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  1. Then why would the DHL tracking site say "arrived at destination location Alexandria business hub" with a time/date stamp approx. 24hrs after the package was "picked up"? The delay is at this end. Auspost only update the tracking info once it's moved to the local sorting facility or post office and delivery is imminent. Auspost are notoriously slow, as are local customs. I've received enough packages to know this. BTW, they have definitely started to arrive in the country, Down Under Bricks just posted an unboxing video...I Iove his reaction
  2. Brikkyy13, I'm guessing yours, mine and every other Aussie who managed to get one is sitting on the same pallet in 'Alexandria'...since Friday It took less than 24hrs to get from Denmark to Sydney FFS. I'm not holding my breath for a delivery this week but you never know.
  3. Holy crap. A signed copy just went for £5,600 on EBay. That's almost $10,000 Australian dollars! TLG have created a monster with the exclusive signing event. I like to think that wasn't their intention.
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I expect they are prioritising the production of the UCS MF over other sets right now just to cope with the apparently surprising (to them) high demand. They are getting savaged online for their handling of the release, even the Lego S@H wesbsite has really bad "reviews" of the set, just because people are angry they didn't get one! That's a PR disaster. You don't want your flagship set, which is clearly incredible, to have a 2-3 star rating. Hopefully, they have stock ready to go on Oct 1., I reckon it's a fair chance orders get fulfilled quicker than anticipated.
  5. Has anyone looked at the bids the signed copies from the Leicester Square store are fetching on EBay? It's insane. Even the signed black VIP card looks like it will sell for more than the rrp of the set itself! Currently £620 with 22 bids and 31 hours to go.
  6. I think people are having bigger problems. But, mine has gone from in warehouse in Denmark to arrived in Australia in less than 24hrs. Even I can't travel that distance in that time! Hyperdrive fixed? Unfortunately our notoriously slow local postal service will probably take two weeks to get it to my door
  7. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I read somewhere (it could have been here) that they only allocated 1500 UCS Falcons for North America, their biggest market. That's an appallingly low number, if true. So I doubt very much that they have sold anywhere near 20,000 units. Although backorders will likely push the numbers way up judging by the reported wait times. Honestly, I doubt the black VIP card will be worth much, other than to provide incentive to spend more money on Lego! Like any of us need it
  8. No. Lego Australia is importing it, not you. They operate as an Australian company, and as such, pay taxes here and are subject to local company import taxes/concessions. The GST is paid by them and the cost passed on by way of the "GST inclusive" price of $1299 you have already paid. Also, the $1000 tax-free threshold was scraped a while ago. So technically no matter what the value, it is subject to import taxes/GST. Although it is sourced from overseas Lego warehouses it still ultimately ends up with Auspost as the final link in their distribution chain. Wonder why it can take so long to get here? They consolidate orders to reduce shipping costs. If you're lucky and order on the 'right' day it might take a week, but often takes 2+ weeks. As for local banks potentially charging you an international transaction fee that's another matter! I've personally never been charged but I've heard of others who have. I would be filing a claim with my bank if they did try to charge's unlawful in my opinion. You are purchasing a product in Australian dollars from a company that is operating locally and abiding by Australian laws ffs!
  9. If you think it was hard getting one in the last 24hrs good luck getting during a double/triple VIP point period. Lego are notorious for in-demand sets being out of stock during these periods. I would certainly be very surprised if it became readily available during the Oct. bonus VIP point period so I wouldn't call it a "no-brainer".
  10. I feel your pain but it will be a temporary delay. The only thing that tipped me off to the local sale time was another Eurobricks user who contacted customer service...I owe him a beer. Even then it went live ~ 20 min early and was gone within 10 minutes!
  11. Serious questions need to be asked as to how they managed to misjudge demand so badly. Already out of stock two weeks before the offical release date when VIPs could order three sets if they were quick enough? It's almost like they wanted to feed resellers
  12. Mine is showing as "In Warehouse" too It seems pointless ordering it now if it's already on backorder till October. May as well wait for bonus VIP points.
  13. The Lego S@H website has now fallen over. Right on cue. What a surprise.
  14. Hey Brickkyy13, Thanks for the heads up on VIP access time today!