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  1. there are official pictures of it on LEGO web
  2. hm... so no discounts till the end of year ... yay, yay for my wallet
  3. any close force Friday date ? if there will be any soon .... of course
  4. excuse me , but any hint where I can found that so called list?
  5. but it has stairs just elsewhere in the room
  6. dont think so, DS is something else and I believe that it will stay on sale for years
  7. well its finally here, so now just get it ... the September is almost here
  8. so it seems tomorrow we will see ... or maybe not
  9. the new calendar seems a bit weak with mini figures ...
  10. So what sets will we get before X mass, Porg, UCS whatever... and anything else, or all the other sets will be here only at 2019?
  11. I know that UCS models are mostly only for display and I am totally OK with it. However there are few, that are more for playing than only for display, like Death Star, Ewok village even a Sendcrawler.For me (no one else have to agree with it) the LEGO will always be a toy at first place. Therefore I prefer sets that are more for play than for display, but if they also looks cool for display its just a welcome plus. So therefore I am not really happy from the rumor that CC can be a micro scale set. P.S. I can imagine a Hoth set for €500,- where will be included one motorized AT-AT and also one or two AT-ST
  12. well I don't know from where appeared the rumors about the CC micro scale, but if it will be true, it will be the same disaster like Assault on the Hoth UCS
  13. well lucky you, here in normal shop it is not possible to buy it and the same for the LEGO shop...
  14. are the Imperial Landing Craft and Hoth Medical Chamber in the LEGO shop US exclusive?