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  1. Mickey is £50 on eBay, makes me real sad
  2. If they’re out of stock, they’ll likely be retired soon It’s so annoying, I out off the back to the future set because I thought they’d still be around next year, same for the likely of Minnie and Mickey. A lot of these have only been on shelves for 2/3 months. It sucks that nothing past the early summer wave has been seen outside of Lego stores.
  3. Just had a look on Shop@Home (U.K.) all the Brickheadz that have been listed as out of stock are now retired. Including all the ones released only in October! The prices they’re going for on amazon and eBay are also insane. So gutted I never picked up Marty and Doc, I had so many chances. Luckily I got a lot of the ones I wanted, but still haven’t got ghostbusters, nightmare before Christmas, or Mickey and Minnie. It seems that this line may indeed be dead then if they’re retiring them all like that.
  4. The original chitauri were accurate, they just had their masks on
  5. Don’t be so sure. They didn’t change caps suit for civil war, and only changed 1 thing for infinity War. My bet is it will either be the AoU suit again, or the AoU suit with extra scale printing. I highly doubt it will be the winter soldier suit. The only reason lego have spent money on leg printing for the uniforms is so they can reprint it. I bet even the women won’t get a different print.
  6. My bets are on one of the cap figures being the Age of ultron suit with the new head and helmet. Fingures crossed, they add the scales design to the existing print, I’d be happy with that, would be the perfect cap to be honest, well, perfect cap minus dual moulded legs.
  7. 2018 wasn’t really exclusive to Argos from what I saw, in fact, Argos was where I had the most trouble finding them, they never stock all the regular £13 cars. Sainsbury’s, Tesco And Asda always stock the main 4 cars and maybe the £30 Set. Toy retailers like entertainer and toymaster stock the larger sets too. I most recently found the Ferrari garage set there. anyhow, got the Senna and F40 form Lego shop the other day. Love the designs! I love that you can make the F40 the original car, and the Senna looks better than the real thing
  8. It really bothered about seeing anything from the burton films, nine of the characters have good designs. i think the best thing would be a dark aesthetic like the 2006 series. I have so much nostalgia for the original batman theme and wanna see a few of the ideas from there Return. Specifically with a black and grey batcave! I’m all for having it hi-tech (lights instead of flames) but something along the lines of the modern comics, or even the arkhams games, is what I’d like to see. In a perfect world the D2C would be the Batcave, or the whole wave would be a collect and build one, but I just hope it’s big enough for a substantial display piece
  9. Weren’t Lego absent from toyfair last year? or atleast didn’t show new sets. or they were absent from something else EDIT: they didn’t show summer stuff, just march/April releases. However they didn’t show the infinity War sets from what I can see, just the D2C hulkbuster
  10. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    We definitely won’t get one next year, I’d bet good money on it
  11. Never thought about another Avengers game. Would definitely make sense to do the entire Infinity War/ Endgame Story. I’d prefer something like Red skull
  12. It was go brick me that got me in. I’ve never been a fan of static collectables like funko pops etc. So wanted to skip the theme. I got a captain America (cause I love Cap) and a Hulk (was on clearance) but it was go brick me that really grabbed me, the possibilities and building techniques, being able to build myself, it got me and my girlfriend hooked. Skip forward 6 months and we’ve got nearly 40 Brickheadz between us, plus 5 copies of go brick me...
  13. There’s improvement in that figure, but it’s still atrocious. I mean, what is that arm print?
  14. Fair enough, if it turns out to be true, and the AT-M6 isn’t retired when that’s released, my hopes will be on a UCS AT-AT
  15. I meant system scale snowspeeder