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  1. Thanks Midlife-crisis ! I still have the same problem with the "91 pieces missing". It seems it's a problem from LDD, which is not supported by Lego now ? Do you know how I can overpass this problem maybe? At least I've found the list with all the pieces to put all this on Bricklink
  2. Harold85

    [MOC] The EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Rebel Fleet

    Hi guys ! I was wondering if the instructions of the Nebulon Frigate contains the instructions for the differents starfighters (A, B X and Y wing ?) Thanks !
  3. Hi guys ! It looks that I have the same problem as Wesd0903 about the 91 pieces missing on the LDD file, any idea from where it could come ? I was thinking to use the LDD file to custom the original one from Mortesv so It's quite anoying this problem of missing pieces (I've already find the excel file in the previous posts for the list on Bricklink but definitely the LDD file with all the pieces should be awesome haha) You are using this LDD file to build the rebel transport or is there any instructions ? Approximately how much this MOC costs you (for all the pieces)? With a quick check on bricklink I'm around 150$CA (+/- 100€ and 113$US) Thanks guys !