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  1. There is the Joskin Siroko, but that has a totally different slurry distribution system and I think only with a single axle configuratiin, so would probably need a total rebuild:
  2. I was hoping so, but I didn't have much luck finding a photo of one, certainly not that large. I suppose I could convert it into a general purpose farm trailer, but I had my heart set on a muck spreader! I did see this on Rebrickable, which was another point of influence for my build; they made a better go at a round shape, but it is at a smaller scale, and again many more pieces needed than I have currently (x21 large panels?!)...:
  3. @BrickbyBrickTechnic I agree that it needs to be bigger and rounder. Bigger I can certainly give a go soon, although I am running pretty low on spares now, and I want to try and avoid colour-vom. Rounder, again is this is do-able, and many thanks @I_Igor that is a good part suggestion (I've only got two of them now though, both in red). However I'm not in a position to start BrickLinking the extra parts to really make this happen yet. I may re-address the issue in a few months, as I have my fingers crossed that I'll be getting 42078 for my birthday, and that obviously has an abundance of panels :) I'll try and update in the next couple of weeks after I've figured out the mudguards. I have managed to shift the axles further back on the chassis and slightly altered the third stabiliser wheel, which I think has improved the look slightly. I'll see what I can do to embiggen it further.
  4. Thank you And thank you. I had no idea that was the case, but a quick Google image search shows you to be absolutely right. I'll correct this as part of my continuing work on the build.
  5. Hmmm, Whoops. don't know what happened to my original post I took @Sjoemie himself's suggestion and ran with it - time to "go big, or go home". The tank trailer is now a bit more appropriate for the size and power of the Xerion. I've added: - Extra axle - Round tank cover on roof - Lenthened chassis and tank - On/Off pump lights - Side filler tube and cap This is still a WIP as I'm not at all happy with the mudguards/fenders now, and need to find a better way to build these out. Also, I think perhaps the axles should be shifted 2 studs further back on the chassis, so more of the front of the tank is suspended over the ground. I'm gaining confidence with this whole MOC thing. Comments welcome and thanks for looking.
  6. @Thirdwigg much appreciated. I agree about the exhaust - I'm more than happy to sacrifice accuracy for looks. It is just the stock B model silage plough that comes with the set out of the box:
  7. @Sjoemie himself your comment got me thinking - I do still have two extra Claas wheels, and a few general spares. If I dismantle the stock silage plough, I think I'll have enough to turn the trailer into a double-axled and lengthened tank, a bit more fitting size to be towed by a beast like the Xerion. I'll address this tonight to assess how do-able it's really going to be - lengthening the chassis and adding an axle should be simple enough, it's just whether I have the right panels and liftarms to extend the tank itself, and how I'm going to get the mudguards to work with 2 wheels on each side instead of 1. Nevertheless, this is now back to being a WIP project thanks to your constructive criticism, so thank you the life of the set has been extended again :).
  8. Cheers. definitely, if I had the parts and the building skill I’d have really wanted to build a tank for the Saddletrac, a bit like this: but maybe in a few years when my skills have improved
  9. @BrickbyBrickTechnic Thank you! I'm going to dismantle the Claas in the next couple of days, and build your crop-sprayer C-model
  10. Hello Over the past couple of months I have been enjoying building 42054 - what a great little set. Once I'd finished it, I wet about MODing the appearance somewhat, and have ended up with two different set-ups. Descriptions and photos below (hopefully the pics aren't too big, but apologies in advance to the mods if I've messed it up yet again...) Configuration 1 - 8-wheels with stock silage plough & cosmetic modifications Apart from the obvious addition of four extra wheels, I also modified the bodywork as follows: - Altered wheel hubs (apologies, I can't remember who did this white/red mod to the Claas wheels originally, think there's videos on Youtube but if that person is a member EB then thanks to you.) - More rounded fenders/mudguards, both front and back. - Exhaust with chrome parts and decals. - Windscreen wiper to deal with any flying 'muck' - see Configuration 2 below... - Chrome filler cap. - Additional spotlights at the front. - Slight change to roof detail including aerial/additional red hazard lights to rear. - Improved step ladder. - Additional warning decals at front. So, nothing very revolutionary or technically interesting, but I enjoyed making the changes and personally I think the mudguards look better than the stock versions. I did build the crane first but didn't like how bulky it was compared to the tractor, so I ended up with the stock 'B model' () silage plough. I took it outside for some photos: Configuration 2 - 4-wheels with slurry tank trailer & cosmetic modifications I then removed the plough and the extra wheels, and set about creating my first-ever MOC. I was inspired, first generally by the amazing work on 42054 of @BrickbyBrickTechnic, and secondly by one of these - single-axle slurry tank trailers: My tank includes: - Dual slurry pipes and sprayers, for the sprayin' of that muck. - Third wheel for stabilisation when disconnected from tractor (can be released by partly pulling out the axle with stop & red bush). - Custom decals. - Fake on/off switch for slurry pump. - Full set of hazard notices and warning lights, plus chains on the hitch. - Black cover can be easily slid back by removing a couple of securing axles. For when it's time to blast-clean the old muck, before re-filling with fresh muck. I absolutely acknowledge that my MOC is only an approximation of the above, rather than a replica (in particular, using the available spare pieces at my disposal, I wasn't able to recreate the cylindrical shape of the tank). It also doesn't use particularly great building techniques and hasn't got decent functions. However my aim was to create something for my Claas to tow that looked quite nice, and also to complete my first ever actual proper MOC (one previous failed attempt notwithstanding). By these criteria, I achieved something of which I'm happy. I'd love to hear your opinions, but I realise that it isn't up to much, so no worries if you don't have an opinion on any of this, one way or the other.... I also added some headlight effects, again influenced by @BrickbyBrickTechnic's past work on the Claas:
  11. That is very, very clever
  12. You are a master of 42054, look forward to seeing how this progresses. quick question - are you still planning on making a slurry tanker or other trailer type attachment for your saddle trac c model? Im hoping to try and create a simple trailer for my set which has a single axle with 42054 wheels, either as a separate mini trailer or a single axle version of the saddle trac slurry tank. I haven’t been able to find a picture of this anywhere (probably as it isn’t realistic?). Interested on your opinion on this.
  13. strv 103

    What can I say except, you’re welcome... But maybe OP has disappeared.
  14. @Lipko if I could kiss your post, I would