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  1. J159753

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    42100 Leibherr currently £266 in UK: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8905028 Several other Technic sets at 1/3 off. £10-off-next-purchase voucher for all orders over £100.
  2. J159753

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    42100 Leibherr currently £306 (free UK postage) at Smyths. https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/toys/lego-and-bricks/lego-technic/lego-42100-technic-control%2b-liebherr-r-9800-excavator-rc-set/p/175376
  3. Interesting numbering... :-)
  4. J159753

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    ditto. Email sent off to TLG (UK)
  5. J159753

    VERY RARE Mini-Motor 43362

    Given that Lego is meant to be at least in part an educational toy, hasn't TLG missed a trick not making regular transparent motors, so people can see what's happening inside them? I would have thought many people would love this.
  6. Sorry to be asking rather than offering/demonstrating! But has anyone done a mod of the 42025 cargo plane to give it four bidirectional switches for the four functions (like 42042 gearbox), rather than two switches for four functions as in the official model? My young children are desperate to play with this model, but are endlessly confused/frustrated by the controls, and I'm not sure I have the expertise to design the mod myself. (although I would happily lose hours I don't have trying to...) Thanks!
  7. J159753

    Part Degradation over Time

    What are the possibilities for restoring sunlight-discoloured pieces? There's dilute hydrogen peroxide for white pieces, but how about grey and blue, which are the other two colours where the yellowing's most noticeable?
  8. J159753

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I wish more pneumatic models had used an air tank. Why didn't they? They cost implications are surely fairly slight, and on more recent larger models there has certainly been space (and it could be made to look like a fuel tank on a truck).
  9. J159753

    [MOC] 42853

    Thank you!
  10. J159753

    [MOC] 42853

    Could anyone repost the instructions, or upload them to Rebrickable or elsewhere? Thanks!
  11. J159753

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    'horizontal motor' - or a self-powered linear actuator?