Drama Than Necessary" (theatres near you!)
  3. Batbrick

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    KDog! I get a chance to kick back and catch up on your awesome comic and you've only just finished the one I was reading two months ago! For shame good sir! Just on Bootlegs 23 right, and really enjoying it. EDIT: Oh hey! A Missing scouse poster! Nice detail. No reward naturally... EDIT: Good little extra effort on mirroring landscapes with the clone scenes. EDIT: Ooh, the clones are better. Interesting. Also, when I possibly evdentually msybe get a pet hamster, I want to know the 20 ways to tease him. EDIT: Poor, sad Verwaand... EDIT: I think I was staring at that image of Galanos riding a cow "dealing with a lot right now" for five minutes. It's just so wonderfully surreal. EDIT 3000: I love how utterly upfront Weiss is about how self-serving his goals are. EDIT The RETURN: Excellent photography with those big scenes at the base too, especially the clones' takeoff.
  4. Batbrick

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Ha, Shwartz really couldn't be any more lazy right now...I think he's reached some sort of event horizon for it. Love his new password And KDog, I request, nay, demand that you make a crossover comic between Vanilla Snowball and Vanilla Fudge Brownie! Batbrick Away!
  5. Batbrick

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Disney's The Princess and the Frog. I quite liked it. The voice acting was good, especially Keith David, and the characters likeable. But I thought it was rusged toward the end, particularly with the romance plot. Batbrick Away!
  6. Batbrick

    MOC: Evolution of money

    I love this! It reminds me of one of KDog's comic strips, the theme of "people never change". The positioning of the monkeys and minifigures to align is great, and I love the whole attitude of not suppressing primal instincts. Very cynical, very funny, and sadly all too true moc. Batbrick Away!
  7. I'm definitely looking forward to this cometition and the entries that will result. i'll try and get one done for contest A, I doubt i have time for B at the moment. New uni year and all that jazz. One thing I'm curious about, why have no figure present that you're representing? I understand that rule, I just don't understand that logic behind it. Is it because some people don't have the figures? Batbrick Away!
  8. Batbrick

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Really love the new MLP episode, funny, and well deserving of Fluttershy. But who cares about even that glorious show, when The Legend of Korra news is in! Here's some of the soundtrack the Track Team has released, no spoilers: Sounds great! In other newsm Young Justice also returned today with some shocking stuf. Won't spoiler it, but its a bit of a gamechanger. Batbrick Away!
  9. Batbrick

    Batman Batcave Penny

    Nice! I like the Lego look of it, but not so much so that it removes the classic minted coin design. Beats the crap out of my Lego Batcave coin, which just used bricks to mae a vaguely lego-like shape. If I ever need some of my grey bricks back then I'll definitely use this coin in place of my current one, and be sure to credit you! Batbrick Away!
  10. Batbrick

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    What a shocking twist sir! I dare say we've entered The Twilight Zone here! I'm intrigued as to whether this is involved in the main plot now. They mention a caped man. The UFO guy? Perhaps their study of minifigs is in order to create a cheap knockoff substitute army? That's my theory and I'm sticking to it! Batbrick Away!
  11. Batbrick

    X-23 "Banana" Spacecraft.

    Thanks everyone! Thanks SI Mocs. I agree with you too about the cockpit. My idea going in was that it was largely for show as they rely more on equipment, but unfortunately I didn't have any transparent pieces that would work on the sides available. Lets just pretend they have cameras Not quite. The upcoming X-24 Tomato will destroy you! Thanks LuxorV, been back for a bit, but starting to get around to building things a bit more now. No! I can't believe what a missed opportunity that was, espeically since i have some banana pieces spare! I'll assume your idea, its packed for eating. Unfortunately her ADU pilot only gets to ride shotgun. But things are looking up, as he's been assigned to the new X-24 Tomato (good grief, will I actually build that?) Thanks again everyone! Batbrick Away!
  12. I will remember this information Tazmaniac!

  13. I think you mean the *right* Looking forward to this series, though I hate the new schedule. I hope the story arc is toned down to episodic like series 5, it ate up way too much of series 6 for me. Batbrick Away!
  14. Batbrick

    X-23 "Banana" Spacecraft.

    Wow. First new MOC I've made in a while, something like a year or so I think. I'm really glad I came back here, though making this ship was a mix of joy and frustrations with added expletives for extra measure. Don't ever get back into the Lego game by trying to make a spaceship. It will destroy you! Anyway, presenting the Musa X-23 "Banana": This funny looking ship was submitted by Musa Indstries to be the potential new ship for the Galactic Space Force: While a cheaper competitor won out, fighter pilots in other branches managed to obtain one, liking its rustic aesthetic, and dubbing it the Banana: You may notice why: And if you had any lingering doubts: Engine: The cockpit holds two pilots, who switch shifts when necessary: With the top on: I managed to scoop three of Intergalactic Girl. She is the greatest Lego figure ever made, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise! Final shot: Hope you enjoyed! Batbrick Away!
  15. Batbrick

    MOC: H.M.A.S. Beluga

    Outstounding! Love the look of the whole thing, really captures that steampunk feel. The air bags look wonderful, but my favourite details are the contruction of the body, especially the uses of the brown strips along the sides and bottom. Can't fault a thing about it! Batbrick Away!