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  1. and any rumor what sets will we get, something new or reworked existing models?
  2. so there will be no bigger set in this wave?
  3. well I am not familiar with that game that all, so thanks for the info
  4. In that Inferno battle pack is also a woman? if I see it correctly, if so thats awesome that we finally get a male from Imperium
  5. is the set 75234 fake or real ?
  6. DEAD1974

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    is there a chance that Cloud City set will be discounted in LEGO shop on Black Friday this year ?
  7. there are official pictures of it on LEGO web
  8. hm... so no discounts till the end of year ... yay, yay for my wallet
  9. any close force Friday date ? if there will be any soon .... of course
  10. excuse me , but any hint where I can found that so called list?
  11. but it has stairs just elsewhere in the room
  12. dont think so, DS is something else and I believe that it will stay on sale for years
  13. well its finally here, so now just get it ... the September is almost here
  14. so it seems tomorrow we will see ... or maybe not