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  1. I am just curious what will be those exclusive offers for you guys who bought the UCS MF. Especially if you don't have endless valet ...
  2. thanks for the info, I was thinking about something more interesting ...
  3. 75212, 169.99 € - "Pegasus" from what movie is this?
  4. this is kinda funny ... snow speeder, sand speeder ... so we need a grass speeder, soil speeder ...
  5. it is, but there is a big chance that the LEGO will create it since it was announced for the Solo movie ... since the MF is a big milking cow for eternity
  6. I am curious about that new Falcon
  7. so if your source is correct it would a very nice surprise
  8. well, don't take me wrong, but its fine that the sources within the company are disappearing as exact info is much more better than all the rumors imao
  9. it seems that the leaks just keep showing up every day, another rebel and resistance pilots are up
  10. sadly so far there is no official info about it as far as I know
  11. so it seems we will be getting more headset mini figures in the upcoming sets
  12. yay... you are right, I totally forget about that weird printing... to be honest I would more appreciate the separate part of head set, something like the add to the helmet of Boba and so on, if you understand what I mean as my English is far from perfect...
  13. well, if you are going to create call center MOC its really cool, but other than that ...
  14. that resistance guy looks terrible
  15. the AT-M6 is a wrong scale (not the fault of LEGO), and if they will scale down the AT-AT it will looks stupid