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  1. Do you think they will re-release UCS X-Wing at some point?
  2. Isn't this the same car from this review?
  3. Explain to me why everyone want gearbox in the models? Ok I know real car has gearbox but that's only one argumment? Becaus for me those gearbox are pointlles when it comes to extra function, bside more parts and longer build they I dont see why we need it. Its only fun when you connect motor to them so as I said I just dont see the point becasue they are mostly invisible and when put it shelves what matters is great look only.
  4. I was so looking forward to announcment and I am only half satisfied. The best news is there is plenty cool parts for MOC! Overall it looks pretty good but the bigest fall is printed front lights, seriously WTF? They couldnt design proper transparent lights as they were doing so far especially in Ferrari car? That's huge dissapointment.
  5. Is there instruction for make it in 1:8 scale somewhere?
  6. Mane

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    The model look great but I hate that LEGO is so inconsistent about their car scales. They are just over the place nothing match to each other :/ why they couldnt make it in1989 Batmobila UCS set? I think everyone is waiting for Delorean now. I am curious what scale they come up with next time...
  7. Mane

    Ferrari F40

    Hey Is there any chance to make this car in 1:8 scale?
  8. Mane

    Mercedes AMG F1 W10 1:8

    Thanks, the front suspension is pretty stiff but working ok I think, check the video below
  9. Hey This is my second Lego MOC of F1 car. This time its Mercedes F1 W10 from 2019 season. The base is the same as Ferrari F1 SF 90 but the body is different in some elements as I have to adjust to the available technic panels in LBG color. Instruction link: It’s in scale 1:8. Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm Weight 2,0 kg Pieces: 2314 Making the MOC my main goal was display model the same as Ferrari SF90 It features: - front and rear suspension - fake v6 engine created by SuperKoala instruction here: - removable front wing - removable engine cover, - removable headrest system - drs - steering Hope you enjoy it.
  10. Hello I would like to share my first MOC Ferrari F1 SF90 in 1:8 scale. Making the MOC my main goal was display model so I decided to make it look as close as possible using all official Lego parts to real F1 car. But I wanted to have it all the basic features F1 car should have which are: - front and rear suspension - fake v6 engine (created by SuperKoala ) - removable front wing (I started all build from this element actually) - removable engine cover, - removable headrest system (this was added at the very end I didn't thought about this at all but it just came up naturally) - drs - steering The dimensions of the model : Dimensions 70 x 25 x 14 cm Weight 1,95 kg Pieces: 2186 My main donners at the very first stage were 42056 and 42000 which I already had and they had lots of elements I could use to try the concept. The first version was funny to watch as there were so many colors all over the place ;) I have used wheels and tires from 8674 as they are the best looking one and fit the best for design and don't have any labels on them (as unfortunately 8458 and 8461). The instruction has been done in in PDF. Instruction build I also designed stickers sheet ready to print and I also will have printed version too. Hope you like it. Whole gallery Follow me:
  11. Mane

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

    Hey My MOC Ferrari F1 SF90 has now new stickers sheet with transparent background, few modular parts taken from the model itself.
  12. Mane

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

    Thanks I am waiting for new stickers with transparent background so will replace the current one with red background :)
  13. Mane

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

    thanks to myvideo000 and some other here is a list how cut prices: Don't buy 11949 as single part its rare and expensive, instead buy bulk part 11949c01 it comes with 92909 also as an alternative to this you can also buy 23801 + 2736 ant its the same solution the cheapest one. 3713 black you can replace it for light bluish gray I used black because I wanted to have everything in steering area in black. 11478 red you can use only two and replace other two with just 32316 4519, 32073 - 3,5 axles black can be replaced for light bluish gray I used black because I wanted to avoid LBG color in black areas as much I could 4519 red can be replaced for black or light bluish gray I used red because I wanted to avoid different color in red area in engine cover 6558 black can be replaced for blue I didn't want that blue color in visible areas 18654, 62462 metallic silver can be replaced for flat silver but it will looks not as good ;) Tires and wheels I used from Lego 8674 there were also available in 8458 and 8461 but with Technic or Micheline labels. All of them are the best looking tires with wheels but you can use other wheels and tires in the same size but they wont look as good as those from all sets above. The donners can be Lego 42000, 8674, 42056 (I used them by myself if you know more please add in the comments for others to help)
  14. Mane

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

    Thanks but its a matter of taste I dont like those standard pistones ;)
  15. Mane

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

    Hey I was really try to use as most common parts I could but its not always possible. That red panels just fit so good there I couldn't get rid of them knowing they are unfortunately rare. I had that luck I found them in my local ebay like site. The good thing is even they are rare the price is pretty ok for it. I also bought flat silver for exhaustion pipes its ok but the metallic silver give it a bit premium look ;) but you can use both those outside metallic and those invisible in flat ;) Yes bushes can be replaced I just wanted to have everything in black in the tires area the same for black axles 3,5. Could you write parts no. for those printed liftarms and bricks you want to use, very curious how they look like. I am really looking forward for your build I need to see the proof from someone else that actually build this :)
  16. Mane

    MOC: Apollo Launch Tower

    Hey Nathan I want to build that LUT by your design, are all the parts listed in that exel version 1.2 compatible with the instruction pdf? Are there any hard to get parts? Is it stable?