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  1. iAT - AT my only issue is that is not motorized, but other than that looks nice
  2. Does anyone know when the new MF building instructions will be available for download?
  3. so with the new UCS set, now we are done with all the new sets for this year... or is there still anything hidden ?
  4. the new Y wing is kinda strange, I was just comparing it to the older ones that I have .. I have to say I don't like it at all
  5. I guess, that one or two new nice models will not ruin the income of LEGO, and the fans will be happy with something new along with the eternally recycled models .. but its only my opinion
  6. is it bigger than 10198 or smaller?
  7. will there be any other sets in the April wave , or just those that are already in the online LEGO shop ?
  8. Tantive IV - is there a possibility that it will not be UCS, but some kind of Master Builder like was the Betrayal ... ?
  9. for kids is fine, but it does not mean that it have to look cheap and awful... as I stated before
  10. ughhh ... I cant believe this ... is this seriously LEGO - Star Wars ??? ... please don´t take me wrong, but the look of the sets is weak even for kids ... when I was a kid and was playing with LEGO mostly space theme, I was enjoing the design and look of it ...
  11. mate take it easy, no need to get upset, at all we are not collecting LEGO to get upset right? Sometimes people are not too polite, I know it from the times when I was running my band. Look at it this way, still plenty of people a grateful for the information that you share.
  12. well that would be nice, but ...
  13. so seriously we will not a get a single nice build for star wars so far ... I can´t believe this