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  1. It is a really cool set! Everthing fits nicely!! Well done!!
  2. Thanks for the compliments!! This build was restarted 3 times to get the dimentions to work. The rear cockpit (engineerning station) I scrapped two times before I was happy with it. I am still working on the bottom and the landing gear... cant seem to find the correct style. The tool racks was tricky to fit, but I think they work nicely now.
  3. Thanks! Appreciate the comments! That rover was fun to rebuild in new colours!
  4. Spac3Man

    [MOC] MTron magnet container transport buggy

    Very nice little build!
  5. Hi there guys, I am still new to this forums, so please assist where I go wrong. I recently built a couple space sets. enjoy!
  6. Spac3Man

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Wow these are amazing indeed!! Love it!!
  7. Spac3Man

    Favorite/Inspirational Sci-Fi MOCs

    My version of the Classic Galaxy Explorer
  8. That is true, I wasn't aware of this sticker sheet ... something like this for the space sets will go very far! Man this is exciting ... they can even do the XTRA Playmat in a space theme!
  9. I must agree ... I also had the same thoughts, just some essential bricks they need to re release, I build my own Classic space MOCs using 95% new bricks in anyway ... I use the space logo sticker on the set that came with Benny's Space Ship from the first Lego Movie to make my own Slopes and Tail pieces ... works like a bomb and looks authentic!