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  1. I emailed LEGO about Bricktober pack in us and was told keep my eyes peeled and look out for emails
  2. Is anyone still able to get ahold of the marvel Bricktober pack?
  3. HMD BrickCustoms


    1. Kronk 2. Goofy (with Pluto) 3. Chip 4. Dale 5. Lilo 6. Snow White 7. Aurora 8. Al from Al’s Toy Barn 7. Linguini 8. Mike Wizowski 9. Pinocchio 10. Mowgli 11. Pooh 12. Belle 13. Beast 14. Gaston 15. Jafar 16. Tigger 17. Queen of Hearts 18. Baloo
  4. I doubt they would re use the dfb series heads so still saying fake for now
  5. It’s fake. The head is from the dfb series and the torso is from ultra agents
  6. I just hope with his new line we eventually get characters like tombstone, morbius, prowler, looter, so on so on
  7. Once again dc gets jacked on sets...
  8. See I wonder if the copper head and Grundy set got postponed to this wave
  9. Only two sets...that’s a shame considering marvel is getting like 15 or so including avengers 4, captain marvel, and far from home. I wish Aqualad was included with Ocean Master instead of Batman
  10. Bruce has had four figures 1) 2006/2008 2) 2012 3) 1966 4) tlbm
  11. HMD BrickCustoms

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    My thoughts for huntress exactly
  12. With water I’m assuming possibly king shark or maybe Aqualad since both are in the game but that’s just a Thought. We don’t even know how big it will be
  13. I just want more details on the sets. Seems like marvel’s details are all coming together and all we know of is that one set with Firefly