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  1. Michael Rehorst

    [MOC] My OcTRAINber 2018 digital entries

    Hi, this is a very impresiv trains , with so many details inseite the lokomotiv, top klasse made.
  2. Michael Rehorst

    Two Swiss Alpine inspired trains designed with Pick a Brick

    Very nice Swiss trains, with very fine details, great job.
  3. Michael Rehorst

    German BR 03

    Very nice lokomotiv with so many fine details, good work.
  4. Michael Rehorst

    MOC - Brightline Higher-Speed Passenger Train

    Wonderfull train with all those colors, very good made.
  5. Michael Rehorst

    SJ Da 939

    Very nice Svedich train like all of your models , greatings fom Denmark.
  6. Michael Rehorst

    Trains from pavlo.

    Hi Nemo, first of all thank you very much fore 2TTE with wagen. Can i also get the LDD of smaller diesel shunter ChME3. Later today i will upload all my photos of TEN 70 and Kupe wagen to Flickr Lego train Mocs.and inform you with the url. Best regards from Denmark. M.R Hi again, now i have uploaded photo from TEP 70 and kupe wagen at Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/gp/30142057@N05/V471a9. Best regards M.R
  7. Michael Rehorst

    Trains from pavlo.

    Hi Nemo and Pavlo, here are my build of yours TEN 70, a great model, with very good driving fast and good. I anm also almost finnes the big 74 centimer green wagen, i send photos of that to. Is it also possible to get the LDD files of the blue dobbelt lokomotiv 2 TE. Nemo it seems that i am only aload to upload 102,4 kbite, so i have trobbel with upload mu photos.How to do that ???
  8. Michael Rehorst

    Trains from pavlo.

    Thank you very much for the LDD files of that great model, it is very impressiv with the 2 4 wheel bogie , I like very much how you make the fence with the hockey stick. I am building the large green 10 pins persen wagen ,it is a big job but very great.
  9. Michael Rehorst

    Trains from pavlo.

    This is very great , is it possibul to get the LDD file from both the crane and the diesel lokomotiv.? I have just build The Tep 70 very grat model and it drives very nice. (JopieK: and reporting is only for problematic posts, so the topic starter will not see it).
  10. Michael Rehorst

    Trains from pavlo.

    I kan only say this here is in so hey class, it is amaything, I hope we will see more from Pavlo soon.