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    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    I just started buying Lego sets again after a long dark age, so Galaxy Squad was a couple of years before I started paying attention to Lego. I have some questions about it: How successful was Galaxy Squad at the time it came out? It seems well-regarded by AFOLs now, but did it sell well? Was it planned as a single-year release, or did it not perform well enough in the market to be continued as a line? In your opinion, what does the performance of Galaxy Squad say about the viability of non-licenced space themes in the future?
  2. murphy_slaw

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The bricklink page for that part has a rear view. It has two small constraction pins on the back.
  3. murphy_slaw

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I was in Brooklyn for work and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the Rockefeller Center store in Manhattan. They have the small Statue of Liberty as one of the Pick-a-Models, so lots of sand green. My budget and time were limited and the store was busy so I just got one large cup. Here's the haul:
  4. After a long dark age, I came back to Lego and started collecting and building again. One of my favorite themes that came out while I was away is Space Police III. I especially like the way that some sets (Raid VPR, Hyperspeed Pursuit) integrate Technic fairings alongside System parts. When building Space mocs, are there any non-System parts that you like to include in your builds? (I'm thinking of more specialized parts than technic beams or simple bionicle ball joints that show up in many official sets.)
  5. murphy_slaw

    Mixels 2016 Discussion

    I am missing the Mixels line even more than I thought I would. So much goofy fun and nice parts for five bucks! There really isn't anything in the current lineup that scratches that particular itch.
  6. murphy_slaw

    [MOC] Hovercar/Speeder

    A little MOC I've been fussing over for a bit. Also an excuse to mess around with the little lightbox I built this weekend. Critique appreciated!
  7. I bought a large lot off of OfferUp two weeks ago. It was 95% loose pieces and had a bunch of partial Star Wars sets, but I wasn't feeling much confidence that there was enough to reassemble any full sets. However, last weekend the seller contacted me to let me know that she has found a second big bag of Lego while cleaning out the garage and asked if I was interested. I picked that up as well, and found that many of the pieces were from the same sets as the first lot! I suspect I'll be able to recover at least a couple of large sets from the lot. It came out to be about 20lbs total for 100USD. From unique pieces, I have at least partials of the following sets: 8039: Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser 7662: Trade Federation MTT 4482-1: AT-TE 8019: Republic Attack Shuttle 8088: ARC-170 Starfighter 8056: Monster Crab Clash 8941: Rockoh T3 (Bionicle) 4611: Police HQ (Jack Stone) 7676: Republic Attack Gunship 8097: Slave I (3rd edition) 6097: Night Lord's Castle 7659: Imperial Landing Craft So far I have managed to reassemble Slave-1. I'm only missing the cockpit windscreen, the minifigs, and two bley mailboxes (which I subbed with some white ones I had on hand.) I'll follow up to this post with anything else I manage to reassemble. So far the Venator looks like the next most likely candidate.
  8. murphy_slaw

    Bulk Lego Lot: An adventure in Lego archaeology

    Managed to assemble this much of the Venator before running out of the correct Technic liftarms. Aside from that, the set looks mostly complete so I figure it's worth bricklinking the missing parts :
  9. murphy_slaw

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I swear i looked under "Hinge"! Thanks for the assist. Looks like this came from the 4482 AT-TE set - the lot had many other pieces from that set.
  10. murphy_slaw

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Dang it, one more. This one is driving me crazy because I know it exists in some set that I own but I can't figure out which bricklink part category in which to look for it:
  11. murphy_slaw

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Got it:, Utensil Batman Batwing (two wings with ring in middle)&category=[Minifig, Utensil]#T=C&C=11 Thanks, folks!
  12. murphy_slaw

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    This is the only piece in my last lot that has stymied me completely: It looks like some sort of Batman-related propeller, but nothing shows up on a bricklink search for "bat" or "propeller". There's two of them in this bulk lot. Is it even Lego?
  13. murphy_slaw

    Star Wars

    Both of those are better than "The Phantom Menance" in my not-at-all humble opinion.
  14. murphy_slaw

    Closest/alternate color of Pearl Gold

    You could look for chrome gold parts, but those are even rarer than pearl gold. You might try light yellow?
  15. I know that the general sentiment is that printed pieces are less useful than blank ones because they fit into fewer builds. However, some prints are more flexible than others. For example, for space MOCs, control panels, computer displays and keyboards are generally useful. What are your favorite printed parts to use in MOCs?
  16. murphy_slaw

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Just got a ~10 pounds of bulk pieces, mostly Star Wars. Before I go grovelling through the bricklink catalog, here are a few pieces/stickers that I'm curious about: I think the minifig head might be a ROTJ-era Emperor Palpatine? The minifig armor piece at the upper left is offset to one side. The 2x4 brick with the tow hook receptacle is a single piece and is magnetic. I'm betting that you folks can tell me what sets these are from before I find them on Bricklink.
  17. murphy_slaw

    CREATOR 2017

    My local Toys R Us had many of the 2017 sets on the shelves yesterday ahead of the official Jan 1 release date. I picked up the 31062 Robo Explorer. I've only done the main build so far. The end result is a very expressive and poseable little fellow. The light brick is nicely integrated. If it has a flaw, it's that the model tends to tip forward when rolling in some poses, but this is minor. I'm likely to pick up a second copy if only for the nice selection of dark azure parts.
  18. My local pharmacy chain was trying to clear out their stock of series 4 Mixels and was offering them for 50% off. I picked up a second set of Rockits and Glowkies since they have so many nice bits in lime green and dark blue. It got me to wondering: what sets have such a nice assortment of pieces that you've bought two or more copies to use as parts packs?
  19. Is there a reliable way to find out who designed a particular Lego set? It would be great to be able to find sets by the same designers as other sets that I like.
  20. murphy_slaw

    The Shameful Confessions Thread

    Here's mine: Sometimes I think I like sorting Lego more than building with them. What's yours?
  21. murphy_slaw

    The Shameful Confessions Thread

    I keep buying sets because they have good parts for MOCs and then building them according to the instructions and being unwilling to disassemble them.
  22. murphy_slaw

    What did you buy today?

    I'm not really into Ninjago either, but Wu's Dragon is a great build and has lots of cool parts regardless of your interest in the theme.
  23. murphy_slaw

    Best Creator "House" Set?

    I'm interested in getting one of the Creator house sets: 31012-1 Family House 7346-1 Seaside House 5771-1 Hillside House 5891-1 Apple Tree House 4996-1 Beach House 4954-1 Model Town House 4956-1 House I'd like it if my daughter could use the set as a play house for minifigs, so play features and ability to access various parts of the house are important. For my own sake, an interesting build and good alternate models would be nice. Lastly, if the set could either be easily converted into a modular building or at least provide a lot of useful parts for building modulars, that would be a bonus. (Posting this to the town forum even though these are Creator sets because the subject matter otherwise seems like a good fit.)
  24. murphy_slaw

    MOC: LL 612 FireMoth

    I like the VTOL propellers embedded in the wings. What parts are the blue engines assembled from?
  25. murphy_slaw

    LEGO Sci-Fi comic book

    I like this! Aside from the grammar and word choice issues mentioned by others, I feel like you perhaps use the "angry/intense" faces of the minifigs for too many panels in a row, which dilutes their effectiveness. A more neutral expression for most of the panels would make the times when the characters are really feeling it. Otherwise, the models are great and the framing of the panels is very good. Keep it up!