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  1. Dorino

    [MOC] Three freight cars

    Thanks everyone for nice comments, i am now regretting dismantling them Good question! I only drove it few times in small loop but i didn't see any problems. Also, its not fully Innovative idea. I based it on what i saw on rebrickable by scumpy
  2. Dorino

    [MOC] Three freight cars

    Hello, Because i am not making any instructions of any of my mocs i am usually trying to make enough photos before turning them into parts so at least i can recreate them later on. I decided to freshen up my trains collection by getting rid of three freight cars. First one is some basic flat car HEAVILY inspired by amazing model by Brick Model Railroader My one is just shorter and less detailed. i put some construction beams on top. The second one is just some free build of a freight car. I just wanted to have one in full black to see how it looks. I also wanted to test 3 pairs of wheels in one boogie. Partially based on moc by scumpy on Rebrickable Again, some construction piece on top but it also looks nice on it's own. The last one is just use of big lego pieces. Can carry one or two containers. Like always, more photos in my Flickr album Hope you like it
  3. Hello again! During last two years i created two very similar mocs. Adventure Half - Track which was one of my first mocs after dark ages and more recent Adventure Car which was part of 2018 LESTER contest Today i present you another, hopefully updated version of half track version. Front of the car is almost 1 to 1 version of the previous jeep. I am still not happy with windshield choice but i don't think there will ever be good one for that piece. The back of the vehicle uses rubber part for treads, they look surprisingly well in my opinion. This time around i wanted to create something with roof. 5988 Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins truck was in my mind and somehow inspiration. Anyway i hope you like it. Few more photos here [MOC] Adventure Half-Track 2.0
  4. Dorino

    Goliath 2.0

    Yet another amazing creation! I am big fan of anything that is not just engine / carriage. If you ever release instruction i'll be first one to build it.
  5. @Paperinik77pk @LegoDW @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thanks for kind words, i love reading them! I liked all of your suggestions and i decided to implement them (except one) ! I got rid of light bluish gray, the base looks way better with dark bluish gray and it matches top. Unfortunately i don't have enough DBG poles / droid arms to make rails but i think they look good in LBG. I increased gap between trolleys (to be fair no idea how i got them so close in first place) and extended detailing under, i also added little ladder to both sides. The only thing i didn't do was 7 stud wide base with 4 and 7 body, this will require more than just color swapping and i didn't have that much time this weekend. No side to side photos yet, i still need to fix trolleys but here are some photos after updates :)
  6. Hello everyone! Today i present you my recent build. The reason i created it is because i wanted to make use of two Windscreen 2 x 6 x 2 Train without Glass that appeared in last year 60198 Cargo Train. The shape i choose is heavily based on 3677 Red Cargo Train which is based on real life locomotives (i did not spent any time trying to find what's the correct name for this kind of locomotives where the cabin is in the middle or little of the middle) I ran out of the bricks to make rails all around the locomotive but i think it looks ok without them. The boogies i used are very generic and i know that with some better ones it could look better. All in all i don't really like it and i can't really point out why. The one that comes in 3677 is 6 and 4 studs wide and looks good. I wanted to make something more "realistic" making it little wider but somehow i am still not sold on it. I am also not sold on the color scheme, somehow 60198 looks good with green / yellow / dark blusih gray but mine doesn't. I will appreciate any feedback, and i am willing to modify it. Hope you like it :)
  7. Dorino

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Tricky question since I don't have the chassis yet :) I was just following official pdf instruction swapping unavailable parts with whatever i had (possibly ignoring mounting points) Great to see you can tell it from just the photos but yes, it's just the front one (which I will change to that 2x4 tile with unique number hopefully). And yes, not worried at all about anchor points.
  8. Dorino

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Here is my wip attempt of creating 42099 body with parts from 41999. I am missing some parts but i am improvising here and there. I now only miss the actual chassis I will hopefully use @ozacek instruction to make PF chassis and see how it works.
  9. Dorino

    Heroes III: Dungeon

    Very nice! Just like Aine said, favourite game in favourite construction toy but for me its also favourite castle in the game :) @Big Stannis(Andrew) You might want to attach some screenshots from the game as comparison, the game is now 20 years old and i am not sure if everyone knows it :
  10. Dorino

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    A question to anyone who "keeps track" of which panel was released in which colour. Looking at the picture, would it be possible to recreate orange part of the truck in dark blue? I do have 41999 and I am wondering if I could recreate it with whatever was released after 41999.
  11. Dorino

    Purist Superhero Figures

    I am sure someone already did it before but, 76112 batman goes very well with CMF series 15 Frightening Knight arms:
  12. Dorino

    [MOC] Arctic Crawler

    Thanks! 6520 was definetly inspiration for this one. Unfortunetly that crawler would look to small pulling that little "outpost house" :D I am happy you see it that way, my idea was to make look little more realistic than the orange ones from TLG
  13. Hello everyone, just a quick MOC :) For some reasons i really wanted to make a MOC that uses 20 link rubber piece. I didn't want any military vehicle so i picked some kind of arctic crawler. To add some more meaning to it i made it carry meteorology probe. Somehow based on 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler or maybe even 6520 Mobile Outpost Because the tread part is so short i decided to add some sleds with some equipment. Operate crane to help setting up meteorology probe. Some final touches and you are ready to go! And that's it hope you like it :)
  14. Dorino

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Anyone tried putting Tin Man arms on new Mark I from Hall of Armor set? Would like to see the result :)