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  1. Emm how could LEGO do a throne room duel without Kylo and Rey and Snoke MFs? Plus at least 2 Praetorian Guards? That one I would hedge my bets on. While it would likely be a bit short of what I'd like (4x Guards would be better), it ought to at least have the obvious play feature (won't spoil too much just in case).
  2. Next UCS Set

    I really hope LEGO do a UCS Cloud City. Came out of my dark ages too late for the last set. I'm selective about the UCS I get too as I get what I like, not just everything. CC would be right up there if done right. In fact if LEGO could borrow an idea from this guy it would be awesome. Create a playset along the lines of the Death Star set. I love how this guy's CC set flows from the MF landing right through the story in each scene to Luke hanging off the antennae and being rescued by the MF with Liea and co. I'd be happy enough with a set as is like this but imagine the little improvement LEGO could incorporate. It would need the whole host of minifigs and potentially micro sized cloud car, MF, Slave One, X wing like the microfighters.
  3. Beach Area of Bricksonville - City Layout

    Me too. I've just got a bunch of 55cmx55cm tables that I can arrange in different formats and I'm only mad to start one. I have just a loose plan. Id rather build as I go rather than execute a master plan
  4. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    The death star 75159. Finally! I want to open it so bad but saving it for when I complete a certain goal that I have failed to do for years 😐 Then I get to built it and 75192 😊
  5. Cheers don't know yet how to hide contents. Removed from my post.
  6. There is potential on some cool sets in the next wave A rebel blue leader (can't remember her name) A wing Snokes throne room is a cert, I just hope they do it justice and I'd pay more for more guards A dreadnaught! Though it would be better as UCS A Canto Bight playset would be a more memorable one for Finn and Rose and make up for that AT ST
  7. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Pulled the trigger on the Death Star - the 2016 one :-)
  8. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Poe''s X-Wing @40% off
  9. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Finn and Plasma Brickheadz. Hopefully the Boba Fett and Carbonite Hans comes out later. Assume so since they are number 27 & 28 where Finn and Plasma were 19 & 20?
  10. Or 3 years to develop the first process. Now having it established to mostly follow rather than develop could take a year off and bring it into 2018
  11. Got a huge box delivered into the office yesterday. The looks I got carrying back to my desk. Its the LEGO box within another larger box flanked with large bubble wrap. Impressed with the care LEGO took over this. Now to get it home, store and plan the build and display.. Yay!
  12. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Seems like you swapped out the light blue transparent 1x1 round plates for 1x2 plates. Any reason why? I thought the round 1x1 looked better texture wise
  13. Ordered on day 1 - Backordered after many attempts Called LEGO CS Day 2 - Shipping Estimate Nov 8th Chatted with LEGO CS Day 5 - Shipping due now on 25th Sept! Auto email from S@H yesterday Sept 22 - Your Order has shipped!
  14. Called LEGO CS last week about the back order and was told shipping would be 8th Nov. Tried again today and that has changed to 25th Sept. Next week! If true, WOOP!!
  15. Looks like I made the right call to go after the day 1 rather than wait for double VIP on Oct 10. Called LEGO CS and my expected date for shipping is Nov 8. While I am happy that I am guaranteed to get one its a long time to wait. I was on the button straight away and eventually got an order through (and through the issues) after an hour, I was told it will be unlikely available before October 1. Back Orders will ship before the S@H says its is available again. At least I have more time to consider where I will put it!