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  1. There are so many potential variables with the straight up re-release of Taj Mahal that have already been covered in this thread. Only time will tell what effect it has. But there are already signs the 'market' is saturated anyway. Several big collector sets that have retired in recent years have not inflated, in fact, some have deflated. Pet shop is one that springs to mind. According to Bricklink the average sale price for a 'new' set in the past six months was $223 Australian dollars (n= 171 total bricklink sales). RRP for this set was $269 Australian dollars. If you have stockpiled those I would say that's a pretty bad investment.
  2. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    I like the colour of the sandspeeder and it's a bit out of left field. What's your opinion on the minifigs? The helmets look pretty cool from what I can tell.
  3. VIP release date was 14th Sept. ie two months ago.
  4. I tend to agree. TLG have given us Easter eggs before, including the highlighted silhouette of the Falcon on the DS box. Of all images they could have used in an email why did they choose that one? The fact that this was one was targeted at SW fan AFOLs who have dropped big $$$ on the latest UCS Falcon only fuels speculation.
  5. I just woke up to a welcome email from Lego..."You're black VIP card is on its way and will reach you by the end of the month"
  6. I think any members would post if they received it, I certainly haven't. It sounds like they are being printed in a single run. Hopefully they will do another for those ordered between now and end of year. If demand for the Falcon has genuinely been far above what they anticipated (hard to believe they wouldn't have foreseen it imo) then the special VIP offers may end up being diluted from what was "planned". To be honest, I doubt the special offers will be that special. More likely a mechanism to encourage more spending like double VIP points. Online or in store, and no matter your geographical location, was the original statement from TLG. But end of year is quickly approaching and stock is still severely limited.
  7. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    It's been available on Lego S@H for 2 days now and is still in stock, which speaks to a lot of people (myself included) not willing to pay $50 + $30 shipping. I just hope it makes it to local retail stores, which opens up the possibility of a discounted price.
  8. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Firstly, welcome! But, I don't agree with your sentiment that there is "no business case for HP Lego, the world has moved on, etc. I recently returned from London, which was a HP pilgrimage of sorts. The crowds at the studio tour were huge, HP and the Cursed Child is sold out till well into next year and the queue to get a photo taken at Kings Cross platform 9 and 3/4's was at least an hour 9.30 pm. Not to mention that the adjoining shop was also heaving. You make a point that "it is not Star Wars". In the sense that JK Rowling has created a rich world that fans get lost in; it is exactly like what George Lucas created in the SW universe. Does it have the same mass appeal? There is now a whole new generation of fans discovering and growing up with HP plus nostalgic older fans who now have disposable income, just like SW. The fact that this thread is so active based on rumour and wishlisting alone should give you an idea of how popular any new HP Lego sets would be.
  9. Bald minifigs just look incomplete imo. I've never liked Mace Windu in minifig form for that reason. A hairpiece, mask, helmet, etc really does add a lot of character.
  10. The whole thing is such a balls up and local Lego stores are seemingly coming up with own "solutions". For example, The Lego Discovery Centre in Melbourne, Australia have announced they are getting a limited number in early Nov. Too make it 'fair' you can register via email and then they are pulling names out of a hat! Hardly seems fair to the first person who registered and misses out
  11. Like any collectible it's all supply & demand. A 'rare' and desirable CMF is always going to hold more value. But all the recent series' are widely available, hence there is an oversupply. You can usually pick them up for less than rrp. The fact that TLG are releasing new series at a faster rate now also saturates demand. Like you said there are "too many to keep track".
  12. It's been six weeks since the first batch of Falcons were shipped. I haven't heard of anyone receiving one in the mail as yet or any communication to says it's on its way. They could start to arrive in the next coupe of weeks but I suspect the black VIP cards might be the just like the Falcon itself; almost mythical in their least for a while. They aren't of any value until 2018 anyway.
  13. [REVIEW] 75192 - Millennium Falcon

    Thanks for a fantastic and highly informative review Jim. I can appreciate that it's a labour of love but a hell of a lot work nonetheless! I'm about half way through building mine and the sheer size of this thing makes some of the 'blind' underside connections a challenge...and all the more a rewarding experience. Kidney, child, wife? Hmmm, tough choice
  14. Lego IDEAS 2017 - Women of Nasa

    They have completely priced Aussies out of the market on this one. It's $50 AUD plus $30 shipping plus 3% international transaction fee on most major credit cards here. $82.40 AUD is equivalent to $64 USD or £48 GBP based on current exchange rates. Yeah, that sounds fair. And yes, I know the US price doesn't include sales tax but you get the picture.
  15. Inaccuracies aside that Luke minifig looks great! I love the new hairpiece mold but out of curiosity is there any reason why Lego can't lay a second colour/print over hairpiece molds like they do for heads, torsos, etc? Is it a practical or cost issue? I know there are some Friends minidolls that have dual-coloured hair so it must at least be possible.