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  1. Well this is like comparing apples to oranges. A better set comparison would be Bat-Boat vs Extremis Boat, rather than boat vs car. Anyways, while I'm a large DC fan, I do have to go with Marvel on this one. It's got great figures aside from the meh Spiderman, and the car is a nice, unique, and functional build. In contrast to the Batboat, which while nice, really feels like something is just missing from the set. I think if it weren't for Aquaman's inclusion, it would be a tough buy for me on that one (And Aquaman himself isn't all that great anyways).
  2. Captain Nemo

    MOC: The Goblin's Lair

    Spiderman 2: The Goblin's Lair Ah Marvel…it’s like the enemy to my DC…er something. In general, I like Marvel, though mostly just it’s Cinematic Universe, but I’ve always had trouble trying to build creations for them—until now of course. For awhile, I’ve wanted to make the Goblin Lair from the end of the film Spiderman 2; and with a few cheap purchase from Ebay, I finally had the pieces to do so. Obviously I was waiting on the bombs most of all (There's a total of 35 in this creation). Anyways what you’re looking at is the first Marvel creation I’ve ever posted anywhere, so I hope you enjoy the Goblin’s Lair… (Click on the Picture to be taken to it's Flickr page) Enjoy ~Nemo
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    MOC: Superman vs. Metallo

    Well I am known for my Sea Madness...
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    MOC: The Goblin's Lair

    Thanks! Yeah I wish I was able to hook up a light by the gliver as well--problem was the light cords were not long enough. Since they all hook up to one light box, I didn't have enough length--at least not with two in the floor and four or so streched up to the roof.
  5. And what happens if she's not. That will be two strikes for Claire. And we'll be down another town. Then anyways, I'll be voted out and we'll be down a fourth.
  6. Captain Nemo

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Purist Metallo. Brick built, and designed to allow Lifelight products to light up the Kryptonite heart.
  7. And now you're arguing with Wendy. To me it seems whoever you don't like, or whoever is calling you out for your many empty comments, seems to get the wrath of your vote—and then the wrath of the collective town. You’ve managed to get the majority to follow you by simply talking empty words. And, please correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be implying that you are in charge of the town and they will always vote with you? If you can control the town, who says you're not controlling Mesa? You seem to do the former easily enough because Bud was voted out. In you're comments you assume--no expect--that the majority feel the same way you do. Now you had a problem with Bud. And you helped vote Bud out (As did I, though any vote at that point would not save him due to the distribution anyways), in part, undeniably, because you two were arguing. Turns out Bud was town. Now you fight with Wendy--and because you are arguing with her (And now seem mad that she won’t defender herself?!) you want her out. Will Wendy also be a town loss too? We followed you once, and we are down 3 town. On a final note, I bet you as a class, if Wendy is voted out today, instead of Claire, I'm 90% sure that I'm going to be on the chopping block tomorrow--because I disagreed with Claire, the Mesa traitor.
  8. Captain Nemo

    Legion of Doom: Captain Cold Custom

    The legs are actually an offical piece. They come from the Ski woman in series 8 CM.
  9. Well so far from what I've seen Day 2 is not really giving us much. We are still grasping at empty claws and then jumping on the first person who looks at us wrong (Ergo Bob). Now we need to start taking out scum, and I still have thoughts on some people, mostly those who are overly "helpful". Vote: Claire Standish (LegoDad) I think you're Black Mesa. You seem to distract people with theories that you back up by just pointing the finger at someone. I don't see you bringing anything valuable in all the words you are posting, and I think you're just hiding behind an active mask to not come off as your actual Mesa self. I'm suspicous off all the "super-active" peoples, and I don't think that people just follow your led either.
  10. Yeah you shouldn't jump on people for voting habits this early on--we've only had one vote, so it's not like you can see any pattern or anything. I still have no idea whom I'm going to vote for this day. It's a tough decision since we still have no good information. We thought we had a good led last time and we're now three Town down. I still don't know anything about role abilities, and how we can assume what they are? Being a new student, I don't know anything, and I don't know why others know about them and what they do.
  11. Well it sucks that we're down so many townies so soon. I don't know anything about character abilites (Like what they do, not really what they are), but it seems to me--and others--that we need to get that Mesa killer out fast. Remember people: B-Aggressive B-B-Aggressive!
  12. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    How do we know that? We've only seen pictures for Spring/Summer waves of Iron Man and Superman. What about winter?
  13. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bifröst Battle

    A simple creation depicting the Bifröst Battle at the end of the movie Thor. I rather like how the rainbow turned out, and I think it's the coolest part. “What you seek is a bridge.” “Like, like an Einstein-Rosen Bridge?” “More like a rainbow bridge.” Enjoy ~Nemo
  14. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bifröst Battle

    Yes he's on an edited out stand--a white lightsaber to be exact. I edited it out to make the overall picture to look better.
  15. I'm going to vote for: Vote: Bud Fox (Tohst) He's just all over the place, and coming out--more like demanding--to be leader is not a good way to make a first impression. Why would you be "leader" of the townies? What have you provided that's not just speculation at this point?
  16. Captain Nemo

    Moc : Mini the bat

    Awww! That's cute! Great job!
  17. Captain Nemo

    Review: 76007 Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack

    Thanks! There's no play feature with the tools, and the sounds on the box are for the robot. The computer above does spin though.
  18. First off Bender, I don't like you smearing my name! Second, and more importantly, why can you assume that the cooperative people are innocent free--how do we know if they are not just scum trying to point fingers at everyone but themselves?! Obviously, if someone is a Mesa they would be pointing the fingers at others? Have they pointed the fingers at each other? Why does it matter? At best, they don't mean anything--but at worst they could be a big deal. The scum all know each other--so all they have to do is get a few cooperative people to point the fingers at some townies.
  19. Wow, Adriano, first I thought you were a nice guy, but you suddenly call me out and start attacking me? I would say that having a good townie be quite is better than a suspicious townie like yourself who suddenly calls out people and attack them--it's people like you who create the hysteria and drama we are in now. Maybe if we all stopped pointing fingers, we could figure out who doesn't fit in here! Secondly I'm a good girl--not guy--lets get that right. And I don't have anything to hide. My number is 22--which everyone seems to be obsessed about discovering. And that's the most I want to talk about--I don't think you should ever reveal too much about yourself to strangers--suspicious strangers. And I think you're suspicious. You're obviously not from around here to start with, and then you suddenly call out the nice popular people to yell at them! That's M-E-A-N Mean! Personally, anyone whose asking too many questions is suspicious--why else would a Mesa be here but to steal information? And what's the easiest way to get information...questions.
  20. Huh, what? Hey I'll have to get back to you...yes? I'm on the phone! Oh, hi Adriano; well at this point I think it's best for me to just stay out of all the drama--there's a first time for everything I guess! I mean I don't want to come off as suspicious, not like those other kids who keep asking questions and wanting to know answers--that sounds like a spy to me. I mean why else do they ask so many questions and target people? Now I love my school, and my team spirit, but I won't stand for people attacking me--mama don't play! Not up in here! So whats going on with you Adriano...wait I gotta take this call...
  21. Hi everybody…my name is SIMONE! SIMONE! S-I-M-O-N-E-! Lets go! B-Aggressive! B-B-Aggressive! Let’s kick those Black Mesas OUT-OUT-OUTTA-HERE! Yeah! GO Cocks!!! Wooh! Yes...this is happening.
  22. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Bifröst Battle

    Thanks! It's an elf head, Elrond's one.
  23. Captain Nemo

    MOC: The Goblin's Lair

    Thanks! You can use them, though I would have been nice to ask the first few times.
  24. Captain Nemo

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Lego is definitely making this new line more kid friendly--and just having characters like Joker or Bane in it does not make it any less kid friendly. Overall, the sets themselves are a lighter tone, and the most obvious change is ADU guns instead of Tommy guns/pistols. That's clearly a push to make it "friendlier". As for characters, it’s a wonder that we got DKR Bane--but I'm not surprised the set itself that he's in is very toned down. And I don't think you can compare competitors like Minimates or HeroClix in terms of character selection--they can put out those B listers because they are not just selling those--they sell tons of other products/toys, where as Lego is only selling Lego, not action figures etc. Lego cannot afford to put out tons and tons of sets just to make low rank characters because they don’t have other products to help even out sales.
  25. Captain Nemo

    MOC: B:TAS, "Judgment Day"

    "Judgment Day" Order in the court! In the matter of the people versus Harvey Dent, how does the prisoner plead? Guilty... Guilty... Guilty... A scene from the episode “Judgment Day” from Batman: The Animated Series recreated in Lego. This is the only scene I’m making from this interesting episode, but I really like how it came out nonetheless. I did takes some artistic liberty in terms of colors, choosing white over dark tan (Which I use too much of already anyways), and It’s not too often I make large statues, but I think Lady Justice turned out well; in particular her sword. The Judge, or Two-Face, is one of the more interesting characters to come out of B:TAS, and I’m happy to finally recreate him in Lego format. The Judge; from Batman the Animated Series. Created as a subconscious superego third personality by Two-Face, the “Judge” acted like a vigilante and attacked villains including Two-Face himself, in attempts to purge Gotham from its crime. Enjoy ~Captain Nemo