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  1. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I believe that is correct. Also, the large brown slope pieces at the front and rear, I don't think this part exists even today. Appears to be one continuous shallow slope, 1 brick of rise over 6 studs. I agree that would look better than with the tubes. Two of these panels would look pretty good too, but didn't appear in trans-clear until the late 90s I think. Could be installed in either direction.
  2. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I guess I shouldn't have been so specific when saying 80's since I'm not sure when the prototypes were developed. It could have been in 1990 or so, since two of the other prototypes are 9v, so I should have said "period correct." Your shutter variation looks nice, and indeed I did test out your single shutter model. I know the original photo is a bit blurry, but I am quite confident my version is correct in this regard. I did a careful measurement on the photo, and the single shutters are too narrow, the double too wide. The part didn't appear in a set until 1991 apparently, but it was surely available to LEGO designers for at least sometime before that. It looks like quite a few were used in brown on the brown prototype engine as well, a whopping 20 on the visible side.
  3. [MOC] Classic train - 12v Shell Terminal

    This looks very nice! Excellent job of using vintage parts to create an authentic look. My one suggestion to make it less like a MOC and more like a production set is to increase the play-ability. Sets from this era all have clever little ways to allow kids to play with them more, especially a set of this size. For example, you could incorporate hoses and reels to transfer fuel to/from trains. You could also include a small service vehicle, or even your own design of a tanker car. Just a small suggestion, again it looks very nice!
  4. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    Here it is from 2009: Also a link to the thread :
  5. Interesting read, any additional information would be great. Thanks for the various links Holger! Interesting, I own two of these and tried them out quite a bit. It's been a few years, but I seem to remember them working quite well for me given their reputation after a little practice.
  6. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I think it would look pretty nice, but I don't think Lego would have used this part in that way. Too MOCish. I got the photo of the prototype right in this forum, along with 3 other ones. I think it was from a few years ago, and the photos were given to someone who had interviewed the designer. It may have originated from one of the magazines you mentioned, I'm not sure.
  7. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    There are two other areas that are less important, but I had trouble figuring out from the fuzzy original image. First the fuel tanks. I think I have it right or at least close? IMG_20170917_142153827 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170917_074124087 by jet_flap, on Flickr Second, the black top of the engine compartment, the area with the two exhaust stacks. I did mine with 4 2x4 bricks in a row. This is probably not right, maybe instead a 4x8 plate on top with stacked 1x8 plates under it? Incidentally, The inside of the engine compartment is hollow save for the standard 2 train weights, except for the end with the ladders. IMG_20170917_142538052 by jet_flap, on Flickr Lastly, I am quite pleased with how the headlamps worked out on the end. It took me quite a few different tries but I think I got it correct. In the end the solution was typical for LEGO of the era: Simple! I love trying to figure out these little details in recreating this set, and the sets from 7777. IMG_20170917_142038675 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170917_141753514 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  8. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I think you are right about that part. I am quite sure that is what is used on this prototype as the louvers for the engine compartment. That could very well be the case with set 4564 as well, although the only real similarity in the end was the color. I had previously tried both these ideas, I just modified it again now for a few photos, to see what you guys think: This one looks the best I think, I'm just not sure they would have covered the bottom of those middle windows like that. I can not think of any case in a production set where a window of any type was half covered. IMG_20170917_141200400 by jet_flap, on Flickr This one is what I was referring to when I mentioned too many different window styles, it just looks odd. IMG_20170917_142357220 by jet_flap, on Flickr I only had one of the half-windows at hand, but you get the idea. If they made them in black for the prototype, this would look good. It would have been quite a late year to still be using this particular part though, I believe. IMG_20170917_142832285 by jet_flap, on Flickr All of these options by the way create a destabilization when you try to remove the roof, being two bricks plus a plate high back there without any interlocking of parts, which I also find unlikely in a production set. It's quite possible these details had not yet been fully worked out. I would still be interested in hearing other ideas. I had also tried two 1x2 Technic bricks in the center, kind of a porthole affect, but again not likely.
  9. I posted some photos of this set in my 7777 thread, but I wanted to tap the community brain trust, and didn't want it to get lost or confused in the other thread. To recap, this is my attempt at recreating the prototype. IMG_20170904_062803990 by jet_flap, on Flickr Original Photo: 12V_2 by jet_flap, on Flickr My primary question relates to an unseen area in the photo, the rear (or is it front?) windows. I have left them "blank", but there should be 4 windows here. IMG_20170917_070536243 by jet_flap, on Flickr 6289140695_d0d01da386_b by jet_flap, on Flickr My best guess, is they used two of these on the sides... 29 by jet_flap, on Flickr ... and two of these in the center. To my knowledge, no variation of this part was released in black however, so that would be impossible to recreate. 27 by jet_flap, on Flickr I am looking for ideas on this. Is there some other option I am missing? Remember the parts would have to have existed by the late 80's. The center windows have to fit in one brick high worth of space. The plate on top has to stay as is, to follow the normal convention of allowing a removable roof. IMG_20170917_070725019 by jet_flap, on Flickr They could have used two of these windows, but I doubt they would have had the bottom half crudely overlapped. 7026 by jet_flap, on Flickr I would love to hear anyone's ideas on this. It is interesting to also note, they already used a curious mix of old and new windows on the front (I think I have this right) so having another more odd style of window in the back doesn't make much sense either. IMG_20170904_062812619 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  10. Building 7777

    Borrowing from Holgers idea, here is another train engine that is not from 7777 but fits right in, my recreation of a LEGO prototype set from the late 80's. UP SW10. Someone on this forum posted 4 prototype set photos years ago, I would love to have higher quality images of these if anyone has them. Of the 4 sets, I believe this is the only one that can be recreated accurately as the other 3 contain significant unreleased parts. Also. for anyone interested, I posted a few more photos of my 7777 sets on my Flickr page, and organized them into an album. IMG_20170904_062812619 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_062828616 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_062757507 by jet_flap, on Flickr 12V_2 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  11. Building 7777

    Very nice JasperL! I like Holgers idea of keeping it vintage inside, but then it's builders choice. I could see it with a couple computer stations with chairs, but there is a lot of space upstairs and down. Maybe an old school coffee maker or telephone too. Holger- very nice work, but not quite 80ish enough perhaps? Too much SNOT and modern parts I think.
  12. Building 7777

    I'm not exactly sure what you are referring too here, do you mean the single track in front it offset by one half a track length from the two center parallel track lengths? The front single track is actually not connected at all to the baseplates for the set, but is one stud away, so I don't consider it be part of the set. I just laid a peice there for the photo. This differs from the train station sets Lego has released from the era where there is enough overhang on the baseplate to clip the edge of the track to. That would be a great build, you should go for it! I would like to build this whole scene some day. I especially love the little water station on page 31 (also visible on page 41). I have the coal crane on the classic space baseplate built already but it doesn't look too impressive all by itself.
  13. Building 7777

    Thank you for the kind words all! Zephyr- I would like to build the grand layout someday, I would need a lot more yellow Technic though! Almost everything else is a real set in this layout, sets which I already have. I would love to build that fuel farm though, it is definitely on the list. I have plenty track and track accessories for everything else. Holger- I remember your layout when you first posted it, very nice! That is what inspired me to post my creations when I finally got around to it.... The steam engine was the most expensive thing to build by far. Most of the parts in this idea guide are pretty basic due to it's age, but the engine uses multiple of those old style windows (narrow and wide), 3 large train wheel sets and red boogie plates, and of course the red 12v motor. All of the parts in all of these builds are period correct vintage parts, BTW. I spent a lot of time pouring over the photos in the book to make these as accurate as possible with regard to every piece. In some cases, a piece is completely hidden from all photos, and then I just had to use an educated guess on how it was built, but one would be surprised at how accurate you can be if you look close enough. My current project is the large red engine shed from the back page. Only the one photo, so I had to guess on how long it should be. I though one baseplate would be kind of short, so I went with two. I drew it up in LDD, and am now in the process of ordering parts. Train Shed by jet_flap, on Flickr
  14. Building 7777

    What do you do once you collect all the 12v sets and still yearn for more? You could build MOCs of course, or you could try a different challenge. Instead of just looking at the pretty pictures, try to build out of the 7777 Idea Book! Here are some of my results from over the years... IMG_20170903_195512061 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170903_200034205 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_055921522 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_062934070 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_060517229 by jet_flap, on Flickr More... IMG_20170904_064331531 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_064534532 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_062654748 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_061351760 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170904_060550399 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  15. Part 2530 (Cutlass) in ABS plastic?

    Thanks guys, that all sounds right. As someone who only collects vintage sets and has done so for many years, its pretty rare and exciting to come across a part or even variation that I have never seen before. It's sounds like they made a pretty limited number of the ABS version before switching over, but certainly enough that the part is not truly rare. I went ahead and put in a request to add the variation to the Bricklink catalog, as I think it warrants a separate entry. I agree the ABS shortsword and also cutlass are more prone to snapping, but they are still superior to the soft plastic version from a collector standpoint! The soft plastic variety gets chewed up pretty easily, even just from clipping into a minifig hand, any many of them look bad. By the way, does anyone know the official name for this type of plastic? With regards to the brown variations of bows/quivers, it is indeed a pain to match them all correctly when refinishing a set. Of course there are at least two different shades of all the brown ABS accessories as well: lances, spears, halberds and all other old brown ABS parts such as the ladder piece and wagon wheels. I just try to keep a good supply of spares on hand!