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  1. Technic Photography

    12 Good ol micro Four-thirds?
  2. Technic Photography

    @kbalage.....My relationship with the blown highlights in your picture is the same as my relationship with cilantro.... I don't know if I love or hate them. What iris are you shooting at?
  3. [MOC] Ferrari 458 Spider

    Excellent. I admire your work greatly!
  4. Porsche Carrera GT

    Looks good! My internet is terrible so I cant (currently) watch the vid, but it is pretty good from an aesthetic point of view!
  5. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    As the centrifugal force during cornering could be compared to uneven traction therefore abnormalities in the driving surface causing uplift of one of the wheels I simply chose the bump example for simplicity. Some students I have tutored found the idea of centrifugal force in an object not tied to a stick by a string difficult to grasp, and I wish to make no assumptions about TeamThrift’s age or grasp of the subject. :)
  6. [MOC] Koenigsegg One:1 Summary

    Not quite. the anti roll bar should have a certain amount of give, like a large shock absorber of sorts. The give of the roll bar simply isn’t as large as that of the standard shocks on both sides, so there is independent suspension but if the car goes over a large bump, depressing the independent shocks and therefore the roll bar to more than it can withhold it acts as a solid connection between both wheels, preventing rolling. Hope that helps.
  7. What camera do you use to film your videos?

    What lens did you choose? I am currently in the market.
  8. [POC] Independent Virtual Pivot Suspension

    I built something like that almost a year ago now. Good work though, a different approach. EDIT: I found an old pic of a primarily complete version.
  9. Technic Pub

    Merry Christas folks. Got some new headphones + some other audio stuff. Nothing new Lego-wise.
  10. What camera do you use to film your videos?

    I know, I was just taking a quick pic in the natural light of the room; I wasn't going for anything special.
  11. What camera do you use to film your videos?

    @Boulderer , Maybe it's time I bought a new camera so I can take better pictures of my other camera.
  12. What camera do you use to film your videos?

    This is not within in your price range but I'm a bit of a filmmaker as well as a Lego hobbyist. Gear I use: Canon T5/1200D (about $300 used American, $400 Canadian), Manfrotto 290 XTRA tripod and video head, Tascam DR-701 D Audio recorder, Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic, canon 50 mm f/1.4, and for long shots/wildlife shots Sigma 150-600 f/5-6.3 (Additional stuff that can help with video production if you raise your price limit: I use the Sennheiser HD 380 pro headphones for audio monitoring + the LyxPro Mpl-20 boompole for better audio) Sorry for the crappy quality, Ipad photos)
  13. [MOC] Cafe Racer

    Is it just me or are your pictures flippin' gigantic?? Also i'm noticing a bit of DOF, are you using a DSLR or Mirorless or something like an iPhone 8 in portrait mode? Nice MOC btw. I love the rear axle connection to the driveshaft. Very clever.
  14. Super Snow Speeder (WIP)

    1000-1200 km North North/West of Vancouver. Let’s get back to this great MOC!
  15. Super Snow Speeder (WIP)

    We hit 35 Celcius once last summer. Not half bad if you ask me. Most of the time the average is more around 25 C.