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  1. cefa

    [MOC] Ice Piercer LDE-1516 (version 2)

    Ah thanks for the input...was a little surprised I could only upload a 0.1 mb photo but have experienced similar things on other places when being a not so frequent user with very few posts. Like you get bilgger upload capasity when you are more active. But that was not the case then. That is why I mentioned in the text to look up my album on Flickr. Here is a link to my Flickr-account: Kim Cefa Thanks!
  2. Ice Piercer LDE-1516 At last, the Ice Piercer is once again assembled. About three years ago, in the very end of 2016, I posted the finished version one of this build, the Ice Piercer LD-118. I had it shown at a exhibition in Ängelholm, Sweden but after that I dismantled it and started to redesign it, this time in Bricklink Studio instead of LDD. Between the time I started to design the first version and until it was finished I got lots of new ideas, had learned many new techniques and there were lots of new, fun parts that I wanted to use. In early 2019 I thought I had finished the redesign and started to buy new parts. In the end I think that I bought about 15.000 new parts since I sorted out lots of bad parts and had added a great deal of new parts to the build. But every day since then I got new ideas, added more parts and bought more parts. This MOC now exceeds 39.000 pieces. In late october the building started again. Due to both vacation, sickness and work it took way longer to finish than I had planned. But today is the day to reveal it all. The new Ice Piercer LDE-1516. And this time it is complete for real. There will be no more adding, removing or rebuilding. It’s time for other projects now. Hope you like it! To see more pictures, visit my Flickr-accouny. Here is a link: Kim Cefa //Kim Cefa
  3. Hi!I have been in contact with the Studio team and sent them both files and videos of the centering problem I have but they havnt been able to even recreate the issue that I have. So Im trying my luck here and hope anyone might have an answer to my problem cause its extremely annoying.I have uploaded a video of the problem. https://youtu.be/Y4kL2XYtXU0Centering is done with standard setting (spacebar)Im running an ASUS FX553VD-DM199T with Windows 10 and a Samsung C49J890 49" Ultra-Widescreen monitor.Maybe there is some setting that I overlooked that someone can help me with.Thanks in advance for the help :)
  4. I dont have a *pip* clue what the hell I was doing. I was trying out searching for basically every number between 1-99 to find any other match than 24 in materials since I figured that must be the color reference. For some reason I must have missed 21 :P Didnt understand what you ment by developer mode at first but now I've found it and it's like opening a whole new door to LDD :) Many many thanks for mentioning it. Have never heard about it before. And last but not least. My problem was resolved and the missing piece was found! Thanks you all!!! :)
  5. Thanks alot t-brick. Found it while searching in spotlight even though the library folder was "hidden" But just as SylvainLS said it was of no use. The info about searching for yellow or red pieces was not possible. Couldnt find any referens to color in the file at all. And opening the file in LDD rendered the model in all yellow, with the missing piece still missing :( No one else haveing any good intel on how to find out what brick is missing? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone! I found an old post here on the forums regarding the UnplaceableBricksDump.lxfml file. This file could be opened in a text-editor to figure out what parts had been removed because they were placed incorrectly. It said something that all pieced in this file got yellow and the once that had been removed in the lxf-file would be red here so it would be easy to search for them and find out what piece it was. However, the answers in that post only covered this file in a windows-environment and I have tried to find this file on Mac for quite some time now. Does anyone know where this file might be placed on OSX? Does it go by the same name and the same file-extension or is it something different? Hope someone can help me?
  7. Thanks all for the nice comments. About to buuld a wooden frsme so I can transport it. It will also allow me to get it set ut for much better photos and maybe a video. Many who have asked about the LDD file lately and I will try to make a manual and smsll description and publish it. Will get back on that. Once again! Thanks
  8. Thanks! They are designed to move and they do but the problem is the weight and the fact that all the pieces do only fit like 99.9% and because of that pieces from the crawlers get stuck with the main structure. But in a 100% perfect world, they would move :)
  9. cefa

    [LDD] Ice Piercer LD-118 (Ice Planet)

    A new topic with the finished MOC can now be found here
  10. After many hours and lots of money spend my MOC is finally done. I posted a topic about my LDD project on february 8 and got some nice response. Now, almost 11 months later, The MOC is done. It consists of over 25700 pieces and took several weeks to build and assemble. At the moment it stands on our unfinished second floor and since it weights so much Im having a hard time moving it. So I had to decide to take pictures with crappy background or wait until I got some help to move it and set up a mini studio to take some nice photos. But I was to eager to show the creation so Im sorry, but you will have to excuse the crappy background of the pictures and also the crappy quality of some of the pictures. Hope you like it and you can find more pictures on my Flickr-account. LD-118_Ice_Piercer by Kim Cefa, on Flickr LD-118 Ice Piercer by Kim Cefa, on Flickr the_crew by Kim Cefa, on Flickr Hope you like it have a very nice end of the year 2016! Thanks, Kim Cefa
  11. Very nice :) Would really like to know how you build the tail lights. What did you use as a center piece to get all the small satellite dishes to face bottom out? [EDIT] SOLVED IT! :)
  12. I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT.....soo happy :P How the heck did I miss it, looked everything over 3 times :P
  13. Have you found it....have been so looking forward to this piece but...but where is it??? :( Update: Looked through everywhere if they misplaced it but cant find it...did they seriously forget/ignore it...
  14. cefa

    [LDD] Ice Piercer LD-118 (Ice Planet)

    Thanks for the nice comments. Alot has happend in the structure to keep it from collapsing from the weight when I actually build it. But the visible parts still the same. Washed all my lego yesterday and sorted it. Now I just have to go over what I got and what I need to buy to avtually build it :)