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  1. Where exactly have You bought it in Poland?
  2. Hello everyone! Today i present You my very first MOC. Built only with 41999 parts (i dont have any other sets). I dont know, maybe it's a offroad car. I wanted to keep orignial touch of 41999 colour scheme. For this model i used very simple chassis. Independent suspension - front No idea suspension - rear Panels used for upper body. I hope You like it! I never really built anything with technics, i never really took pictures of anything, comment if You like :)
  3. Hello! There are loads of diffrent contest around this forum. I really like small projects (i have only 1 big set) so i came up with idea of making contest for 4 wheeled fully RC vechicle (chassis) with as LESS as possible parts. What You think? Edit. I mean, it doesn't have to be actual contest, actually i just want to see what You came up with :)
  4. Green engine looks very bad :(
  5. Here is my case: 8043 - Sold after 1 month, back to Dark Ages 8110 - Sold after 1 week, back to Dark Ages 41999 - Going fine after 2 months! :)
  6. Show us your Working Place

    Here is my working "place". It's really simple when You have only 1 set :) guess which !
  7. I think "new batch" is still part of first 20000.
  8. Ah sorry, of course i meant 9 L http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=40490
  9. 1 More question. I am left with 9L Red Beam, is this normal :P? Edit : Changed 8 to 9,
  10. Hey, i just finished building my Crawler. Is this normal that servo motor is "hissing" / "beeping" while turning?
  11. Partial shipment balance on backorder Now that's weird. Crawler still backorder :(
  12. So... What if they send all sets before Your "procedure" is finished? "We are sorry but we sent all sets... now You are left with shit" P.S I am in same situation ( first order from S@H)
  13. You should ask if You are missing "queue" because of that I hope You understand what i mean.
  14. Rikus, You ordered it when it was showing "Out of stock"?