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  1. Dorino

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    For anyone living in UK, Aldi is doing their yet another "DIY week" (started 17.01.19) and they are selling 33 accessory drawers. Last year i bought 6 of them and they are working very fine for £8.99 I am considering buying 2-3 more for "eventual growth of collection" Maybe if i remove red bar ill be able to squeeze them in there.
  2. Dorino

    [MOC] Boba Fett's pod racer

    Thanks! I spent 80% of time on thrusters and then i was like " ok, now just some pod and i am done with this!" I don't have any interesting parts in any interesting transparent colour to make the "energy line" :/ Side question: Does this happen to any of You? The closer i get to finishing project the less i care / am interested? I was really into building thrusters and then just wanted to rush through pod to have it finished. Probably loosing in quality. Thanks!, What do You mean by putting parts on stand? You mean parts parts or "modules" next to each other? As for now, LEGO Boba Fett would need to loose some weight to fit there Maaaybe if i detach the legs?
  3. Hello everyone! Few months ago i tried to recolour some of the classic SW ships to match Boba Fett's colour scheme. (Delta 7B, Eta 2, T 47) All of them were MOCs by different people with just colour alternations. Today i present something completely new, a pod racer! Hope You like it!
  4. Dorino

    Suggestions for next SW contest

    How about pod racer contest? One of following : - Accurate / detailed versions of existing ones from Episode I (or the game) - Character based pod racers (black for Vader, quad engine for General Grievous, smaller than others for Yoda, Wookie-ish for Chewbacca) - Mix of above two I would definitely love character based one, just to see how can You turn characters specific features into pod racers. Edit. Actually, this doesn't have to be Star Wars contest. Imagine Iron Man, Back to the future, Classic Space, Ice Planet, Power Rangers, Ferrari, etc.
  5. Dorino

    [MOC] Lego World of Warcraft

    Always big fan of anything Warcraft related. Very nice You could easily recognise orcs building!
  6. Dorino

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Hello again everyone, The model is finished (as far as MOC can be finished) and You can see results in following photos. @ColletArrow thanks for final tips with windows. It all works really well! I guess i just missed it completly the first time i was going through model The minimal changes i did to model was: - I didn't have enough of 2 x 3 x 2 Cupboard pieces and surely not in black colour, mocked up something as replacement - Hinge train gate 2 x 4 - replaced with brick built version I absolutely love the crane and everything that goes around it. Red colour goes so well with yellow and black. You mentioned that red goes well with dark red, i completely agree. Dark red is my favourite colour and it started to appear more and more in my latest creations. I used same colour scheme (dark red and white) in my previous model based on somebody's project. Which happens to be You again. Safe to say, You've got fan Here's the extra photo of Your Mocs That's all from me for now. Cheers :)
  7. Dorino

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Hello again, I finally had some time to continue building Your moc As mentioned earlier i picked white because i surely don't have enough yellows. I am also missing loads of trans clear bricks for windows. It's staring to look better and better. Unfortunately i am missing that little wedge plate 2 x 2 and anything similar in white. I also don't have that new part connecting these two wedges together. I noticed that windows assembly next to door handle just slide in place, is this correct? Nothing holds them in there. Will continue building it later (Hopefully) :)
  8. Dorino

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Yes surely! i hope ill get it to the stage where its worth showing The crane feels delicate especially the last part. Red tiles are attached just on one stud and they like to rotate out of position. The black ballast also feels delicate. Base of crane is attached on 1 x 2 brick with studs on side and also feels weak. (none of this things matter to me because i am not going to play with it anyway just display) As for now i am not planing to put any PF, both boogies are just placeholders at this moment. Let us know when You update LXF, great job!
  9. Dorino

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Hello @ColletArrow and thanks for that wonderful MOC! I surely liked it a lot because i started building it last night. I started with base and crane because i am not sure if i have enough yellows for cabin and if i want it in yellow in first place. One thing i noticed while building / playing around with it is that Fences on both sides of crane prevent it from rotating ( I am not sure if it was intended or not ) I also just realised i didn't use 2 x 1 Curved Slope in the lowest crane arm. I will hopefully continue building it later today. Cheers :)
  10. Hello again! Just like a lot of You guys i missed 10194 due to dark times. Thanks to 2018 Hogwarts Express we are now able to obtain steam engine wheels in reasonable price. Here is my attempt on modyfying 10194: - Changed it from 4-6-2 to 4-6-4 because in my opinion better. - Extended tender by 2 studs and added some detailing. - Improvised some details here and there I am still not happy about finish, ill try to add more details and hopefully some stickers. Anyway i hope You like it :)
  11. Dorino

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Here's my current "setup". I started using wardrobe hoping that doors would keep dust away. They do, but not as much as i expected. I have 6 drawer boxes from Aldi and few container boxes for minifigs / technic pieces. At this time my wardrobe works both as a display and building place. Limitation of space keeps me away from buying bigger sets i guess. Couldn't resist £104 UCS Slave I According to Rebrickable i have 20,000 pieces. I think i am doing well with keeping them in one place.
  12. Dorino

    "Real" Steam?

    Can we see any video of it in action? Interested :)
  13. Dorino

    [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    Hello again! Another go at 60198 this time preliminary version! I absolutely love it, big thanks to @ColletArrow Link to original post Had to change front a little and make custom baseplate / bogies. Still very happy with results :) I will use this as base to further modifications, i will also try to get correct windshield pieces or brickbuild it somehow. Thanks for watching and thanks again for sharing LDD file :)
  14. Dorino

    [MOC] Cave Troll Boosted

    Bonus! Duel of both creations!