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  1. same is on the Czech shop
  2. so the next UCS is Y - Wing ??? I was hoping for something new ...
  3. as I said, that set is so nice, I hope that it will not be LEGO store exclusive like the Cantina
  4. well I have all the last 3 MF (not the UCS one) and the best one for me is still the 4504, I am anyway curious about the play features of this new one... and yes don´t make the wife upset ...
  5. there are detailed minfigs pics from Han Solo Movie - Tobias Beckett and Moloch looks kinda interesting
  6. agree that the lack of RO sets is really surprising for me even it was great movie
  7. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hi all, I like to ask if there is a way to get some custom minifigure (since it was not done by LEGO) Duchess Satine ? Thanks
  8. So far Yoda´s hut is an interesting set for me, the rest will see after watching the movie
  9. so it means it will be pretty big one ...
  10. I was just curious mate ... so I am waiting patiently
  11. thanks for the info about new sets and pictures ... so mostly nothing new only recycling the old sets ... is that an eternal matrix ??? There are tons of undone things from SW universe and we are still getting the redone models ...