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  1. Here someone posted quite detailed instructions on how to build such a Power-pickup DIY-style :-)
  2. HiFish

    2018 Lego Trains

    This could also be done quite cheaply with a color sensor.
  3. No, i was thinking of something a bit simpler. I only read up on the Details for Germany on this, since i work in IT and have to deal with (occasionally international) procurement. When Importing Goods and Services online there is a difference between (both virtual and physical) goods and services, and also between companys and private citicens. the simplified version for business to business transactions is this: You have to pay the tax of the place where the good or service is delivered or rendered. So if i pay for an ebook and download it i have to pay the VAT-Tarrifs and so on, just like with regular goods. But if i pay for services, like accessing an online learning course on a platform running somewhere outside the EU, i legally don't have to pay german import-tariff, but instead the VAT of the country where this service is rendered. For example, as far as i know, a german company could pay Coaster (his company) to run a website/webserver/online shop in the US for a price of his choosing, including the "license rights" to his trademarks and whatever else you can think of that is needed to run a shop without infringing on his rights without having to pay german import-tariff / VAT on that, except the regular VAT that applies at the seat of his company (hopefully Delaware ;-)) He could sell the tracks to this company the regular way, but as a reduced price to compensate for the regualr import-tarrif on regular goods. This should be done in a way for him to make his usal bottom line, without loosing any money by selling to us Europeans. Once the Tracks are in Germany, they can be legally sold by the aforementioned company, which should be so small it is a registered "Kleingewerbe" (tax exempt), so there is no additional VAT. Im not sure if this works for all EU country's, because so far i have only dealt with imports. If you think this is crazy, yes, german tax laws on the whole are insane.
  4. Oh wow, i'd love one of those! Here is my Suggestion on how to deal with the import-tariffs and VAT: It could be done in a way similar to the scheme used by nike or the other big multinationals, as explained in the paradise papers. At least for now this seems to be legal. A quick summary can be read here: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/06/nike-tax-paradise-papers. This could be structured to avoid just VAT and tarrifs instead of avoiding all taxes in general like they do :-D
  5. HiFish

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    Thank you! The hardest part was figuring out a way to avoid a collision between the 9V-Box an the window piece at the top. The solution can be seen in the last picture: I used the old-style pieces for the 90-degree rotation of the studs, which have excatcly the same thickness as the window-piece-frame. This allows the closed window to slide in exactly next to the 9V-Box.
  6. HiFish

    Lego 60097 Tram converted to monorail

    I have seen several Images of Monorail-Conversions based on the 9V-Brick, but couldn't find a version I was happy with because it blocked to much of the tram. I spent some time over the holidays fiddling with my own tram and found a vertical solution i am happy with. Basicly i mountet the 9V-Block in a way that it fits verticaly inside one of the 4-wide windows. I tried to give the engine block a somewhat futuristic look, fitting an "all-glass"-Tram. I am not perfectly happy with the second carriage, maybe i will redo it when i get 2 more windows. Sorry for the image quality, i could get a focused picture with the whole tram, the Images of the Details are better. Click on the Tram to view the Image Gallery: The ownly downside so far is that now the Airport-Monorail looks quite ridiculously small next to it :-/
  7. HiFish

    ? Power for trains

    If you build a dedicated charging siding it might be easier to use a single classic 9v rail for this, combined with a custom pickup wheelset as described here: Alternatively you could use a broken 9V-Motor-Bogey which as a pure power-pickup after you remove the motor.
  8. HiFish

    Going Nuclear!

    There is also some great inspiration to be found in the Fallout-Game-series, design wise. Here a Nuclear Engine from Fallout 4: https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/9/9f/FO4_Locomotive.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151116212444
  9. Very nice, i am seriously considering backing this. Some hurdles though: - 33% shipping cost to germany is quite painful. on top of that the unlucky recipient might get hit with an additional 19% VAT(on everything including shipping costs), if it gets picked up by customs. Ist there a way to do Bulk-shipping to the EU ? I volunteer, but im sure you'd want someone in a country with less VAT ;) - At the end of the Process it asks me for a Credit Card. I dont have one, and i dont plan to get one just for this. Around here people commonly use bank cards. Isn't there supposed to be a way to back Kickstarter projects with my amazon account or Paypal or something? Is there any chance you will expand this to metal Rails? You know, for us "you have to claw that 9v-engine out of my cold dead hands"-people... Oh, one more question, are the Switches made in a way that you can automate them reliably without modding? Greetings from Saxony :) PS: the Monorail Stuff you guys are doing looks great!
  10. HiFish

    Which lego train set ?

    The Horizen Express is based on the TGV, a very fast french train, so that fits better with the parisian restaurant :-)
  11. HiFish

    Union Pacific Big Boy # 4014

    It's so pretty! How does it run on the standard curves and switches? Is it meant for running or more for a diorama?
  12. HiFish

    9 Year old review

    That's adorable! And i am suddenly very glad there was no youtube or internet when i got my monorail at his age :-D
  13. I think it would look very nice in a rural layout, as i guess is intended. Only thing bugging me is the missing Stairs / Ladder to the second floor. That's like the modern lego trains without doors, in kind of breaks the immersion. I guess the double-seats (which cannot be used) are meant as benches? Maybe you could use some brick-built benches that offer some more detail for the station and are more compatible with the minifig anatomy? Just my 2 cents, i have only non-moc stations so far :)
  14. HiFish

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    It looks real great, even running around the sharp lego rail curves!
  15. HiFish

    Karlsruhe Park Railway

    Wow, that comes together realy nice. We have a similar Parkeisenbahn here in Dresden with steam engines from the 1920s, but the scale (Liliputbahn) is so weird that it would not work out in lego with figs. Love the Details on the flowers and trees (especially the bee-minifig)!