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  1. The box is gorgeous. Are Lego putting 18+ on all the sets designed for AFOLs/display now? As for the model itself it looks OK but a little ‘chubby’ to me if I’m being critical. Based on the RZ-1design the nose comes to a much narrower point, the Lego model ends abruptly.
  2. You left out “An A-Wing. Why not ‘X’ vehicle which has much broader me?”
  3. No I didn’t. The active promo at the time was the 40th anniversary holiday train and Dots mini frame, neither of which I cared for. The weird thing is though the order is still displaying as ‘in process’ but with a zero dollar value on all the items. The guy on the phone assured me it was canceled so I’m not sure why it still says in process? It’s been like that for three weeks. Strange.
  4. It must depend on where you are located because in Australia my card was charged for the full amount immediately. I had to call and cancel the order. I’ll wait to see what the May 4th holds and pre-order then if it’s an attractive promo.
  5. Yep. Couldn’t happen to a more humble guy. Everyone else; stays at home to save lives. The one guy who could literally stay in their bedroom and not be affected; drives around in their new ‘Tang’ to look for a park that isn’t closed to play ball. I don’t mind the set, just the circumstances in which it was released are a little off. They literally sent him a personal message the day before release and said “don’t tell anyone but here you go”. A comment in his video summed it up best “You look like a guy who just lost his virginity...”. Well done TLG Nice. I guess that lays to rest any notion that the Mando fig was a placeholder and we might get Beskar armour Mando instead.
  6. So many weird things about this comment. Firstly, why 17? I was five when ANH first screened and yeah nostalgia value is a big factor in my Lego SW collection. Secondly, the retirement age in most developed countries (ie. TLGs biggest markets) is not 60, its 65+. Thirdly, “even alive”? The life expectancy in said countries is typically late 70s-80s and the median age is probably higher than you think. And yes, I still display Lego in my office
  7. Even if he did have information (unlikely) he’s not going to divulge it to a random customer. It won’t be rare. Probably scarce initially due to high demand but TLG know anything Mandalorian and especially with baby Yoda is going to make them a lot of money. Why would they make a limited production? It makes no business sense. The fact that they are pre-selling it seven months out in some markets suggests they know it’s going to be popular.
  8. I was answering as to why people preorder, not the reason/s why TLG have set up a preorder in the first place. But you’re probably correct as to TLGs motive to go this route, at least partially.
  9. Well it’s not released until Sept. so there’s that. But the point is people want to secure one and demand will likely far outstrip supply when it’s released. I haven’t seen the AT-ST Raider in stores in my country since November when it aired. It briefly came back in stock at Lego S@H a week ago but has since sold out again...and that’s without the pull of baby Yoda and Mando’s ship.
  10. Yep. Available to preorder on Amazon too but not the .au site and and of course restrictive geo-licensing means they won’t ship to Australia. I just hope Lego Australia haven’t done an exclusive deal with a local retailer.
  11. They’ve done a fantastic job with The Razorcrest! The official description says “New for August 2020 The Mandalorian and The Child minifigures”. I take that to mean they are placeholders and I’m hopeful we will see him in his Beskar armour. He spent like 80% of the show with it and it was integral to the plot. The fact they’ve announced it so early, are taking preorders and specified “new for August” speaks to them wanting to bank on the hype but the minifigure design may not finalised. Speaking of preorders, which countries can you preorder on S@H? Preorders are not up in Australia as yet.
  12. They have in the past - MYER, Toyworld etc. I hope TLG are fully aware of how popular this set will be, although I somehow doubt it. Flippers will ensure it’s an instant sell-out regardless.
  13. Markalus

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    ^Exactly my thoughts. Then Slave 1.
  14. I have no idea who Jedi Bob is but it makes sense particularly since they’ve differentiated between accurate model focussed UCS and playset-style MBS sets.
  15. It occurred to me that the question Lego ask of “which minifigure would like to see included” in the set you vote for could have a major influence on people’s decision. For example, I went with the Nebulon B Frigate but thinking in terms of minifigs left me scratching my head. IMO there are so many more potentially cool minifigs for the Republic Gunship, which is why I think it’s more suited to a regular playset but some might vote for it as a UCS set based on potential minifigs. I also find it strange they say minifigure and not this just a translation thing? Or do they just want to identify a single fan favourite?