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  1. well it looked pretty weird, I was hoping that someone will say that it was done wrong, so thanks for the confirmation
  2. I have seen the speed build videos of upcoming sets 75220 Sandcrawler I expected more 75219 Imperial AT hauler ... ugh... the ability to pick up the part of the train ... I donĀ“t know 75218 X - wing starfighter looks nice 75217 Imperial Conveyex is missing the tracks badly imao
  3. do we have any info when the Cloud City set will be released, will it be this year?
  4. DEAD1974

    LEGO account issue

    nope, no IE and no Chrome
  5. DEAD1974

    LEGO account issue

    I am using Mozzila Firefox / WIN 7, it was working fine before so I am a bit sad
  6. DEAD1974

    LEGO account issue

    Hi all, I like to ask if anybody else have an issue to sign in on the LEGO web page. I can sign in but, I don't see my VIP points and my orders. I am always getting the message: Sorry! An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again. I was contacting LEGO and I they advised me to delete cookies and so on. I have done it. Also tried 2 different browsers that I was never using before and I also tried a different computer, but nothing. Any idea? Thanks
  7. thanks... and nice train in your signature
  8. are those sets for august release?
  9. The worker is kinda weak ... or am I expecting too much?
  10. Enfys Nest minifig is with helmet or it is just a one piece mold without head?
  11. I guess they don't hate LEGO, they are just unhappy from prices cause you know... they still don't have the tree where the money grows + getting less for more hm.... But don't take me wrong, its not complaining, since I really don't care about the price at all, all that is important for me, if the set looks interesting for me or not. Here is a nice compare imao so you can choose yourself... personally I vote for $80
  12. those spring loaded ... but other than that its a nice one