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  1. Hello again! Just like a lot of You guys i missed 10194 due to dark times. Thanks to 2018 Hogwarts Express we are now able to obtain steam engine wheels in reasonable price. Here is my attempt on modyfying 10194: - Changed it from 4-6-2 to 4-6-4 because in my opinion better. - Extended tender by 2 studs and added some detailing. - Improvised some details here and there I am still not happy about finish, ill try to add more details and hopefully some stickers. Anyway i hope You like it :)
  2. Dorino

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Here's my current "setup". I started using wardrobe hoping that doors would keep dust away. They do, but not as much as i expected. I have 6 drawer boxes from Aldi and few container boxes for minifigs / technic pieces. At this time my wardrobe works both as a display and building place. Limitation of space keeps me away from buying bigger sets i guess. Couldn't resist £104 UCS Slave I According to Rebrickable i have 20,000 pieces. I think i am doing well with keeping them in one place.
  3. Dorino

    "Real" Steam?

    Can we see any video of it in action? Interested :)
  4. Dorino

    [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    Hello again! Another go at 60198 this time preliminary version! I absolutely love it, big thanks to @ColletArrow Link to original post Had to change front a little and make custom baseplate / bogies. Still very happy with results :) I will use this as base to further modifications, i will also try to get correct windshield pieces or brickbuild it somehow. Thanks for watching and thanks again for sharing LDD file :)
  5. Dorino

    [MOC] Cave Troll Boosted

    Bonus! Duel of both creations!
  6. Hello again! After armoring my velociraptor i decided to armor one more beast, good luck Frodo :) Hope You like it! I'll try to replace that mace with something "spikey"
  7. Dorino

    [MOC] 60198 Red version

    Absouletly yes! I based on some online photos and two youtube videos, but I am 100% sure other photos are based on Yours. Thank You for this comment and all the others You usually give me. For a second I didn't think about whether anyone would fit thought that rails. I will fiddle with this set today and see if I like it enough to put motor in it (I have only one, would need to "destroy" my other loco) I will also try preliminary loco in white today which I like a lot and thank You again for the ldd model!
  8. Dorino

    [MOC] 60198 Red version

    Hello! This is my attempt on upcoming 60198 cargo train. I am missing some key parts but well Hope You like it. Edit. Just realised i am missing one layer of red, will change later
  9. Dorino

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    My thoughts exactly. I don't really care about Overwatch, i am just hoping it's one step closer to getting Lego World of Warcraft.
  10. Dorino

    2018 Lego Trains

    Locomotive has doors! Nah joking. It's a sticker! :)
  11. Dorino

    2018 Lego Trains

    Can anyone tell what is the colour of windshield glass in green locomotive? I really like that piece and i am just hoping it's not trans-light-blue. I can't really tell why i am not fan of that blue, I think trans-black and trans-clear looks more serious.
  12. Dorino

    [MOC] 7898 Crane - version 2

    Thank You, even though making it simpler wasn't really my plan :) I am pretty sure doors made it go high, i am starting to join all the people complaining about trains lacking doors. Luckily for You the train photos leaked just today. I just realised that another reason why i built this crane was to find excuse for not buying this years train. Will need to find way of getting new power function bits anyway. Sure! 87617 Cylinder 1 x 5 1/2 with Handle (Friction Cylinder) 63965 Bar 6L with Stop Ring
  13. Dorino

    2018 Lego Trains

    These two links contains official photos of two new trains, enjoy :)
  14. Hello everyone! 7898 Cargo Train Deluxe was released before i was pulled back to Lego world. As a fan of any kind of cranes i decided to build the one that came with the set. Unforunetly or fortunetly i didnt have some of the pieces so i had to improvise. Here's my take on it. First and most obvious change is colour change from green to blue, like always dictaded by limitation of my lego collection. Most of the parts used for "cabin" comes from 60052 Cargo Train I tried to keep crane cabin similar to original one with little tweaks. I also tried to add more details to it. Here it is with boom extended. I also increased total lenght of it by 2 studs. Thanks for watchimg, hope You like it, more photos in my flickr album Also question, does anyone know what was TLG inspiration for this model? Edit : I think there should be at least one photo for comparison :)