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  1. The reaction to the razorcrest is quite funny to see. All comments are ‘shouldn’t be stickers’ ‘Lego surely don’t think this will sell for $600’ ‘too expensive’ have these people been living under a rock since 2017? There’s been 3 UCS vehicles sets over that price since then that have included stickers and sold well…and this is the cheapest of the lot, the way everyone acts surprised and like this is out of the blue is really quite humorous
  2. it’s to the same scale as the falcon, Slave 1, AT-AT etc. let’s put it that way
  3. There’s virtually no silver on it. Maybe I’ll get it eventually. But at the moment that’s an easy pass. The £30 micro galaxy squadron version is better right now just because it’s accurately coloured
  4. Do we know how silver it’s going to be? If most of the service detail is drum lacquered, I’ll be very interested. But if it’s mostly grey with some accents…eh
  5. Whovastron

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Drop their customer service and email and they’ll send one out straight away knowing them!
  6. Whovastron

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Oh my that is…something. look, this may be a morbid take on it, but this, Hasbro’s ‘Legacy’ line, and Hot toys redoing Black Panther figures does kinda feel like profiteering off of his death to me. Like yeah it is honouring his impact, but at the same time, these are all big companies looking to make money… I dunno, weird move in my opinion
  7. Whovastron

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’ve got it everyone, it’s just a giant Audi, in celebration of them being in pretty much every MCU movie since iron man
  8. Whovastron

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m stumped. Every guess I have contradicts something on that list. I thought maybe buildable props for each avengers, or a big marvel logo. But vehicle really gets in the way of guessed. What is there other than a quinjet or the milano to be so iconic. And they don’t really celebrate the franchise do they? And a Sanctuary II or Q ship also doesn’t. Maybe it’s just a model of Kevin Feige in a golf caddy full of merch
  9. Whovastron

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I’m predicting a Hagrid’s bike. It’s like the only thing in the advent calendar that doesn’t have a set (well, prophecy room too but oh well, it’s a perfect set to make)
  10. ITS ONLY TAKEN 19 YEARS BUT OH DAMN TIE BOMBER! NOT JUST THE INTERCEPTOR PLEASE. loving the sound of the dioramas. This year wasn’t strong start in my opinion, but speeder bike chase and new final duel sounds great
  11. Whovastron

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah this set isn’t depicting any scene that guy was in at all. The station is intended to depict the epilogue
  12. Whovastron

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Cars are usually made exceptions for. But big things like this can easily be made at a more accurate scale without compromising on detail and compatibility. The 2018 is almost perfect for size, it’s just squished lengthwise, if it was ‘stretched’ out, it would be perfect. That’s all this set needed to be really
  13. Whovastron

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    So the platform is about 50 studs long, about 40cm. That’s pretty massive. The giant train just makes it look tiny. Stick it next to an accurate sized moc, or the 2018 set, and that will look banging also; £20 cheaper than I was expecting. Great stuff
  14. Whovastron

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    So I haven’t had a chance to do have some proper thoughts on this, but honestly, I’m mixed. But not for the common reasons I’m seeing. couldn’t care less that Ron and Hermione aren’t there from the epilogue, I won’t be displaying the potters on that station, there’s far better potential displays in my opinion. I think all the Minifigures included are fab, my only criticism is that we don’t have a train driver? Such a strange omission in a collectors set. Other than that, love the selection. A Blaze and the slytherin girl might have been nice though. the platform is beautiful, too short, but beautifully done. Park that next to the 2018 train, or even a MOC longer one (accurate proportions) and it will look great. With a train this big though? Way too small for the train itself, it’s looks incredible. Some odd choices like the floating sign on the face, and the 3D yellow trim aside, it looks fantastic. My only issue is the size. It didn’t bother me at first, but yeah, it’s way too big. I get why they’ve done it, but it still looks wrong. I would have preferred that they shrink down the train, and add an extra arch to the platform. as for people complaining that there’s only one carriage. On paper, yes. That is a huge oversight. In reality, looking at the sheer size and length of that model, it baffles me that peoples complaint is a missing carriage. If it was smaller then sure, but at this size you’re easily adding on another 30cm or more, and another £50 to the price tag, maybe more. At a more “minifig” scale (basically the 2018 one but stretched) then absolutely, 2 carriages would make it only a big longer than this set. But at this size? You’re looking at something nearly 2 meters long, just wouldn’t work. overall it’s a good set, but lesser than the sun of its parts. The station is amazing, the train is amazing, the Minifigures are amazing. But the station and Minifigures don’t quite work with the train. I think I’ll have the train displayed alone, and my MOC 2018 version with the station