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  1. This moc is fantastic, maybe a little underestimated (only 8 replies ???). Building it was very stimulating, the result is incredible, I made some changes that involved a few more pieces. I built the model in black, I had a few parts in orange in my stock and I tried to make the interior in this color even though it would have needed a few more parts.
  2. @langko good, nice job, i really like how you modeled the door hinge.
  3. @astyanax, thank you, you fully understand my thoughts and it is not the first time, great respect! that's just what I thought
  4. ok I understand, I share your thoughts, I just didn't think I would trigger this discussion, in the world you waste money every day in many ways and maybe wrongly I didn't think about the wrong message that could be transmitted. I personally make sacrifices to cultivate my passions (this and that for painting) I understand that destroying for no reason is not an edifying thing, but perhaps this is not the forum for discussing this. However, I apologize for being perhaps a little shallow (I'm not sure if that's the correct word).
  5. The video is not mine, and I definitely would never do it with my models ( I jealously keep my first technic from 1999 (set 8448)) , I didn't want to offend anyone, I just found it funny. Obviously in this forum you can not joke, what a shame, I use my time with lego to escape from everyday stress but here it seems that there are too many touchy people, it is not the first time that it happens to me in this forum, but ok, I'll try to be more serious in the future ... video removed ...
  6. @Didumos69 great congratulations for this fantastic moc, this is my first lego rc, I wanted to do a slope test by changing the power supply with 8 AA batteries. In reverse I reached more than 50 °.
  7. Hi William, i built my chiron following @jb70 modifications and his version with the reinforced suspension works very well. (mine morover is also a bit heavier by more added parts). You should try it .
  8. list of changes made: compared to the @jb70 version I only omitted Hand of God (HoG) lever for spoiler and air break (I wanted to keep the body line cleaner) and door locking (I used this mod, the solution of jb70 did not work well after my side changes). The other changes are essentially of an aesthetic nature: The radiator has been lengthened by 1 stud and moved further forward. the hood is inspired by the astyanax solution the bottom of the doors (very simple to make). panels # 13 and 14 in dark azure behind the doors have been advanced and raised by 1 stud to have a better line with the door. the front spoiler changed to dark blue like the original. filled the space on the sides of the headlights. closed the space above the front mudguard. added panels #13 and 14 in dark blue behind the doors to better define the "C" line. at the rear the bodywork has been slightly enlarged and some parts have been added to close empty spaces, added a fin to the brake spoiler . a more covering cover has been added to the engine. to the interior added some parts in dark tan the remaining changes to close gaps and refine parts a bit rough.
  9. I fully agree, I prefer to be wrong and possibly apologize ... in any case yours is the right example about how to interact in a friendly and polite way! It's off topic, but congratulations on your sian cosmetic improvements, I just ordered parts for my set.
  10. yes I understand very well, I really like your red black version, very beautiful (for the hood I was inspired by your version). Maybe it was my wrong impression, but the comment above seemed a bit provocative to me but maybe I'm wrong... i am not familiar with english, and maybe i can misunderstand The additions are essentially aesthetic, then I make a list.
  11. Sorry, but I don't understand your comment. What should it be different from?
  12. I share every single word, this is the spirit of lego constructions
  13. My version of @jb70 pimp my bugatti
  14. I apologize, you are right, it is not a wip topic!