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  1. Right consideration, I had thought about it myself but ultimately I decided to keep the proportions of the real version. In model 42110 actually the door is too short, it should be about 1 or 2 stud longer(14 or 15 total), so 13 stud should be correct in 4 door version. Your pickup is great!
  2. in the first photo version with protruding rear as in the classic versions of the defender, in the second truncated rear as in the 2020 version. Personally I like the first one, it's a bit long, but overall I prefer it more.
  3. Hi congratulations, nice work. I have too decided to rebuild my defender in 110 version
  4. Amazing, is a pleasure to follow your wip, congratulations
  5. No part, simple silver card stock but you can use also drink's aluminum tin
  6. plate 5x5 part 6942, but it's necessary to lower the headlight support to mount this part
  7. Hi, I'm a new member. I would like to thank everyone who helped improve this set. Here are some screenshots of my... Next step I'll add led lights and I'll bring some improvements to the bodywork Best regards from Italy, Stefano.