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  1. Would the front go wider, say an extra lift arm on each side?
  2. Unusual vehicle, nice interpretation. Please could I ask what the silver pieces are, that you used for the exhausts and fuel tank?
  3. Nice! Will you in corporate the bucket from 42043's crane? Obvs that would stop it being a true c model, but I have a spare bucket so it'd suit me
  4. Amazing, and exciting news! Is the new project a c model for the CLAAS? If so, I look forward to your ‘F’ model
  5. Hi @BrickbyBrickTechnic, I think I remember you saying you were going to produce instructions for this Saddle Trac - is that correct? I’m planning on building each of your alternative models for 42054 in turn, and wondered if this one is still a wip regarding instructions (my personal fave of your brilliant CLAAS b/c/d Mocs).
  6. I really really like this - it looks solid and well built, with good playability. The front especially captures the original very well.
  7. Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Incredible - the skill in creating this is mind blowing. After watching the video I was in need of a change of pants
  8. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Looks so so good! And that container is just screaming out for some custom decals :))) Do the headlights swivel in tandem with the steering?? Or is that just the angle of the photo?
  9. This is great, and very cleanly done. I tried the same type of mod, but my building skills weren’t good enough to do it properly so I ended up lowering the front mudguards and adding a lift arm to each side of the cab, to give the illusion that it it was lower without doing anything very structural
  10. [MOC] Tracked Dump Truck

    I love the styling, very attractive and an unusual build. Bravo
  11. Cool, thank you - I like that. I hadn’t even thought about how easily the wheels would turn using that other method
  12. So good!! I think my choices would be: chassis = manual body = red interior/seats = tan decals = yes - love these on the white one in the photo above chrome grille, front and rear bumpers and windscreen frame. im guessing it’s not possible to build in dark green, otherwise I’d say go for that, it is a Jag after all
  13. Thanks both, much appreciated
  14. Hello I'm having trouble finding a simple answer to what must be a simple question - I'm planning on adding four extra wheels to the Claas Xerion 42054; however I don't yet own the set so can't experiment with the best way to do this - I'm just looking to price up a wishlist of MODs in advance, and it'd be useful to know if I already have most of the extras required. Apart from the four extra wheels/tyres themselves, does anyone know the parts and technique required for the best/strongest way of doubling up the wheels? I remember seeing a suggestion on the 42054 MODs thread that the following parts could be used, but not sure if this was ever confirmed as being the best way, and how many of each part would be needed... Part 4185 (how many per wheel?) https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=4185&name=Technic Wedge Belt Wheel (Pulley)&category=[Technic]#T=C Part 6558 (how many per wheel?) https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=1534#T=C Thanks for any and all advice