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  1. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Finn and Plasma Brickheadz. Hopefully the Boba Fett and Carbonite Hans comes out later. Assume so since they are number 27 & 28 where Finn and Plasma were 19 & 20?
  2. Or 3 years to develop the first process. Now having it established to mostly follow rather than develop could take a year off and bring it into 2018
  3. Got a huge box delivered into the office yesterday. The looks I got carrying back to my desk. Its the LEGO box within another larger box flanked with large bubble wrap. Impressed with the care LEGO took over this. Now to get it home, store and plan the build and display.. Yay!
  4. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Seems like you swapped out the light blue transparent 1x1 round plates for 1x2 plates. Any reason why? I thought the round 1x1 looked better texture wise
  5. Ordered on day 1 - Backordered after many attempts Called LEGO CS Day 2 - Shipping Estimate Nov 8th Chatted with LEGO CS Day 5 - Shipping due now on 25th Sept! Auto email from S@H yesterday Sept 22 - Your Order has shipped!
  6. Called LEGO CS last week about the back order and was told shipping would be 8th Nov. Tried again today and that has changed to 25th Sept. Next week! If true, WOOP!!
  7. Looks like I made the right call to go after the day 1 rather than wait for double VIP on Oct 10. Called LEGO CS and my expected date for shipping is Nov 8. While I am happy that I am guaranteed to get one its a long time to wait. I was on the button straight away and eventually got an order through (and through the issues) after an hour, I was told it will be unlikely available before October 1. Back Orders will ship before the S@H says its is available again. At least I have more time to consider where I will put it!
  8. Just put an order through. Apparently I will earn ZERO VIP points once my wonderful order has shipped. Back order. Expect to ship before Oct 1.
  9. Modular with the best interior detail?

    While not one of the Creator lineup. If you are looking for a cool modular interior and price is not a blocker I'd suggest the Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ. It has a lab, kitchen, bedroom, pool tabe, stove, arcade game, bathroom, camera room, garage, office and is packed with detail. It's fun to build, fun to play with and looks great standing on its own.
  10. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I'm avoiding it as I got the whole resistance troop transport for less. Only interested in the Rose minifigs which I'm sure will pop up in another set or maybe a diaorama set. In fact I'm holding off on All TLJ sets until I've seen the movie
  11. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Look up Jangbricks review of it. He shows a comparison with the cockpit of the Resistance Troop Transporter
  12. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Slave 1, Bounty Hunter BP and that Assault walker poly (cause the Trooper one n/a in Ireland ) Still, 474 more points added to the VIP lot for the Falcon
  13. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Ucs Tie 20% off in the US now sold out! Will this come to EU? FF day 2 = different sets discounted or have LEGO showed their hand on day 1?
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I saw all TLJ sets in store earlier. The white boxes do stand out on the shelf. The BB8 will instantly draw the kid and adult SW fan alike as it pops off the shelf. One curious thing was the size of the box for Kylo's tie at only 630 pieces. Its as big as the heavy assault walker and destroyer boxes. Feels light and less than half full when you pick it up. Unsurprising, this wave once again is vastly over priced.