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  1. Like who is MandRproductions? just somone who makes click-bait videos and wanna be like just2good.
  2. I like the new sets Actually I posted it so it stays in subject, but I want to mention that TLJ sucks and people who think it's good are just fanboys, Disney destroyed the franchise.
  3. That sucks, even the Harry Potter one sucks in my opinion.
  4. Is it the first time that we get a big clone wars set after a while? Isn't it?
  5. Am I the only one who hates the 4 studs on the wing's edge dome?
  6. Do you guys think it will be retiring even with high demand like now? I mean, I'm afraid I won't have a chance to buy this piece of beauty =[... Any guess when the UCS flacon will retire?
  7. I hope so, because I can't catch up with Lego releases. Still have to buy the Death Star, Snowspeeder and the Millennium Falcon(which now is hard to get and sold over 800 dollars by private Sellers). And I even not mentioned some TLJ and Creator Expert sets that I need to buy. This hobby costs too much!
  8. So no actual way to know whether a set is retiring soon or not? It sucks, they even don't make enough 75192 for everyone and one day they will just stop selling it without even notifying us that it is retiring soon?
  9. Hey guys, I have some questions about the UCS Falcon aka 75192 and the Death Star(75159): 1.Any suggestions\guesses when this set will be retired? I'm still have doubts about when I should but this set, not I don't have the money and I wanted to buy it like in 4-5 months, do you think it will still be available till then? 2.The Death Star is also in my wish list, as I was in my dark ages when the first one came out. How much long do you think it will hold up? the last one did for 8 years. 3.Any website in which I can check which sets are about to be retire? Thanks, ltzik.
  10. ltzik

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    All the TLJ sets are now available in Israel: It was like that in TFA, it also occurs with console games(We get them before the world since most of the stores give a megabluck about the sell embargo). Anyway, the walker is about 300 dollars here, typical Israeli price for Lego. Although I can get them all now. I'll wait for reasonable price(reasonable for me is UK retail price) and order it from or
  11. Just a question, why do we provide an idiotic American date format which not make any sense when we answer someone who lives in Belgium which is known for using the non-idiotic format?
  12. ltzik

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    3 re-releases in a row, well the snowspeeder is a rework, but as someone who hadn't had the chance to get these amazing sets, I'm happy. My guess is that the Star Destroyer is the next re-release(maybe september 2019 as someone said?), as the Lepin clone is sold out in GearBest. All that Lepin hype made Lego do a new strategy and I'm happy about it.
  13. ltzik

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So I need like 2000+ dollars to purchase the upcoming sets I want. LOL. And I am not talking about retired sets I need to complete.
  14. ltzik

    [REVIEW] 75144 - UCS Snowspeeder

    Great review. I think the accuracy category is needed instead of playability as some said. About the color. In the movie it looks like dirt-white? Just leave your UCS built for some years and I promise the white will become grey through the years.
  15. ltzik

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Even the lame iPhone which most of idiots American buy is made in China, so what? I think Lego makes a massive quality assurance with every factory they make. About the sets being released first in Europe: Hahaha. Remember: Lego origins is in Europe and your prices are lower than us. I would like to get the sets in a 3 months delay if they marked as US price, I wouldn't complain at all.