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  1. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Exactly this ^.
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Has it been confirmed that we are getting a HP D2C set? I seem to recall the initial rumour was a “licenced” D2C set and it was thought to be HP by deduction. Is it possible the licenced D2C set is the Marvel Hulkbuster that was just leaked? Or is that in addition to a HP one?
  3. Pity the 2 x VIP points for Black VIP card holders is only on Star Wars purchases. I want that 60th anniversary set but there’s no Star Wars sets I’d pay full retail price for. Ironically, the only thing that would make this offer worthwhile is if the UCS Falcon became available during Feb.
  4. [MOC] Porg

    That is fantastic! Well done. My kids will go nuts over this when I show it to them.
  5. On that point I think poor sales was also partially due to timing of the release of sets. The Ghost was in the first wave of sets, well before the story/characters were fleshed out and it became interesting to fans. The Ghost was on clearance in my part of the world for a while. It’s only now that fans appreciate it (& the minifigs) which is why it now sells for well above rrp.
  6. “A posh card” Let’s hope it’s a bit more than that but, honestly, I doubt even the people who decide these things at TLG know what the offers will be yet. I’m guessing May 4th promotional period will be the main one. Or maybe when the Solo sets are released black VIP members will get ‘exclusive’ access to a post Han-modified Kessel Run Falcon.
  7. It’s been spotted on shelves at Myer Melbourne.
  8. I also got mine on the 14th Sept., am located in Aus, and still waiting for the black VIP card.
  9. Because this forum has been littered with false information in the past. Members generally trust specific sources. Trust me when I say I have no concern for what you say.
  10. Oh joy. Now you’ve created a profile just to comment here. Must have hit a nerve. Still not commenting on a source though I see?
  11. Click-bait. There’s a reason Gnajbricks parodies this and other similar channels. ‘Confirmed’ would imply it’s official. We would have heard it from other reliable sources (here and elsewhere) if that were the case.
  12. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    How reliable is the set list rumour? It seems odd that would choose to include Aragog again. The Great Hall could be “great” but I can’t see them including a ton of minifigs...which seems like a requirement for that set to work. I’m still hoping the D2C set is a large, highly detailed Hogwarts. There is an army of ‘now’ adult HP fans with money burning a hole in their pockets waiting for that to happen!
  13. I seem to recall there was a thread created a while back specifically for bitching about pricing to keep the rumour & discussion threads free of these types of discussion.
  14. Those ‘modular’ minifig poly bags are becoming such an eclectic mix...first R3, then Shoretrooper and now DJ. I wish there was some kind of theme to make them displayable together.
  15. I haven’t received mine (in Australia) either. I called customer service yesterday and was told I’m “on the list” and given the same info...end of Dec. If I haven’t received it by then call back. Apparently they are coming from Germany.