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  1. [LESTER] Adventure Jeep

    Still no idea which part
  2. [LESTER] Adventure Jeep

    I am sorry i don't have a single Nexo Knights set, could You link the part? Thanks :)
  3. [LESTER] Adventure Jeep

    Here You go :)
  4. [LESTER] Adventure Jeep

    Thanks everyone! it means a lot to me People seem to like windshield but i am only doing this because i am missing Windscreen 1 x 4 x 1 1/3 I'll try to bricklink it somehow!
  5. Hello everyone! My entry for Lester competition. Based on Jeep utility and my previous adventure half track. The car features two seats and big "open trunk" with toolbox and extra fuel. There's fuel tank and exhaust pipe underneath. Extra wheel attached to openable panel Like always more photos here. Hope You like it :)
  6. Hello again! Today i present You my recent recolours of my favourite Star Wars ships. None of them is really my MOC, they are all based on wonderful designs of others. First one is Delta 7B based on great design of IcarusBuilds. It was really fun to reverse engineer from photos, i then added some dark greens, dark reds, sand green and voila! Second one was Eta 2 Actis Class Interceptor. Luckily for Boba Fett fans LEGO Official set 75135 comes in dark red so all i had to do was changing few parts. I managed to snap "family" photo Last one is T 47 Airspeeder. Few months ago i built Larry Lars snowspeeder. and yesterday i thought it would fitting to recolour it too. Unlike 75135 i had to swap almost all parts. Why no family photo? To make T-47 i had to strip down previous ships. I hope You like it, more photos in my Flickr albums here
  7. Hello Icarus, i really really liked Your design so i decided to make colour variation for Boba Fett! Here it is!
  8. I tried 75884 in red, had to replace some parts, looks "okay"
  9. [MOC] Helicopter

    Hello again! This time i present You helicopter. I couldn't find anything interesting to base on so i hope it's a little original. I just really wanted to use Windscreen 4 x 4 x 4 2/3 with Handle 20180322_212022 by Wiktor Boroń, 20180322_212031 by Wiktor Boroń, 20180322_212245 by Wiktor Boroń, I tried to make that "hollow tube" section for the back. 20180322_212315 by Wiktor Boroń, Hope You like it, thank You :)
  10. CP 2600 - Portugal

    I like it very much! To the point i am willing reverse engineer it asap. Could anyone tell the part name used for front / rear windows?
  11. Unfortunately, only these two :/
  12. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Could anyone confirm which orange colour is used for Milano set? Is it Orange used in City-Jungle theme? I am really bad with colours
  13. [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    I am big fan of brick built hulls, very nice :)
  14. What about LOTR? Some random ideas Sam - with backpack (example : pan, rope) Frodo or Sam - in Mordor orc armor (ROTK) Pippin - Gondor armor (ROTK) Merry - Rohan armor (ROTK) Sauron Eowyn Faramir Denethor II Theoden under Saruman spell Lothlórien elf Orcs, Uruk-Hais
  15. [MOC] Truck with trailer

    Hello! Here is my MOC of Anio Transport truck I recolored truck to green 20180128_141020 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr 20180128_141028 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr Trailer is heavily based on original 20180128_141049 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr 20180128_141109 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr Here is truck with trailer 20180128_141149 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr Thanks for visiting :)