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  1. I picked up the small box for the Pasaana speeder chase set and promptly put it back...a $40 set disguised as $90. The Yoda set on the other hand; great value it is, and proving hard to find.
  2. Haha re the upside-down. LEGO does have a hub/warehouse here in Australia. It opened last year and one of the benefits was significantly reduced shipping costs. Yes, our price does include 10% GST. Even $150 would be reasonable. Getting double VIP points on Force Friday certainly helps but the new sets are already available at 20% discount at local resellers.
  3. The global disparity for free promotional items is getting worse. To qualify for the Force Friday Endor set the min. spend is $75 USD, which equates to approx. $110 Australian dollars. Yet, the actual min. spend in Australian dollars is $200. I find it very hard to justify that number based on tax, relative size of market, shipping, etc. Still, ’market forces’ is such a great hand wavy term and I’m sure I’ll get flamed for complaining about the cost of a “free” item which has no real value.
  4. Thanks. I’m surprised TLG don’t get out their big stick.
  5. When is the actual release date for the new Star Wars sets? I saw them in an Aussie retail store today @ 20% off. Unfortunately I was travelling and didn’t have room in carry-on.
  6. It’s now on backorder in Australia but that doesn’t surprise me; Lego Australia are notorious for keeping low stock.
  7. The ISD is available to purchase in Australia now with a limit of 2. A SW themed promotional item would have been nice on such an expensive set.
  8. Solid Brix studio has a review up on the UCS Star Destroyer.
  9. I’d still put money on the first batch selling out very quickly. I’m sure there are enough fans (and opportunistic flippers) with deep pockets to ensure that.
  10. Yes, specifically this thread. The other set discussion 'threads' in other forums such as Harry Potter just seem like a friendlier place is all.
  11. People are entitled to an opinion. It’s a ‘discussion’ forum and not everyone has to share the same view. For some reason there seems to be more hostility here than in any other forum. I think the problem is that TLG set the bar very high for large UCS models with the 2017 Falcon. But that’s just my $0.02. I personally can’t wait to get The Devastator. I do have the (not-so-small) issue of trying to figure out where the hell to put it.
  12. Other than double VIP points on the weekend of release of the The Devastator are there going to be any gifts with purchase? The Endor set would be nice but that looks to be a Triple Force Friday exclusive. Possibly that elusive 20th anniversary Obi-Wan polybag?
  13. Stonewars have a nice size comparison table...I think it was linked above. It’s dwarfs the footprint of the Falcon and is only 0.9 kg less in weight.
  14. Cool. Thanks for the clarification.
  15. They definitely look like AT-AT legs.