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  1. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Yodas hut, sandspeeder, jedi and clone troopers BP, Hans Solo and Chewie brickheads. The BB8 poly, some poster and double VIP.
  2. 2018 Creator Sets

    If you are into the architecture sets Statute of Liberty and Great Wall of China due
  3. Future Star Wars Sets

    I got the Clone Wars box set season 1-5 as a birthday present recently. Half way through it. How did I miss this?! Now of course I look and drool over the Clone Wars sets that came out back in 2013 particularly 75021. What do you think the chances are of The Clone Wars set making a reappearance? A Venator Class Starship? the Gunship again? Also a SW minifigure series would be awesome. Particularly a Jedi series!
  4. Future Star Wars Sets

    The Train in this would be a interesting SW SET!
  5. What's your favourite modular building?

    It was 20% off on S@H in November. That took €30 off and I added VIP points (that I picked up on double VIP on another order) to bring it down to €75
  6. What's your favourite modular building?

    I will not pay stupid money for retired sets so being a late comer I just picked up what I could. I have 6 of them and built them all over 6 weeks 1. Brick Bank. My first Modular build. Loved it. Its a corner building, has a good storyline if you are into that and I recently parked 60142 Money Transporter in front of it which only enhances it. The fact that I got it half price too made it easily the bargain of all the Modulars sets I have. 2. I next built Detectives Office. I loved the alleyway separating the buildings. The pool room and office are brilliant and I was fascinated by yet more building techniques. This shaded the Brick Bank just a little for me maybe because I preferred the colour on the exterior over the White and grey. Despite not being a corner its a great standalone building. 3. Next I built the Parisian Restaurant and having read the reviews of Modulars and this being consistently up there, had high expectations. It really is a neat little build and looks great. My daughter loved the "Art Room" and it certainly brings the market value of any LEGO street up. So many tiny parts for so much detail and as much as I would have liked to agree with the majority, I still preferred the Detectives Office with its brisk built lettering and charm. The Restaurant commits the ground floor to the kitchen Restaurant but not much light gets in and the Kitchen is harder to play with because the whole build is quite narrow. 4. Next I built the Pet Shop. Its cool having 2 separate building on 16x32 plates that you can split up if you like. It may have been worth getting a few of these if on discount to put a row of those brown/orange blocks together. I found the build simpler and less refined than the others and while my daughter loved the "pets" I feel a bigger pet store was sacrificed for the split building. The other rooms were nothing special. This set was nice but bottom of the pile so far. 5 Next I built Assembly Square. Just the sheer size of it is wow in comparison to the rest. The details are stunning and so many different parts. It also had some of the most interesting building techniques so far. I loved the look of the round corner tower with all those cheese slopes perfectly lined up. The was up there with Detectives Office and Brick Bank for fun interiors. Particularly the Characters you can put in the dentist chair, I currently have an Imperial Commander in it with an officer nervously waiting in the lounge 6. Finally I most recently built the Downtown Diner. It really was a surprisingly good build experience. Lots of building on the side techniques and all of the window techniques were interesting. The Diner itself is up there as one of the best "Rooms" of any of the Modulars I love the great big windows that wrap around it letting in loads of light. The gym/boxing ring is good but basic and so is the Recording Studio but is as simple as it needs to be. It would have been better to get more printed plaques and discs to adorn the walls. Also I like the pink Cadillac. You can seat 2 minifigs in side by side in a 6 wide build (They should try this more in City sets) and the pink just adds to the funky colour palette. The Diner was better than I expected and very interesting to put together. I can't comment on those that I don't have or have not built but I'd rank these 6 as follows form favourite to least favourite (They are all great and its hard to choose to be honest) Detectives Office > Parisian Restaurant > Assembly Square > Downtown Diner > Brick Bank > Pet Shop
  7. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I haven't built it yet. Need to make space. Just grabbed it on 20% off
  8. Emm how could LEGO do a throne room duel without Kylo and Rey and Snoke MFs? Plus at least 2 Praetorian Guards? That one I would hedge my bets on. While it would likely be a bit short of what I'd like (4x Guards would be better), it ought to at least have the obvious play feature (won't spoil too much just in case).
  9. Next UCS Set

    I really hope LEGO do a UCS Cloud City. Came out of my dark ages too late for the last set. I'm selective about the UCS I get too as I get what I like, not just everything. CC would be right up there if done right. In fact if LEGO could borrow an idea from this guy it would be awesome. Create a playset along the lines of the Death Star set. I love how this guy's CC set flows from the MF landing right through the story in each scene to Luke hanging off the antennae and being rescued by the MF with Liea and co. I'd be happy enough with a set as is like this but imagine the little improvement LEGO could incorporate. It would need the whole host of minifigs and potentially micro sized cloud car, MF, Slave One, X wing like the microfighters.
  10. --- Bricksonville - City Layout with lights ---

    Me too. I've just got a bunch of 55cmx55cm tables that I can arrange in different formats and I'm only mad to start one. I have just a loose plan. Id rather build as I go rather than execute a master plan
  11. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    The death star 75159. Finally! I want to open it so bad but saving it for when I complete a certain goal that I have failed to do for years ? Then I get to built it and 75192 ?
  12. Cheers don't know yet how to hide contents. Removed from my post.
  13. There is potential on some cool sets in the next wave A rebel blue leader (can't remember her name) A wing Snokes throne room is a cert, I just hope they do it justice and I'd pay more for more guards A dreadnaught! Though it would be better as UCS A Canto Bight playset would be a more memorable one for Finn and Rose and make up for that AT ST
  14. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Pulled the trigger on the Death Star - the 2016 one :-)
  15. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Poe''s X-Wing @40% off