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  1. Paknaloid

    Discussion Etiquette

    I will say that it should work both ways - if someone wants to post something without fear of censorship, the right of anyone else to be offended by that post should also be respected - rather than thinking everyone who takes offence is part of a general 'softening' of society. As with everything like this, it's a balancing act (and obvs, a bigger and more important question than just EB forum posts :)) And of course, if anyone criticises this post, I'll be on them like sh*t on a monkey
  2. @jb70 'Pimp up your Bugatti' is underway thanks for sharing
  3. @jono rocky please could you re-post the pics or a link to where they can be viewed off EB? I can only see one of them here :(
  4. Paknaloid

    [MOC] GAZ-3309 Truck

    That’s lovely. I’m sorry for asking as I know it isn’t always appreciated, but were You planning on making instructions? I think I’d dismantle my Arocs to make this, it looks like it’d be almost but not quite a C model with the Arocs as donor, not many additional parts needed (?)
  5. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    Cool, thank you - I’ll think on it and see what I fancy doing once the cab is built.
  6. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    exactly the sort of thing I have in mind
  7. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    I’ve bought the Mack, due to arrive next week and I am already considering what I’m going to do once I’ve built the stock version; one option I was considering was seeing if I could attach a multi axle low loader to carry the claas xerion as an ‘abnormal load’, not sure if that’d look silly though; my other idea is to make a scale modelled haulage load for a flatbed trailer, I’ve been looking into 1:20 scale oil drums tbh I don’t like the aesthetics of the trailer that is included so I’m planning to build it then immediately dismantle and make something else...
  8. Has anyone managed to shorten and/or reshape the nose? Reading Milan’s review, that seems to be one of the few criticisms of the cosmetics, but I can’t tell if shortening the front end by 2-3 studs would be relatively straightforward, fairly difficult, or nigh-on impossible.
  9. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    Perfect, thanks much
  10. Very quick question, I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer elsewhere but mods please feel free to delete this once it’s been answered: approximately what scale is 42078? Am I right that it is approx. 1:24? Thank you.
  11. Would it be worth spray-painting the front grille grey tube and side c grey tubes silver, or do you think that’d be sacrilege and/or inaccurate?
  12. +1 my next highest priority request is sturdier doors, with locking mechanism.
  13. Paknaloid

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Love the look of it, regardless of functions it’ll be a great display model next to the Porsche. Hopefully this’ll be a Christmas bonus-buy for me.
  14. Paknaloid

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Yes! Although am I right in thinking that transparent/semi-transparent pieces are less strong, hence the lack of see-through large panels and load-bearing pieces? I'm sure I read that somewhere, something to do with the manufacturing process, but apologies if I just made it up...
  15. Paknaloid

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Do we reckon it’ll have HOG steering?