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  1. My 4- and 6-year old spent a happy afternoon today setting tasks and competing with each other using 9398 and an in-progress 4x4 MOC around the garden. it's not going to be too many years before they're building them as well... (6 year old is getting quite proficient and slipping cogs back into my MOC's differential! I've got some more bracing to do there...)
  2. Oh wow, the Liebherr powered as if it were 8043. Now that would be fun. Oh I hope someone takes up that challenge!
  3. Thoroughly understood! :-) I just hope the videos continue to be worth your while to create for a long time to come...
  4. J159753

    [MOC] Mini Off-Road Crane

    Glorious - and, yes, just plain cute!
  5. Sariel - your review videos are a gold standard. Thanks! Have you ever considered adding occasional subtitled commentary during the speed build? E.g. 'note the unusual use of piece *** to hold the 24t gear in place', 'an unusually tricky sequence as the outrigger is very fragile until mated with the chassis', etc. ?
  6. I always liked the approach when they released a manual model that had been intelligently designed for user to add a motor & battery box if they wished. In 4.5V, 9V and PF days this made sense. But right now noone has or is likely to want to buy appropriate PU components. What do people think a fair price for a 'DIY motor set' containing PU dumb battery box and large WeDo dumb motor would be? 8720 RRP was $36 back in 1990. Hey, that's $75 now (https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/). My immediate reaction is that that's extortionate, and above PU pricing! [yes, I know that PF was was distinctly cheaper, and largely way more functional/versatile, than previous technic motorisation options.]
  7. J159753

    [TC20] 8848 Tipper Truck

    Agreed so cool... Can't wait to build it - and made me want to go and find pieces to relive childhood and rebuild original. :-) As a recreation in studless this just feels dead on...
  8. It might help perceptions if they released the odd set with a single dumb motor and PU battery box (i.e. equivalent to the majority of PF sets) with only modest markup for the electrical components. Current pricing for 88015 certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth compared to PF.
  9. J159753

    General Part Discussion

    I realise the three-axle part isn't a general-purpose substitute for a single/double axle-with-axlehole, but as a general trend I rather like the way in Technic a single-use-case part such as this steering arm is gradually supplanted by a bulkier part with many possible uses replaced by
  10. J159753

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    Please Lego, please! Or some MOCcer far more talented than I. All my attempts have been dismal failures, but it's one of the challenges I return to most regularly...
  11. J159753

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    I've seen third-party sites advertising carbon-fibre and steel axles. I assume these are far more resistant to torsion and bending than ABS plastic. Would they solve some of these problems?
  12. J159753

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    Utterly in mod/MOC territory now, not original set... Why not have two compressors (or even 4, mounted 90° apart), geared down, to even out the resistance? [this could even be a teaching point for why ICE have multiple cylinders!] [And driving this from the raised axle sounds an elegant implementation.]
  13. J159753

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    How about this? More wishful thinking than genuine expectation... Wheels are connected to a compressor pump. So you push it back & forth a few times, and pressure builds up in twin air tanks (one each side, like ancient studded rescue truck). Then the trick is to be accurate enough operating it that you can do a rescue without needing to repressurise the tanks. ?
  14. That's brilliant! Redoing this set has been on my to-do list for ages, but I hadn't planned anything quite so slick! Please do a photo tear-down when you take it apart...
  15. When I was first building mine the CaDA differential spun really roughly, so I replaced it with a Lego one before I went any further. All the other CaDA gears meshed fine, but that differential was horrible.