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  1. Nope - although I'd love to someday! I'm actually looking at Jurgen Krooshoop's Ultimate 8043. Of course, I need to pick up a second-hand 8043 first.... After operating some real-life excavators at Diggerland UK, I caught the excavator bug and really want to build a remote control one that's capable of actually excavating.
  2. Thanks, both - I can't justify the £70-£80 for a rechargeable one on BL (or even £50-£60 on eBay), so will take the hit on performance and go for the bog-standard version for a tenner. I don't envision using it a huge amount anyway - a play now and again, but the MOC is going to be for display 80% of the time.
  3. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere (I couldn't see that it had) - does the rechargeable battery box (84599) have exactly the same size dimensions as the non-rechargeable version (88000)? I don't care at all about performance, I'm looking to follow someone else's MOC instructions which call for 84599, but as 88000 is so much cheaper I'd like to use it instead if the sizes are identical and so swapping wouldn't affect the build. Thanks for your help.
  4. @LegoHoops big thumbs up, it looks great.
  5. Paknaloid

    Discussion Etiquette

    I will say that it should work both ways - if someone wants to post something without fear of censorship, the right of anyone else to be offended by that post should also be respected - rather than thinking everyone who takes offence is part of a general 'softening' of society. As with everything like this, it's a balancing act (and obvs, a bigger and more important question than just EB forum posts :)) And of course, if anyone criticises this post, I'll be on them like sh*t on a monkey
  6. @jb70 'Pimp up your Bugatti' is underway thanks for sharing
  7. @jono rocky please could you re-post the pics or a link to where they can be viewed off EB? I can only see one of them here :(
  8. Paknaloid

    [MOC] GAZ-3309 Truck

    That’s lovely. I’m sorry for asking as I know it isn’t always appreciated, but were You planning on making instructions? I think I’d dismantle my Arocs to make this, it looks like it’d be almost but not quite a C model with the Arocs as donor, not many additional parts needed (?)
  9. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    Cool, thank you - I’ll think on it and see what I fancy doing once the cab is built.
  10. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    exactly the sort of thing I have in mind
  11. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    I’ve bought the Mack, due to arrive next week and I am already considering what I’m going to do once I’ve built the stock version; one option I was considering was seeing if I could attach a multi axle low loader to carry the claas xerion as an ‘abnormal load’, not sure if that’d look silly though; my other idea is to make a scale modelled haulage load for a flatbed trailer, I’ve been looking into 1:20 scale oil drums tbh I don’t like the aesthetics of the trailer that is included so I’m planning to build it then immediately dismantle and make something else...
  12. Has anyone managed to shorten and/or reshape the nose? Reading Milan’s review, that seems to be one of the few criticisms of the cosmetics, but I can’t tell if shortening the front end by 2-3 studs would be relatively straightforward, fairly difficult, or nigh-on impossible.
  13. Paknaloid

    Quick question re scale

    Perfect, thanks much
  14. Very quick question, I haven’t been able to find a definitive answer elsewhere but mods please feel free to delete this once it’s been answered: approximately what scale is 42078? Am I right that it is approx. 1:24? Thank you.
  15. Would it be worth spray-painting the front grille grey tube and side c grey tubes silver, or do you think that’d be sacrilege and/or inaccurate?