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  1. My news mod (inside the Chiron) with only 7 speed :
  2. Because I have not finished the mod completely for a proper integration :/ may be tomorrow if I have time
  3. I make a mod to remove the 8th gear in order to have a gearbox like the real Chiron which has only 7 speeds :)
  4. Oh sorry It's my Firefox that translates everything I would take care
  5. It still remains to make from an 8-speed gearbox to a 7-speed gearbox as for the real Chiron.
  6. Yes, but the paddles while driving would still be functional. Except with my mod, the pallet to mount the reports locks in 8 th speed ;)
  7. My news mod for the gearbox to fix 1 -> 8 and 8 -> 1. [youtube][/youtube]
  8. I have not finished yet, but I will post more detailed pictures of my mods when they are totally finished. There, I'm waiting for parts
  9. chox

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    In France, some lego store received chiron but order not to sell before June 1st.