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  1. So is there any chance for the rest of this year, that we will get any interesting play sets, or the actual direction is only helmets , droids and a few UCS sets ?
  2. I guess there are still tons of them in a normal shops, but your plan... maybe it will work
  3. same here in Slovakia, it seems that light sabre was pretty limited
  4. already ordered it in Slovakia
  5. I hope that they have tons of it as it seems pretty wanted
  6. nope, I guess it will be up only at 10:00 am when they finally wake up
  7. hm... anyway will rather stay awake till midnight, one never knows
  8. when will start the sale of Cantina for VIP members, right after the midnight or later?
  9. thats fine for me, easy to skip most of the sets.
  10. does anyone noticed that the Cantina set disappeared from the Lego shop? OH, ok its back...
  11. I guess the set is nice both way exterior / interior. For me the LEGO set always have to be a play set at the first place, as LEGO is a TOY. If it also looks great as a display one, its just a welcome +. Therefore I like the Death Star, Ewok Village, Betrayal at Cloud city, Sandcrawler and now the Mos Eisley Cantina. What I am missing a bit in the Cantina is the Bantha and complete band, however the band will be ease to make by combining the band members from the old Cantina with the new one Imao. With prize we cannot do anything, but if it will be 350,-€ its OK for me, as nowadays the Star Wars sets are expensive, and I do not think it will ever change .
  12. is the release date of September relevant or only a wish?
  13. this is kinda funny that 501st BP is everywhere running out of stock in day one or day 2. It was the same here in Slovakia. I ordered my one on August 1st and at the end of the day they were gone.
  14. iAT - AT my only issue is that is not motorized, but other than that looks nice
  15. Does anyone know when the new MF building instructions will be available for download?
  16. so with the new UCS set, now we are done with all the new sets for this year... or is there still anything hidden ?
  17. the new Y wing is kinda strange, I was just comparing it to the older ones that I have .. I have to say I don't like it at all
  18. I guess, that one or two new nice models will not ruin the income of LEGO, and the fans will be happy with something new along with the eternally recycled models .. but its only my opinion
  19. is it bigger than 10198 or smaller?
  20. DEAD1974

    LEGO account issue

    Hi all, I like to ask if anybody else have an issue to sign in on the LEGO web page. I can sign in but, I don't see my VIP points and my orders. I am always getting the message: Sorry! An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again. I was contacting LEGO and I they advised me to delete cookies and so on. I have done it. Also tried 2 different browsers that I was never using before and I also tried a different computer, but nothing. Any idea? Thanks
  21. will there be any other sets in the April wave , or just those that are already in the online LEGO shop ?
  22. Tantive IV - is there a possibility that it will not be UCS, but some kind of Master Builder like was the Betrayal ... ?
  23. for kids is fine, but it does not mean that it have to look cheap and awful... as I stated before