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  1. It occurred to me that the question Lego ask of “which minifigure would like to see included” in the set you vote for could have a major influence on people’s decision. For example, I went with the Nebulon B Frigate but thinking in terms of minifigs left me scratching my head. IMO there are so many more potentially cool minifigs for the Republic Gunship, which is why I think it’s more suited to a regular playset but some might vote for it as a UCS set based on potential minifigs. I also find it strange they say minifigure and not this just a translation thing? Or do they just want to identify a single fan favourite?
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if TLG pulled out all the stops to rush at least one ‘real’ Mando set with baby Yoda minifig before Christmas 2020 (please be ‘The Razorcrest’). It’s amazing what the promise of guaranteed huge financial gain can do to speed up things up. Also, the internet is a fickle beast and baby Yoda mania will invariably wane with time before the release of season 2 so the longer it’s delayed will translate to lower sales. I can’t imagine the bean counters at TLG wanting that to happen.
  3. Wow, fan vote for the next UCS is huge news and a great move IMO. I vote for the Nebulon B Frigate over the Republic Gunship purely because UCS is the only way we will get this ship. I’m hopeful they will (re)release a system scale Republic Gunship to coincide with S7 of The Clone Wars.
  4. I totally agree. And yes, the AT-ST Raider was abundant (and on discount) in my area until the episode in which it featured aired, then it vanished from shelves almost overnight and has not been restocked. Any set with ‘baby Yoda’ is undoubtably going to be a huge seller for Lego.
  5. But they are in the business of making “what will sell”, otherwise they’d go out of business. Casual fans or parents may not recognise more obscure vehicles/ships. I would expect to see The Razorcrest released at some point and probably more to come from The Mandalorian not because it’s interesting to hard-core fans but to the masses. The AT-ST Raider and Mandalorian battlepack are constantly sold out, at least in my part of the world.
  6. Paz Vizla is his name...credited and voiced by Jon Favreau. He isn’t in the Mandalorian battle pack though.
  7. Yes. When the add to cart button is not there it means they are out of stock. I’d imagine it was popular as it’s the only place in Aus I’ve seen them available. It looks like the 25% discount was only for 24hrs too but I suspect other retailers will release before Christmas as even the local S@H have them listed as coming Dec 18.
  8. Most of the new Rise of Skywalker sets are available as of today in the Australian retail store David Jones and are 25% off! No Mandalorian BP though.
  9. I picked up the small box for the Pasaana speeder chase set and promptly put it back...a $40 set disguised as $90. The Yoda set on the other hand; great value it is, and proving hard to find.
  10. Haha re the upside-down. LEGO does have a hub/warehouse here in Australia. It opened last year and one of the benefits was significantly reduced shipping costs. Yes, our price does include 10% GST. Even $150 would be reasonable. Getting double VIP points on Force Friday certainly helps but the new sets are already available at 20% discount at local resellers.
  11. The global disparity for free promotional items is getting worse. To qualify for the Force Friday Endor set the min. spend is $75 USD, which equates to approx. $110 Australian dollars. Yet, the actual min. spend in Australian dollars is $200. I find it very hard to justify that number based on tax, relative size of market, shipping, etc. Still, ’market forces’ is such a great hand wavy term and I’m sure I’ll get flamed for complaining about the cost of a “free” item which has no real value.
  12. Thanks. I’m surprised TLG don’t get out their big stick.
  13. When is the actual release date for the new Star Wars sets? I saw them in an Aussie retail store today @ 20% off. Unfortunately I was travelling and didn’t have room in carry-on.
  14. It’s now on backorder in Australia but that doesn’t surprise me; Lego Australia are notorious for keeping low stock.
  15. The ISD is available to purchase in Australia now with a limit of 2. A SW themed promotional item would have been nice on such an expensive set.