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  1. They don't specify what you get and they don't give you instructions or something. But you can buy "kiloware" from a certain topic (e.g. technic) and then you might get all the parts to build a model by lego in the "kiloware". It's something like "buy X pounds of technic", a bit like a blind bag. So they basically buy lego clones for cheap from china, ship them to europe and sell them without box/instructions. Regarding "lego comes from china": lego has many production facilities but most of the sets for the european market come from europe. GWPs from denmark, other products from hungary etc
  2. Xingbao has the same "parent company" as lepin. King is probably someone else. I think that xingbao had stolen mocs but I'm not sure. Bluebrixx sells sets that are very similar to lego sets/ lego ideas sets and they have the so called "kiloware" which can contain all the parts you need to build something that lego designed. It has a very bitter taste. Not to mention that both bluebrixx and steingemachtes "forgot" to remove minifigures from the sets (after they've been made aware that said minifigures are illegal).
  3. They actually do that from time to time. The hidden side ghost train express had an aid to get the trains on track and back in 2007 there was a double crossing. Also, they developed flex tracks in 2009 or something. But yeah, not much development overall.
  4. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    Actually the spike hub supports bluetooth low energy. It's just not really supported at the moment, but it can serve as a "base unit" for the other powered up hubs. There is a python library to control the hub directly with the powered up remote: The scratch-based SPIKE environment is not really similar to the powered up app. You can download it and take a look if you want to see the differences. There is an official scratch extension for powered up I think but I'm not sure how good it works and how good it works especially for your purposes.
  5. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    Powered Up Hub, Boost Move Hub and Control+ Technic Hub are pretty much on pair in regards of compatibility. The move hub has problems with technic motors, the technic hub doesn't support a direct connection to the remote. The move hub has 2 integrated motors, 2 pup plugs and a gyro sensor. It's relatively large. The normal hub only has 2 ports. The technic hub has 4 plugs and an integrated gyro sensor, so it's the most flexible one but it's not exactly small. The move hub has a bit less processing power than the other hubs which might become a problem if you want to run programs independently on the hub (currently only possible with pybricks).
  6. Tcm0

    EV3 Home Scratch code

    They probably will. The german mindstorms ev3 download page was updated with a date of late 2020/early 2021 for the retail software but it seems to be missing on the us page.
  7. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    There are currently PUP extension wires available at aliexpress:
  8. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    I'm pretty sure that the PUP hardware itself will be usable for a long time. There is enough documentation (official and inofficial) for community support and there are enough BLE capable devices that will always work with the PUP hardware (look at all the Raspberry Pis with BLE). The main question is how this support will look like then.
  9. Tcm0

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    There are currently some adapter cables available on aliexpress: Also, I hope that we'll see something in that direction when lego makes a new renewable energies set for education.
  10. Works with remote but doesn't work with PUP App (I tested XL, large angular in blue and medium angular in blue). I'm glad that you liked the videos and that they helped. That's what I make them for :)
  11. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    Racingbrick made an overview with all the blocks available Sadly he doesn't update it so that some newer blocks are missing. You might be looking for "TachoMotorAccelerationTime". Another option would be to make a loop for the acceleration.
  12. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    It seems to be a "my own block" that the video creator wrote himself. You can find the block to access a second hub in the white category. It sticks into the port input.
  13. Hey, just wanted to say that I'm mainly interested in power pickup wheels, too. I can see that it's hard to unify them - some might want to use 9V just to charge the trains, so a pickup to rechargeable battery adapter would be good. Some might want to power IR receivers directly, so a PF output would be good. Also, a "dummy" for the pup hubs would be good. Maybe it would make sense to work together with keybrick one?
  14. Here are my guesses (but they're just guesses!): if it's not wanted: maybe it's an error in the firmware but they are waiting for something for the updates. The updates should be rolled out for all apps at the same time that use the hub, so it's quite a bit of work for boost (it's the PUP app, the boost app and the star wars boost app). Maybe a major update for something has to be finished before the new app version can be rolled out so the other apps have to wait. if it's wanted: there might be a problem with the maximum current the AAA batteries can/should deliver. The move hub has 2 motors more than the city hub.
  15. One note: the servo motor or IR receivers won't work since the adapter cable only connects to the motor power lines.
  16. Tcm0

    Why are lego rcx sets so cheap.

    There is: I'm not sure how good software compatibility is and I didn't try it, but there is one. Also, there is an extra version for RCX 1.0 in the issues.
  17. Tcm0

    Hogwarts train - tracks?

    Another piece that might interest you is the ramp from the hidden side train: you can use it to "extend" the track to the floor - the hogwarts express is a magical train after all.
  18. Theoretically: yes, the hub has the ubluetooth library. But that's just a low level BLE library, using PUP hubs with it requries quite a bit of work. Someone posted a library to remote control the prime hub with the powered up remote, it uses the same protocol as the other pup hubs.
  19. They are actually using the same "firmware" - it's just that both aren't always updated simultanously. Yeah, the scratch programming blocks differ but both can use the same python commands.
  20. Yes and no. The hub uses some other kind of communication for hub <-> PC (a protocol that uses Bluetooth Classic). The protocol you linked (it uses Bluetooth low energy) is used by the smarthubs (control+, boost etc). However, the mindstorms/spike hub is capable of sending BLE (Bluetooth low energy) commands with the uBluetooth library I mentioned. But uBluetooth sends raw BLE commands, no Lego wireless commands. So you would have to write a library to send lego wireless commands via ubluetooth library. I think that someone here posted a library for the powered up remote but there is none for the other hubs so far.
  21. I think that lego will make an official option to connect two spike hubs at one point but as far as I know, it's only possible with the wired connection as of yet. There is the uBluetooth library but from what I've heared you can only use it to connect the hub to BLE devices like the smart hubs.
  22. Gianluca made a few steps into direct hub to hub communication via UART in python. I think that he posted the source somewhere. Sadly he passed away last year.
  23. There is a help category in the settings.
  24. Tcm0

    some python for 51515

    Why don't you just download the example projects to the hub and then upload them back to the computer with a tool like rshell? With the current mindstorms app version, all scratch programs are stored on the hub in plain python text.
  25. Tcm0

    Some dumb PU questions

    I'm pretty sure that we will see the dumb battery box this year again that was used in the canceled osprey set. But that's a technic battery box. The ability to download programs/routines to the hubs should be added to the PUP app this year. It's already possible with pybricks. Also, in theory the large technic hub from mindstorms/spike prime can control other pup hubs.