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  1. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    @jfr4n5en the rear end looks great - please could you let me know what you did to mod the rear like that? Which extra parts did you need? Thank you very much in advance :)
  2. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    @Dragunov2 This? Skeleton, Bent with Clips (Horizontal Grip)&category=[Minifigure, Body Part]#T=S&C=11&O={"color":11,"iconly":0} or this?
  3. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    @Dragunov2 Actually, there are two things of which I'm not certain how they work on your render - 1) the aforementioned black clips at the end of the antenna pieces, and 2) how they are attached to the side of the car:
  4. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    @Dragunov2 on your render, what are these black bits on the end of the antenna pieces? And, did Bruce Lowell share what he did re: the LBG strips above and below the rear panel? Like @keymaker, I really would like to know which parts are required (I'm sure as long as I order the right parts I'll be able to figure it out without instructions). My background is Technic so I have virtually no spare creator parts, so want to get the order right!! Thank you
  5. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    @TheDeeGee love the decals on the wheels - did you make them yourself? Also - @Dragunov2 - Bruce Lowell has modded the rear further. I’d love to know how the lights are done so I can order the right parts. In fact I’d love to know what he did to mod the whole rear end...
  6. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    Ah ok I think I get it. I find it hard to visualise without having the set. I’ll order the extra blue and white parts and by the time I get the set hopefully someone will figure out how to do it :)
  7. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    @Dragunov2 I’d be interested to hear what parts are needed to solve this, because I won’t be getting the set until May but thought it looked simple, but obviously you have the set and it sounds like it isn’t as simple to solve as I thought. Not sure I understand what yo7 mean by brackets?
  8. Paknaloid

    10265 - Ford Mustang Creator Expert: MODS

    I imagine it’s the same as stock - just with the 1x1 and 1x2 slopes instead of plates...? So attached in the same way.
  9. @jb70 I am close to completing the Pimp my Bugatti build - firstly, thank you for all of your hard work and generosity in providing the instructions. I have a question - the rear wheels have a lot of play in them, e.g. when I pick up the car they hang down too far, and move around so much that the calipers often fall off, and the car almost crab-steers. I've included some pics below. Is there any obvious error that I've made? I took apart the CV connection and couldn't see any issues, but I've certainly missed something... Thank you so much for your (and anyone else's) help solving this. Hanging/loose rear wheels: Rear axle connection to wheels - there is too much 'play' in and out within in the circled area, meaning the wheels hang loose and shift in and out at odd angles:
  10. @LegoHoops - Hi, hope you don't mind me asking, but please could you describe and/or post a photo showing how you closed the front fender gaps so cleanly? I moved the entire inside fender units 1L nearer to the outer fenders, but my solution doesn't look as neat as yours, and actually still leaves a very small gap at the back of the fenders. I think I can see a small spanner thing clasping the inner fenders and holding them outwards, but it isn't clear to me. I'm moving towards the end of my build now and am trying to implement many of the Mods in these pages, this is one I haven't quite been able to figure out! Thanks in advance.
  11. I started with 1mm but found it too fine for Lego. I switched to 4mm and found that ideal, although if you want to do a lot of it then it probably couldn’t hurt to get a 2mm or 1mm as well, in case there are hard to reach sections. E.g I did the wheel hubs on my Porsche as well, 4mm was fine and I think they look good but there were a few internal areas I couldn’t quite reach. Anyway I found it pretty satisfying doing it all, and it extended the life of the project too which was handy, as I’m in between builds until I hopefully get the Bugatti for Christmas ?
  12. @Aleh there’s a few on YouTube, something like this is a good example...