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  1. in my opinion they look like porsche rims, painted in gray (part 23800)
  2. After more than a month, unfortunately, due to a bad fracture on my hand, I star again processing my defender. The extension of the chassis and bodywork is almost complete. i just miss the v6 engine!
  3. Color combination is very nice. The rotating support is cool!
  4. In progress, I haven't had much time recently . Moreover I'm waiting for some missing parts for the v6 engine. I'll update soon.
  5. Great , it looks cool. Currently I'm finishing the chassis with v6 engine, (and i want to keep the bodywork removable). Initially I was oriented on the 130 me too , then I decided for a 110 version (2 stud less than yours). Maybe I extend it again
  6. Sorry but I don't understand the point of the matter! is your first lego technic? Just skip the part of instructions that doesn't interest you, and for that part reproduce the official version without HoG. (As long as someone doesn't want to republish @jb70's instructions without hog).
  7. "- Here I can see the nessecary parts for the improved chiron. On the left I have 4.8% unique parts and on the right 7.3%. Should I have to buy both listed parts or just one of the two ? (if yes which one, I'm a bit confused)" The necessary parts are 270, on the right side of the page (7.3% unique). On "export parts" you can download the complete list of additional parts. "My question is: what is the best way to mix both of the two instruction book (the offical one and @jb70's one ?°" @jb70's instructions replace the originals
  8. Alternative build found on instagram.
  9. Thanks very helpful, i measured the defender 110 doors on a photo scaled to real size (4758mm), the front and rear doors should be around 120 and 115cm, 13.5 and 13 stud
  10. Right consideration, I had thought about it myself but ultimately I decided to keep the proportions of the real version. In model 42110 actually the door is too short, it should be about 1 or 2 stud longer(14 or 15 total), so 13 stud should be correct in 4 door version. Your pickup is great!
  11. in the first photo version with protruding rear as in the classic versions of the defender, in the second truncated rear as in the 2020 version. Personally I like the first one, it's a bit long, but overall I prefer it more.