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  1. You can probably put a capacitor between the two power lanes if you are worried by PWM. That should smooth the signal.
  2. They stole the modular switch idea from 4dbrix.
  3. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    There was already a project like that: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/49a40d31-be73-49c8-8bb9-60bdbffaa74d
  4. 9v battery + PF wire?

    Do you have a prototype or something? I'd love to see how you fit the parts into the train etc. I'm working on something similar: an ATTINY85 (the microcontroller that gets used in the digispark) which gets controlled from the track via light (possibly infrared in the future).
  5. Looks good. Is it possible to attach two of the parts to one coupler to have four wires (required for data transfer like I²C)?
  6. Kiko´s Train World

    They have more friction (which is a problem in curves) and they can derail at the slightest hill because they can't rotate vertically.
  7. Kiko´s Train World

    Are you sure that it would work well? In my experience the normal turntables don't work very well for that purpose.
  8. For those of you who want to play it in (almost) Full HD on PC (there is a bug with that you can't agree to the changes in the settings): 1. start the game, wait until you are in the menu and exit it properly 2. Go to %appdata%\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO City Undercover 3. Change the following lines (might work for other resolutions, too): ScreenWidth 1920 ScreenHeight 1080 WindowWidth 1920 WindowHeight 1079 4. delete the "CachedShaders" folder 5. Start the game You can change the resolution ingame, too but you will probably get a black screen at 1080p. The first cutscene seems to be directly taken from the original game and thus has only a decent quality.
  9. Aren't both the same?
  10. I think so. But it was just driving some agricultural machines around at one "height". But the models were 3D and you could drive anywhere you wanted.
  11. I'm pretty sure that farming simulator 2012 came before the chase begins :P
  12. Yeah, you can probably store the current waggons, the load of the waggons and whatever. A few numbers should fit into the storage. But you could also use lego dimensions NFC tags. They probably fit directly under the train and they already have studs to attach them.
  13. I think that NFC could be very well used for the trains itself, not only for display purposes. You could register wagons to engines, you could distinguish different engines from each other on a relieable way etc. if every engine had it's own rewritable NFC tag.
  14. Help needed

    Or he could use an adapter cable (lego sells two different lengths: 8886 and 8871).
  15. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Reminds me a bit of what happened with lego the hobbit where they announced a DLC for the last movie that never came. Let's hope that they try to fix as many bugs as possible until the final release. It would be sad to see the game abandonned with the current bugs.