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  1. Whovastron

    MOC: System Scale Hogwarts Castle

    For now it’s just staying on this “table” (it’s really two Ikea Billy shelving units on their side)
  2. I am proud to finally present my moc System scale Hogwarts castle! This is a project I’ve wanted to undertake since the first wave of sets back in 2018. But with the release of the astronomy tower this summer there was finally enough pieces to get to work. The pieces from the set comprise almost entirely from 2x every Hogwarts expansion set since 2018, along with one broken down D2C Hogwarts. I estimate roughly 10,000 pieces in the thing. The set is comprised of 5 sections: the great hall/staircase tower, the West wing, the clocktower, the astronomy tower and the owlery. The first three of those combining into one connected piece. The great hall and grand staircase tower section comprises of a relatively unchanged great hall, the main differences being the added courtyard, along with connected viaduct, completed roof, and some removed rocks. The interior is pretty much identical to the original set. The staircase tower takes inspiration from the original set, however I’ve added extra height and wider section near the roof for accuracy. And the roof is directly lifted from the D2C tower. Connected to this are an entirely new courtyard entrance section, and Griffindor tower, which is a ‘shrunken’ version of that from the Whomping willow set, it looks similar, but it’s structure is almost entirely different to that of the original build. There is also an added extra tower and the higher viaduct is attached via a walkway. The interior of this section of a bit sparse until I acquire more parts, but for now has elements from different sets thrown in there, such as snapes office, the Mirror of Erised, the magical decrees and the Griffindor common room. This section connects to the west wing via two studs on the viaduct, so they can be easily removed. The west wing entrance building has been rebuilt with extra height and depth added, along with a new roof. Along from the entrance building are the greenhouses, which are unchanged, but have been attached to a facade of the west wing building, making it one solid wall piece. This leads to the bell towers, fully custom with interior in the style of the other sets. (I imagine next years flagship set will be a rendition of these) The interior of this section is a bit sparse right now, but currently contains the positions classroom and Slughorns party. I intend to put in a library there in the future. The bell towers contain the DADA classroom (taken from the clocktower set, along with Snapes cupboard. The Astromy tower is a floating piece. I couldn’t really find a good way to connect it without blocking the interior to the west wing. There has been a lot of extra height added, and the connecting wall removed from the bottom, along with some colour changes on the roof. But apart from this there is little to differentiate it from the original set. The clocktower is also a floating piece. It was originally going to connect to the high viaduct, but instead the viaduct rests on tiles on the rocky landscape base. I changed a lot of colours in this section from the original set, along with combining the sections, getting rid of the technic connectors. I also attached the clocktower courtyard, which doesn’t yet have the fountain, but I do plan to put it there. The interior of the tower here remains the same as the original set, however I have added extra floor space to Dumbledore office, something I’ve also done in the clocktower entrance hall. Also in the clocktower I have added the pendulum. The hospital wing has been moved to the middle floor, with a removable rear wall so as to not show the interior when the castle is viewed from the front. The roof has also been moved and rebuilt to complete it on both sides. Finally there is the Owlery. This is again a fully custom piece, sitting higher on rock than the other buildings. The interior here features a lot of bird droppings, and owl holes. I made sure to include the letter writing stand and owl stand from the whomping willow set, as that was a miniature representation of the owlery in a way. Outside the building I have added the staircase that leads to the rest of the castle, allowing Harry and cho to bump into eachother. And that’s the whole castle! On the face of it the whole thing looks very similar to the original sets, but I reality almost every building has had fundamental build changes, the least of which on the astronomy tower and great hall, with the most being on the west wing and grand staircase tower/griffindor tower. I hope you all like it!
  3. Whovastron

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    The models all finished up now (well the interior needs some work but I don’t have a good enough pieces collection for that at the minute.) I’m gonna take some pictures and a video this weekend and post them! heres a more HQ pic for the moment though:
  4. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    In 2018 it was up there with City and Star Wars as top selling themes. Not sure about last year though but I believe it still sold very well.if it hadn’t we definitely would not be getting another CMF and D2C. Just look at Overwatch, doesn’t seem to be getting any more sets because it sold poorly
  5. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Snipped cause I missed some info about what I was referring to
  6. Whovastron

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    This is my system Scale Hogwarts moc. It’s not complete yet, haven’t actually added an interior yet and there’s some roofs and base parts that need to be completed. This set is mate from two of every Hogwarts system set + 1 room of requirement + 1 UCS Hogwarts. Plus extra BURPs. I tried to get the layout as accurate as possible, with the ‘simplified’ aesthetic of the system scale sets keept intact. the left hand side of the castle is one solid piece, with the Great Hall&courtyard, viaduct, Grand staircase tower and griffindor tower at the front. The rear viaduct, a corner tower and the clocktower&courtyard are attached accurately to the rear, and can swing open to allow access to the interior. The great hall and clocktower builds are about 90% the same as they originally were, with the main changes being the addition of courtyards, rear roofs and other tweaks here and there and colour changes (mainly on the clocktower set’s extra tower). the grand staircase tower uses the roof from the ucs, but with an entirely new tower inspired by the set, and some custom work for the wider portion. Griffindor tower is a ‘slimmed’ down version of the original, with the small tower added. The courtyard entrance is entirely from scratch, as is the rear viaduct, which leads through an entrance into griffindor tower. the right hand side of the castle is attached via the viaduct and uses a heavily modified West Wing building, which is now taller, and has more depth. The roof is also new, using the techniques of the UCS model. The two greenhouses are unchanged, but have a new section build on top to connect them and continue the west wing building. I elected to remove the centre tower from this section so the astronomy tower wouldn’t be obscured. The astronomy tower is simply a lot taller, but that’s all that’s different. the bells towers are completely new, I tried to keep as close to the styling of the regular sets as possible, giving plenty of interior space and making it sturdy. I estimate there’s probably 9000 and 10,000 pieces in the model, there’s still a lot to do before it’s finished, including potentially adding an owlery. But for now, this is my Hogwarts! (Apologies for image quality)
  7. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I wasn’t going to do it at first, but my ucs Hogwarts was quite bit damaged (actually had damaged pieces) so I took it apart and then ordered a few more, definitely makes it more imposing. and thanks! I’ll be sure to post in there in the future
  8. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Thank you! it is! Even added the courtyard. Just gotta add some finishing bits to it (there is a long way to go with how I want it to look, but that’s with ordering a lot more pieces) but I plan to take pictures and video and post them all!
  9. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hey, I don’t know if this is allowed, but I’m not finished yet so didn’t wanna make a whole thread for it yet. But for the past week or so I’ve been working on this moc system Hogwarts. Started off as modding the sets, but turned into building a massive piece
  10. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    That’s a good point. It is a shame that they felt the need to move to the 1x2 bricks with technic holes for the tower itself and ROR because of the placement of the wholes on the west wing building. im not sure what you’re referring to with the roof, I’m presuming the green cones? Each year has been inconsistent so far (grey cones 2018, no cones 2019, and green now) but it seems green is the most accurate. At the very least the grand staircase tower goes have a green tip and spire to it. And imo it does bring some nice variation in the colour scheme. I’ve ordered another astronomy tower set for modding (and also cause it’s only £75 on Amazon) and I’m definitely going to be replacing the cones on other towers with the green ones
  11. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have a question. Why are the 2x2 round bricks with technic holes grey in the astronomy tower set? It first I thought they must be colour locked pieces. However you actually get a ton of them in brick yellow in the Hogwarts D2C. So what gives Lego? (Although it is good to know I can go order some to complete it)
  12. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    So what do we think the chances are that next year the ‘Hogwarts’ expansion set will be the bell towers? my evidence is that every set Hogwarts Castle Set from the original 2001 ha had it’s buildings represented in the new line: 2001 - Grand Staircase Tower and Great hall - remade in the great hall set 2004 - the clock tower and Griffindor tower - remade in the clocktower and whomping willow sets 2007 - the west wing and greenhouse - remade in the astronomy tower set 2010 - the only new building there was the astronomy tower - remade in the new set 2011 had a set called hogwarts that was essentially the bell towers. Whilst it’s not a concrete theory, it would make sense that next year would see that as the expansion, it could connect nicely to the back of the west wing/green house/room of requirement (whichever is your furthest right in your display) and they could even include the Owlery as a side build as it is in that direction of the castle thoughts?
  13. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think I’ll buy a full box for the first time. I usually feel the packers, but on the Off chance we’ll still be having one way systems and limited numbers in shops when these are released, I don’t wanna hold up the queue feeling them. And there might be figures that have usefulness in multiples
  14. Whovastron

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just finished building the burrow, as that and the students pack arrived today. Gotta say it’s easily the best set of the wave. The detail is astounding! this entire wave is pretty solid all round, I can’t help but feel that hedwig was a wasted stance that could have been used on another system scale set, but then again last year we had the Carriage and we had FB taking up spots in the first year so it’s not that bad. I just wish we’d gotten more things from years 5&6 rather than a year 2 set and a build able owl shoved in. Would have loved a ministry of magic set!
  15. Whovastron

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Got the Indominus set. It’s really nice, the build is a solid addition to a park display and both Dino’sl look Nice. The Anky does suffer from a similar hollowness to recent new Dino moulds, but it’s nice nonetheless