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  1. It’s white. For reference look at the LBG and DBG technic pieces at the top of the ‘wings’ or the white modified plates and LBG plates stacked on top of DBG technic beams on the middle inner part of wings.
  2. I kinda like the Hoth medical bay for the figs. Are the torso and legs for Leia identical to the UCS MF version?
  3. I received the email, finally. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute when the Y-wing could have potentially sold out already. I’ve heard the only difference for Black VIP card holders was no minimum spend is necessary to get the poster. Which is kinda pointless like you said.
  4. The entry into the draw to win the 14k white gold R2-D2 was for Black VIP card holders but it did not mention it anywhere in the email I received with the code for the Y-wing blueprint. Apparently entry is automatic. But I don’t know whether that means all black VIP card holders are in the draw or only those who purchase above x threshold at the LEGO store during the May the fourth promotional period. Probably the later. For one lucky person though the black VIP card will actually be worth something, and by something I mean a lot!
  5. I have not received the email. Black card VIP offers were suppose to include all black card holders. This deal just keeps worse!
  6. May the fourth offers at LEGO S@H have gone live Australia and I can confirm there is no Y-wing blueprint or special black card offers. Only BB-8, 2x VIP points and 10% off selected ‘starships’ ie. the stock they are having trouble moving. Offers may vary by region I guess.
  7. The feet on the opposing side of my UCS Snowspeeder literally comes off the ground when I have it displayed off axis. It’s not a build error as I checked it several times. It’s a known issue as the angle is too cover the display plaque too. I hope the Y-wing is not the same. I never had the same issue with the previous UCS Snowspeeder, also displayed on a roll axis.
  8. The Y-wing designer video is cool. And I love that the designer literally wears his fandom on his ‘sleeve’. My only concern with Y-Wing is that it looks very unstable on the angled stand. If it’s anything like the most recent UCS Snowspeeder...mine is listing under it’s own weight.
  9. SFS TIE/x1 Advanced

    It looks amazing the rest of your Tie collection. The attention to detail is second to none, particularly the sides of the cockpit and the sloped rear. I can’t wait to start building it.
  10. A poster. A frickin poster. At least make it a t-shirt that says “I purchased 75192 and all I got was this crappy t-shirt”. What do they think the age demographic is of people who purchased the UCS Falcon? And if you can get it by spending $30 anyway what is the point? The free shipping threshold in my part of the world is $200. You wouldn’t put in an order in for less than that as the min. shipping charge is ~$40!
  11. I wrote a similar post on the previous page with their response. There could be an 11th hour sweetener but I wouldn’t be holding our collective breath.
  12. Yeah, rubbish ‘value’, especially for the Han Solo one. But I guess they are relatively expensive to produce with large complex pieces and printing. I’m not surprised the line is ending early after seeing them clog up retail shelves the past few years. But, I would love a collection of just the head/helmet molds (excluding the human face variants)...the Maul one looks incredible.
  13. Cool. Are they available in retail stores in Oz already?
  14. The fact that LEGO still can’t keep up with demand should be an indicator that it will be around for quite some time...probably many years but that’s just my opinion. No one on here knows for sure but ‘out of stock’ is the norm for this set, so I wouldn’t stress.