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    Future Pirates Speculation

    The Liveticker is online
  2. Are Star Wars Sets often coming that late?
  3. Hey! It has no studshooters.
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    (MOC) Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    My jaw dropped and lay on the table while I was scrolling through this page. Every word to describe this beautiful model is out of place.
  5. Robin_IV

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Very impressive building. I love your work!! And the nave is amazing!! I love your building technique whatever you used. :D
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    This is a tough question. Normally I would say yes of course would my decision be based on the design. But since it is a Pirate Set it is hard to answer. But they delivered most of the time a good job in the past years I would say.
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    I have also not decided yet if I will buy the Pirate Bay on release or wait for a good deal. But in my experience good ideas sets were never sold on high rebates. I tried to find one for the Fishing Store. But they were all more expensive than in S@H. And that was way before EOL.
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    Only the glory LEGO grandmaster knows the time.
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    LegoTrain Set Through 12 inches of Canadian Snow

    Really Nice. So many straight tracks. Then you didn't drive an offroad Buggy with the Buggy motors outside in the snow yet.
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    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    This will be a hard year for my wallet...
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    @TeriXeri Your approach seems logic. I also would rather see the piano on $349.99 than the Pirate Bay. It depends on how they realize the set compared to the fan design.
  12. It was more referred on general leaks not especially TLG. With the corporate espionage I meant staff or somebody else giving those leaks to other companies (~make the info public) like Lepin. But I did exaggerate once again as it seems. I do have a legal backround at least for the EU. But it's the law of Germany. So it's in German... In §4 is the important info. Arguable would be, if set infos before release do count as business secrets according to article §2...
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    Future Pirates Speculation

    I can't wait until NY Toyfair. :(
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    Future Pirates Speculation

    Fans are not happy to buy loveless warmed up remakes. New ideas are appreciated when they are made with love and effort and when the designers got free hand to unfold their creativity like in the VW Beetle or the Parisian Restaurant.
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    second project : BLACK PEARL

    Yeah great lookin' ship. Don't bother too much with the scale. It depends also what class of ship you build when it comes to the size. Just make it looking great! Lego does also give nothing about scale. Nice to see that your ship is going thinner (tapering?) toward the stern and the deck is raising. As you did it I also would go for dark tan deck planks. It looks better than a brown tone and the normal tan is too bright for a black pirate ship. Keep in mind to put a Technic axle trough the masts for stability. So you should use Technic plates with holes in it. For the masts you could alternatively use Support 2 x 2 x 11 Solid Pillar. In black they are quite affordable.
  16. I also think that leak images are prone to just take a sneak view or reveal a little detail about something without reveal all details at once. Also leaking is dangerous. If you post a sharp 4k image of the Box front fresh rolled from the assembly line the company would more likely investigate and prevent further infringements like this. But if you pixelise it its less dangerous for you as a whistleblower and the company will more likely allow tacitly this abuse. This all will get a problem when other rivals try to make counterfeit products and release them before your release date. This leak could be seen then as a corporate espionage and that is a crime.
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    Future Pirates Speculation

    Usually the single consumer does not have a high impact on sales. I would say 99% of the average Lego set buyer, be it a parent for their kids or an AFOL, won't buy a set twice. Excluding something like Battlepacks etc. of course. It goes more into the direction that every person stands in front of a shelf with a group of sets of a Theme. If your are not one of this hardcore buyer or a fan of this theme you would buy maybe one or two sets. So you look for 'your best sets'. Also your general interest of topics (Are you interested in Ships, Castles, Ghosts, Pirates,Trains?) will have an impact of wich set you pull out of the shelf. If you LOVE trains and you are standing in front of the Hidden Side theme you will more likely choose the train over an other. And who does not like trains? So the train set will be more likely bought than e.g. the school or the bus. Which are (veery) roughly around the same street-price. So do people, who are in other themes pick this one out because it meets their points of interest. There are overlaps throughout the themes. A Pirate fan would not buy the ISS but more likely the Ship in a bottle. So this set gets particular more customers from another "branch". But also the ISS does from the Space branch.
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    Future Pirates Speculation

    The Lego Group
  19. Robin_IV

    Future Pirates Speculation

    It would definitely not be the first time. A few months after the first wave of the Harry Potter line was released, a LEGO designer said in an Interview (I think it was with Beyond the Brick) that they initially wanted to release the Line alongside the other themes and not lay too much focus on it. They were really surprised that the sale where exploding. Don't know if this is complete bs or how much the sales affected the release of the upcoming waves. But this shows that Lego disperses small crumbs of a certain cake (like Pirates) throughout their product lines and look how they work compared to other sets.
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    Future Pirates Speculation

    OK. Nevermind.
  21. Robin_IV

    Future Pirates Speculation

    WHAT. Why did you not tell us that earlier???? These are interesting news. =)
  22. Robin_IV

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I will share the post here with the link to the images:
  23. Wow. About such orders I would have doubts about the trustworthiness. But to discuss this topic is not helpful. Like Mister Phes showed us. A price for such a vessel is quite high. You are very lucky if you really get this ship for that price, be it the 200€ or the 160€ version. When I want to buy such a set I always take a look at the Part Out Value of the set. So you have to imagine: What would I have to pay if I want to buy it together in single pieces? From the experience I can say that you pay 50% of a price for 90% of the pieces and the other 50% for the rest, which are very uncommon and very expensive and hard to get pieces. The current partout value of the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda is round about 300-350€ from sellers in Europe. Pieces like Boat Hull Piece, Boat Mast Rigging (Especially the long one) or Sails but also masts and rare pieces needed in a high quantity stack up very quickly to the cost. If you decide to buy from one or another. Take sure that the important pieces of the set are intact and present. Some unexpected pieces like this Female Head from the figurehead or the White Flag 6 x 4 with Skull and Crossbones also have a high price point if you scroll just a little bit down. It can go up to 10-20 Euros per piece. If we take a look on the image I can see at least four Mast rigging (3-7€ pp), two big jolly roger flags (7-20€ pp), several minifigs (3-5€ per minifig, up to 20€ on rare ones), two rope bridges (2-7€ for brown colour), four cannons (1-2€ pp+ price of cannon base) and two baseplates with isles (7-10€) laying on the table. Don't pin me down but if you want to buy all this single its about 50-80€ minimum! The second uncomplete ship on the right seems to be quite complete regarding the hull. A big cost factor will be the masts and the sails if you want to finish it. Good sails are expensive to get. What I can see that he replaced several bricks with the same one in other colors. The grey bricks under the railing at the front, deck plate in Dark Gray, where the steering wheels sits instead of light gray. Maybe to give it a more finished look but it's definitely less complete than it seems. (Attention this is nitpicking from my side, don't be to distracted from my words ) I don't know how far you life away but ask him if you can take a look and pay with cash. If he agrees it is not a rip-off. Regarding the 160€ offer. The dust is not a problem. The bricks underneath are important. When it comes to the decision if the instructions plays a role in the buying process. I would rather choose the offer without the instruction because in this case the bricks would be much more worth for me than a paper booklet. If you are planning to get a complete collector series from all pirate sets of this series together (with instructions and boxes and all pieces in their original mold and color) (what I doubt) I would rather go for the 160€ ship with instructions because then a second ship would not help you. To break this text of wall and to sum it up: The 200€ offer is definitely worth the money. In every aspect. The 160€ offer comes in play when you definitely want a instruction booklet. But these can be bought extra for a "relative" **low** price. I hope these infos does help you more than they confuse. Best greetings!
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    Your First Pirate Set!

    6239 Cannon Battle was my first and last pirate set as a kid. I never got the money/chance to get anything further (I wanted the Ship and the Fortress). But since then I loved this theme and am following the development. 6235 is my first pirate set as an AFOL because I wanted to experience how the feeling is of holding a Classic Pirate Minifig. But there was no feeling at all.
  25. About @Faladrin's points I just can say that I took my infos from people I trust and who where on the Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse. They saw images of the ship in the Lego showroom and they sat together with other fair visitors to sum up all infos and they even reconstructed a sail like the real one could look. The guys from and are highly respected news blogs in the AFOL community in Germany and they kept most of the time correct even with vague early leaks where they said themself that it is unsure at this point. Edit: Nonetheless I want to mention that I am not saying that everything what we know until now is true. There is always a possibility that the truth is completely different. And about the people who where on the toy fair I would say that sometimes a human being tends to see what he wants to see. :) Leaks and speculations are a form of describing, collecting together infos and simmer about/onto a certain topic/set Imao. It's a glimmer of hope we have and try to keep alive that it will be a good set and with a little luck involved a start of a new Pirate Era. AAARRRRRR!!