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  1. Dorino

    MOD - Emerald Night based 4-8-4

    Looking good! few years ago i also changed it a bit but only to 4-6-4. Cooper's one looks so much better in original colors!
  2. Dorino

    [MOC] 6274 - Caribbean Clipper - Reimagined

    Bonus, i didn't like how with black and yellow it looked too similar to 21322 so i swapped all the yellows with whites. At this moment i don't like any of these colors, Thoughts?
  3. Dorino

    [MOC] 6274 - Caribbean Clipper - Reimagined

    Yes, i tried but then it all goes downhill. Once i added another section it looked ridiculous with that forward sails. Then i thought, what if i buy another sails? Then it would turn into another Barracuda but with different colors. It does look fat, but i am planning to display it next to 21322 and i don't want them to look too similar.
  4. Hello everyone! Today i present you my very first ship. It's is not an original design but heavily modified version of our beloved 6274 Caribbean Clipper I managed to buy big bulk of old Lego that included 6285 Black Seas Barracuda but all the sails and most of the masts were missing and since i already own 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay i decided to build the other ship from 1989 The first step was to acquire sails, i bought the replacement ones from ebay, because original ones were either in terrible condition or too pricey. My favorite part about original ship is its "forward" style of sails, i obviously kept it untouched but i added second rigging piece. I also wanted to add main deck, but then the ship was getting too bulky so i just left it opened, like original one. Just like in almost all of my creations i had to include some kind of crane. I am most proud of the stern of the ship, i didn't have enough blue pieces to keep the original scheme but i think yellow and black with some brown looks just as good. One more view from the top I hope you like it :) Hopefully my next ship won't be based on anything but for now i am happy with it. Few more pictures in my Flickr gallery
  5. Dorino

    [WIP][MOC] Watermill

    Thanks for the comments! I hopefully improved some of the details i didn't like and i finally added some figures! In meantime, the place changed from blacksmith to bakery and i think i like it more this way! Here is one side by side comparison photo photo. Change in interior was rather easy, some furniture here and there. If i ever wanted to change back to blacksmith it would only take few minutes. The "hidden place" is now "store in cool and dry" place :D I uploaded more photos on my flickr album
  6. Dorino

    [MOD] 21322 - Alternate Model

    Thanks everyone for the comments! It was fun while it lasted. I actually sold the set and will pick it up once things get better around the world. @Jasseji Sadly, no. In fact it was scrapped right after to try something bigger and then something smaller but more detailed. My whole focus is now on the last project. The build is fairly simple, there is more photos on my flickr page. And since amount of parts is limited you should be able to reverse engineer it.
  7. Dorino

    [WIP][MOC] Watermill

    Hello again! Three weeks ago i had very ambitious idea to build Big Merchants Bay. Just after taking photos i realized i will never put enough details to like it so it's scrapped! For some reasons i was really interested in that waterwheel made with big chariot wheels so i decided to make moc with this as main use. Today i present you, Watermill The idea is similar to my previous two attempts. Some structure by the water. The whole thing fits one modular base plate (32x32) The mill was built around some rock formation to make it more interesting and to keep the idea of "hidden place" within it. You can see little doors that lead you to "storage" area where you can keep your products / weapons but also some drinks for yourself! Little garden area to add some colors here and there. I wish i had more space / various vegetables! The other side is just blank and rather boring but there is a reason for it! The whole thing opens up! On the inside you can see basic blacksmith equipment. Anvil, crate with coal, furnace. The staircase takes you to living area, where same furnace is used for cooking! You can find some shelves and bench on other side. Another small anvil. There is one person bed on the first floor. To get full view of top floor remove the roof and have a look! So that's it for now. Like always i can't tell that the moc is finished. I feel it needs more details here and there. The good idea would be to replace 2x4 tiles with smaller ones, but that will require Bricklink :) Any more ideas? Hope you like it! More photos on my flickr page
  8. Dorino

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Today i challenged myself to change all the figures from 21322 (plus Pirate from CMF series 20). My initial goal was to keep the figures very similar to the source but i feel like i drifted away a little. I used parts from all the random figures i had. 1. Captain - I really wanted to keep the leg and "shoulders". Used Wong body parts and some POTC parts. A parrot is a 1st mate... or is it? 2. All i wanted to keep was the hat and the green scheme. Legolas parts comes handy with wonder woman head. 3. This is where i had no idea what to do. I made her full assassin. At least pants color matches 4 & 5. Twins! Bright colors are gone but each of them still represents their own color. They are not funny anymore (were they ever?) They both hide their faces with scarfs. Something happened to the face of the later one. 6. Little boy was always aspiring to be like one of the twins. He is now scared and regrets his choices. He can't stop looking at the face of the twin! 7. Navigator became way more menacing. 8. I didn't have a single "naked body" in flesh color so i took Hercules from Disney CMF series! He is obsessed with swords! 9. Pirate girl was never part of the crew but she is making her way into it! Had to use neck scarf to cover yellow part of the body around the neck Hope you like it. I believe it took me like 1 hour to complete.
  9. Dorino

    [MOC] [WIP] - Merchants Bay

    Hello everyone! Literally three days ago i posted modified version of 21322 set. Building with limited amount of parts was very interesting experience but at all time i knew that it would never have enough details to my liking so i scraped it all! Today i present you another bay, featuring similar shape with use of key parts from 21322. I will continue posting in this topic whenever i have something new or interesting added. Today i will only show the layout of "stores" and some basic planing of what's coming! The merchant stores are located in little area between two rocks. You first arrive through the loading dock and you encounter first building. Blacksmith hut. The hut comes with waterwheel that operates hammer. Hammer must be working well because there is already hole in the ground. There is a secret passage in the wall that not everyone can spot that leads to open area in the back. My current idea for this room is treasure room with all the pirate goods! Anyway, if blacksmith wasn't your goal you continue on wooden deck and face your first options. You either go to botanist / alchemist upstairs or continue to two story brick build inn. I am imaging alchemist to be covered in all sorts of plants. Right now it looks rather dull and sad. There is a lot of open area in the back of brick built inn. Floors are connected with stairs piece. I am thinking of keeping base level as sort of bar and upstairs with beds to rest. The last building shares the brick built structure of the inn but is in fact general goods store. There is old boat on the roof for no reason but i think it could look cool with more details. There is shark hanging from some sort of crane. No idea what is the purpose of it, sun roasting ? It's just another thing i saw in World of Warcraft Booty Bay If you continue walking on lower deck you will arrive in secret cave. It is spacious enough for smaller boat to fit in. So this is how it looks now. With previous build i struggled to give enough details to all the spaces. This time i think i will struggle with exactly same problem. I am now using all my bricks but i am not sure if i can decorate all this empty spaces. Was starting from this angle good idea? Maybe instead of blocking all empty rooms better option would be one store at the time where i can keep track of all the details and then expand it as needed? Thoughts? Any recommendations? Blacksmith will 100% stay as planned but i am not so sure about any other rooms. Hope you like it :)
  10. Dorino

    [MOD] 21322 - Alternate Model

    Thanks for kind words! @icm feel free to show your modifications, i am also interested in modding the ship! While taking photos yesterday i completely forgot to take photos of it with the ship! Here they are
  11. Hello everyone! This year brought us wonderful pirate set. 21322 - Pirates of Barracuda Bay comes from IDEAS line and is one of the biggest sets Lego introduced this year. I am the person who never really cared about pirates theme because most interesting sets were released before my "lego phase" and now years later they are hard to find at acceptable price. However once i saw first announcement of 21322 i knew i had to have it. In fact, the reason i got very excited about the set was the fact that "bay" can be turned into the ship. My set arrived just few days ago and during first day i only built the ship because i didn't really care about the "bay". Now, few days later, i decided to build remaining part of the set to see if i like. Before i even got to the instruction i came up with idea of making "alternate" build of 21322 with the Ship option on. The ship looks great as a display piece but i decided i wanted to have something to go with it, and since "leftover bay" doesn't really look good i decided to use parts from 21322 to make my own version of bay. I opened all the bags and mixed them all in front of me and started building. The fact that i was only limited to fixed amount of parts was very exciting and new to me. I usually build with thinking "ill just buy needed parts instead of coming up with way of using the parts i have". I had rough idea of what i wanted. I knew it will have to be some kind of island because not using all these blue and tan pieces would be wasteful. When i realized that there are two stairs pieces i decided to make my own "multilevel bay". While designing the layout i was thinking of Booty Bay from World of Warcraft. After quick look at available parts i knew that i will probably be able to make only one store / house. Because the set comes with very high amount of pirate accessories i decided that my version of 21322 will be some kind of shop. Today, i present you B version of 21322 - Pirate Shop I will now mention all the details of the moc from customer perspective! You arrive at the bay. You need supplies and the merchant needs to sell. You have been doing this all your life, go, pick, pay. nothing new. As you walk through the pier you realize there is a lot of supplies here and there. What catches your attention is that there is a pig living in rather exotic environment. Nothing crazy about it, As long as it have place to sleep and live it should be happy, right? It looks like someone is obviously keeping care of it. There is a cage made of old prison doors and bucket with rakes. There is surprising amount of bones, but well, a lot of beings likes meat. How do you even get prison doors anyway? The island is tiny, yet there is a lot of people. They are just like you, they are either selling or buying. It looks like two very similar looking people are unloading their boat. Great, fresh stock! You know where to go and you shouldn't really care about what else is on the island. You do realize there are other stairs leading to somewhere but that's not what you came here. The store is great! Various tools, exactly what you needed. You can even buy some weapons but they are kept away from customer reach. You can even get some food if you want. You take what you want and you pay. You return to where you came from and live goes on. However, you think you are above the law, you don't always follow rules and you are aware of danger that comes with reckless actions. Let's see what would have happened if today was day you wanted to be a pirate. You try to scare the merchant, yet it doesn't work. The seller immediately pulls the lever and sends you to the cave below the store. The cave looks like it dealt with problematic customers before. There is a skeleton hanging from the wall and there is a cell. In all of this, why would you leave gold bars for anyone to see. Why? The fall from the store is not the full punishment. You land in the house of befriended shark before you realize what happened. You don't even realize there is a skeleton, all you see is gold. You never leave the cave. They day goes on, and another person arrives at the store pier. Just like you, he wonders why is there a pig behind cell doors and why are there so many bones around it? Would you ever wonder whose stuff you just bought? Would you ever think where did that meet you just ate come from? Would you ever think that you just avoided horrible death? THIS WAS COOL! I am not sure if i ever introduced any of my mocs this way but it was surely something interesting! Whenever i get new set (small to mid) i always try to put it together without instruction. Photos on box are the only things i use. I usually get most of it and once i reach the point where i have no idea how to continue i start with instruction. The 21322 gave me a new challenge and i surely enjoyed it! Like always, more photos on my Flickr page, and thanks for reading
  12. Dorino

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Thanks, Show us whenever ready! I am already thinking of re positioning winch to stick from the mast. And the part is 28974 Minifig Neckwear Bracket
  13. Dorino

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I always enjoyed the respect / love people have for pirates theme but i never felt like part of it because i didn't have a single pirates set. I finally received set and i literally built the ship without even touching island bags. Looking at comparison photos between old and new we can easily tell that it's missing some sort of crane! Since almost All. Of. My. Mocs. include crane i had to modify 21322! I couldn't decide if to go with black or reddish brown. I chose reddish brown because it matches 1x2 modified plates on top. Since the ship already have cool "winch" mechanism i also added one for the crane. I also changed order of string pieces so i could get rid of that stack of 1x2 modified plates between two masts I am very excited about this set and i will to "enhance" original set. I will post in this thread. Kind regards
  14. Dorino

    [MOC] Pirate Island of the Barracuda Bay

    Very nice! I received my set 2 days ago and only thing i built is the ship. Until now, island parts were still in sealed bags waiting for inspiration to make my own bay / island. I will make something very similar to yours! Very nice!
  15. Dorino


    Off topic question. Since brand stores are closed only way to buy set is online shop. What time will it be available online? Is it midnight Denmark time? Meaning US during the day?