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  1. Yes and no. The hub uses some other kind of communication for hub <-> PC (a protocol that uses Bluetooth Classic). The protocol you linked (it uses Bluetooth low energy) is used by the smarthubs (control+, boost etc). However, the mindstorms/spike hub is capable of sending BLE (Bluetooth low energy) commands with the uBluetooth library I mentioned. But uBluetooth sends raw BLE commands, no Lego wireless commands. So you would have to write a library to send lego wireless commands via ubluetooth library. I think that someone here posted a library for the powered up remote but there is none for the other hubs so far.
  2. I think that lego will make an official option to connect two spike hubs at one point but as far as I know, it's only possible with the wired connection as of yet. There is the uBluetooth library but from what I've heared you can only use it to connect the hub to BLE devices like the smart hubs.
  3. Gianluca made a few steps into direct hub to hub communication via UART in python. I think that he posted the source somewhere. Sadly he passed away last year.
  4. There is a help category in the settings.
  5. Tcm0

    some python for 51515

    Why don't you just download the example projects to the hub and then upload them back to the computer with a tool like rshell? With the current mindstorms app version, all scratch programs are stored on the hub in plain python text.
  6. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    I'm pretty sure that we will see the dumb battery box this year again that was used in the canceled osprey set. But that's a technic battery box. The ability to download programs/routines to the hubs should be added to the PUP app this year. It's already possible with pybricks. Also, in theory the large technic hub from mindstorms/spike prime can control other pup hubs.
  7. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    They have began to cut the parts of train motors a long time ago. Back then all of them included the "side panels". I think that they got removed sometime during PF. Current PF train motors only contain axles and wheels. According to bricklink the current PUP train motor contains the same.
  8. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    Regarding the price: you can find the technic motors much cheaper on bricklink (below 20USD). Make sure to check both, the "part" and the "set" (that contains only the motor and is sold by lego)
  9. You can get into firmware recovery mode by holding the green button for about 10 seconds. The LED Dwill start to flash. Then you should be able to reinstall the firmware.
  10. Tcm0

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Did you use the remote or the app? Normally the other motors have full speed - break as their mode. Maybe the motor was detected incorrectly.
  11. There are technical specifications for spike prime. It's basically the same as robot inventor (just for schools):
  12. Did you check the batteries? Did it perform an update before that happened?
  13. Tcm0

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Actually sometimes bluebrixx is pretty shady, too. From time to time they sell "goods in kilos" which are just copies of lego sets stuffed together in a box without instructions. Also, they sold (and probably are still selling) sets made by mocers without their permission (they got the permission from some mocers). Not to mention the minifigures which they have a lawsuit with lego about.
  14. I mean you can use BLE with the uBluetooth library so you can write your own BLE library. The hub as a (hidden) file system where you can store libraries. There simply isn't a specific one for Powered Up yet (but I think that there is one for the PUP remote somewhere in this forum).