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  1. Kalekko

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    I also thought a minifig wouldn’t fit in with the new helmet. It turned out you have to push the minifig down in the cockpit quite forcefully. I bet it will click into place that way, and the cockpit will close fully. Plus, you might also want to check that you have pushed the pieces right under the windscreen all the way down, tightly between the gaps.
  2. Kalekko

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Finally got mine finished as well. I decided to go with white and red. I think the clean color scheme makes the sleek lines of the fighter really stand out. And, when building out of used bricks, the white bricks are often somewhat yellowed, and that brings with it enough aged appearance for my taste. I too wish to thank Jerac for this beautiful build! I was happy to purchase your instructions. I could have never designed something like this by myself. Having studied many official and MOC x-wings online, I think this may very well be the best one yet. I've dreamt of a movie-accurate lego X-wing for years, and this was finally the one to go with. It will find its place right next to my UCS Falcon! The build itself demanded quite a lot of focusing, but everything worked out smoothly in the end. Some of the tiles and bricks at the bottom and the tail of the ship were a bit hard to get to stay in place, but that may well be a fault in my sloppiness. A picture: https://imgur.com/a/9RWz6e0
  3. Kalekko

    (MOC) Large-scale Buzz Lightyear

    Thanks for your replies, guys. After staring at this thing for months, you get blind to many of the issues. It sounds like a good idea to make the torso a bit narrower. That would also take some weight off. And I think I'll focus energy on the bigger head. It can't be impossible!
  4. Hi all, Here is my LEGO version of Buzz Lightyear. About a year ago I noticed there weren't too many large-scale, detailed versions of the figure online. So I started putting bricks together, the old-fashioned way, no LDD etc. I started from the feet and legs up, wanting to use the 8x4x6 cone halves as shins. (Now that they're available in white, thanks to the Saturn V). The 8x4x6 cone halves really set the scale, since they provided the best shape for the legs out of every solution that I tried. Creating the round shape of the chest took quite a lot of work, but I'm pretty happy about the way it looks now. Things worked pretty smoothly, all the way up until the head. Boy, it's mighty tricky to create a nice-looking face out of bricks in that scale. So, after some attempts I gave into the grand compromise - to sacrifice the proportions and use the smaller-scale head and helmet from the set 7592. Perhaps the lack of Buzz Lightyear builds is largely due to the difficulty of creating a nice face to scale. I still haven't given up on the brick-built head. Maybe. What are your thoughts on my effort? You can see more and better pictures on my LEGO Ideas entry. If you think my Buzz has something good goin' on, I would also appreciate your support on the entry :) https://ideas.lego.com/projects/a514663e-9d97-4421-a89e-70278749244f
  5. Wow. It would do this thread some good to keep cool and not feed the trolls.
  6. Kalekko

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I didn't upload the file to Bricklink at all. I just took out an Excel spreadsheet of the bricks needed in LDD (ctrl-b). Then I just chose a store in Bricklink and typed in the brick types one by one. This might be the reason I didn't have any issues. I realised there must be a quicker, automated method to find bricks on Bricklink, but this was my first time ordering bricks there, so instead of studying, I just did it manually :) The list of bricks needed wasn't very long, anyway.
  7. Kalekko

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I found all the parts for efferman's stand on Bricklink just fine. The exact colors of the bricks won't make that much of a difference to me. Already ordered the parts, too. With postage to Finland it added up to 46,2 euros, and I find that reasonable for such a sturdy, yet compact stand. It was only yesterday that I was still planning on building some sort of monstrosity out of wood. Glad I checked this thread first!
  8. Kalekko

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Efferman, wonderful work with the stand! How much space do the Falcon and the stand together take, depth-wise? I'd like to try your method, but first I need to know if they will fit in my showcase. I'm planning on putting the Falcon on such a stand and behind a glass door to save space and keep the dust out.
  9. Kalekko

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Ideas for mods: 1) I thought the new, bigger cockpit would have room for seats. I guess the disproportioned dimensions of the minifigs prevent this, even at this scale. I'd like to see some sensible ways to mod the cockpit to add seats. Seats for Han and Chewie will probably be easier, but the third and fourth seat will maybe be a problem. 2) I've always thought that the entrance ramp to the Falcon looks too plain, in both the 2007 version and the new one. That might be an easy fix, with just a few added smooth tiles etc. The question I am asking myself is: is there value in keeping the Falcon as it is, despite the shortcomings? I think that there is, at least for me, because I feel somewhat hesitant changing the design. Maybe out of some irrational respect for the countless hours the designers put in. But after that initial thought I think that the designers would probably appreciate people further enhancing their product. That's the heart and soul of Lego building, after all. Well, that got pretty philosophical. All a matter of taste and opinion, in the end. And, you can always change it back! Looking forward to seeing all the cool modifications people come up with!
  10. StarfuryT, I think the extra pins are there just filling the holes in the beams so that you don't attach the top panels in the wrong hole. Thus the top panels will sit firmly and nearly seamlessly together, since they are exactly in the right place.
  11. Jawolliebollie, do you know for a fact that the vertically displayed Falcons are glued? In my book, that would be hardcore cheating by TLG. I've seen a Youtube video where staff members in a Lego store are setting the Falcon on display vertically. They are working together and being super careful, and still some of the loose top sections fall off, and they have to put them back in. That set wasn't glued for sure. However, I don't think it would take too much modification to make the loose top sections stay put with a vertical display. If you've put your set together carefully, the top sections sit in place pretty firmly and tightly, anyway. I'm fairly confident on this, because I'm nearly done on my 75192, and I've already done some experimenting on the vertical position. It's horror, but possible :D
  12. I don't dare link a picture due to ownership issues, but just do a Google image search, for example "lego 75192 store". In most pics the stand seems to be made of transparent plastic. Of course it might be some sort of a universal stand, instead of a custom stand for the 75192. There's no official Lego store in Finland, so I haven't seen one live.
  13. Hi guys, Does anyone work in a Lego Store, or know someone who does? It would be cool to get a good look at the measurements of the official display stand they use when displaying the MF in a vertical position in Lego stores. To save space, I intend to display my 75192 vertically in a similar way, so I need to build that kind of stand myself. But since TLG seems to have designed and manufactured such a custom stand already, it would be cool to see the blue prints for it. It might be easy to just cut the right shape of pieces from wood and glue it together, with just the right measurements. I already asked Lego customer service about the stand, but they couldn't help me with that in any way. They just told me the stand isn't an official product, and I should try to get tips on forums such as this. Edit: A business idea for someone: 3D print these vertical stands and sell them for UCS MF owners who lack display space (= all of us). I'll sure buy one at a reasonable price :)
  14. Kalekko

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    The MF is 899,95 euros here in Finland through Lego.com! Do we really make that much more money as a nation here to justify that, or what is this?! I think I'll have to lie to the Mrs. about the price and start cooking Heisenberg style. Well, I told myself I'd get the Falcon, no matter what, and I'm sticking to it. I guess I'll pimp some wheels on it and drive it to work, since it costs about the same as a reasonably kept VW Golf.
  15. Kalekko

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Why are none of the pics showing the MF directly from the rear? Maybe because the blue engine thingies are not brick built, but are instead made up of the same plastic tubes as in the 75105. You can really only see it in the new full video that the teaser video was edited from. Not yet made up my mind what I think about that, need to see a picture of it first. The underside could be a little more detailed, and stickers are always nasty, but... ...an amazing set! Loving it! I was hoping for a lot, but they did really well with this one! Good Job, TLG.