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  1. Tcm0

    Mindstorms and C#

    There's also the MonoBrick communication library that supports C# to "remote control" EV3s and NXTs and the MonoBrick Firmware that lets C# programs actually run ON the EV3. Sadly it's not really supported any more.
  2. Tcm0

    Bricx Bluetooth Support

    There should be an option "search" or something like that. It should work
  3. Tcm0

    2 Powered Up motors on one train?

    You can't run both motors with the remote since the motors don't use the same plug.
  4. Tcm0

    2 Powered Up motors on one train?

    A second motor would probably make the train run faster (but also drain the batteries faster since the actual weight that has to be pulled stays the same). You can make custom remote control profiles in the powered up app (simply select the one controller layout). The program in the screenshot should do the trick. To run it press the start button and then switch to the gamepad "mode".
  5. Tcm0

    Powered UP to Power Functions adapter

    Actually I'm pretty sure that there will be an adapter cable at one point. But who knows when.
  6. Tcm0

    Odd experience with SBrick and PFx brick

    I think that there might be fluctuations in voltage and current when the motor changes the speed fast (especially with XL motors) which might have effects on the receivers.
  7. Tcm0

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    There are new all-plastic wheels (they took the metal axles out). They came first with the hidden side train.
  8. There have already been pictures (but more like concept art) of a technic battery box that has the same size as the technic hub
  9. Tcm0

    Ideas for new powered up app alternative?

    The Powered Up app got a few major updates. There is a general remote layout that you can write your own actions on button presses etc. for.
  10. Tcm0

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    You can even fit a normal boost motor in the hogwarts express you are space efficient.
  11. Tcm0

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    The winter village train is way too big. It looks like a small amusement park train while it has the same height as the emerald night or the maersk train. It's a different scale. But maybe that's just me.
  12. Tcm0

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    That's actually a problem with the winter holiday train, too. It just doesn't fit in the normal train scale and looks really bad near every other recent train. So maybe it's time to start a 2nd layout/ collection for amusement trains? :/
  13. Tcm0

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    I think that the motorization is very lazy. You can see that they put a train motor into the tender - and not a large motor into the actual train.
  14. The file name is "abc" in this case, it's defined in the upper right corner. The first row is to write the stuff to the file. It's a list that contains "10", "10", "12", "20". The second row is the actual reading process. It reads the first value of the list (I'm not sure if it starts from the beginning with the 10 or from the end with the 20), the second read command reads the second value etc.