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  1. @Bricked1980 Oh yes, I used to spend hours looking at the layouts in the old catalogs too. They were full of them! It's still my dream to have another layout again, only bigger and better of course. Up on tables and with the same sort of backdrop the catalogs always used, with the green rolling hills. I've seen photos of layouts where collectors did a good job of recreating the effect. Looking at that catalog you linked, I can see I will need more trees, I have about 10 packs worth or so but that won't be enough! I have been stockpiling track, vintage base plates and such in hopes I get one done someday. It will be all official sets, except for some of my 7777 sets if they fit in with the feel of it. @Andy Glascott That's a great layout, thanks for sharing. The custom buildings especially the blue platform/station look awesome. Must have taken some serious talent to run both those intersecting inner loops simultaneously!
  2. Here are all of my motors. I can not confirm the set origin on any of them: B2 28/81 R3 34/3 R2 49/2 B3 28/2 B3 03/6 B3 18/6 R1 35/0 B2 24/2 B4 23/8 B3 29/4 B3 45/2 R3 06/4 R1 17/0 B1 41/0 B2 22/81 B3 47/5 B3 16/8
  3. Holger's post, top center of first photo, the 2 light posts on the control console.
  4. Nice layout, and great MOCs! I never did anything that extensive, generally leaving my sets the way they came. I only had a few classic space sets which I didn't care as much for and a small amount of loose bricks that I used to build my own creations. My parents got a lot of sets from S@H for me, including the crane set (1489). It would be interesting to create a list of S@H exclusives from that era, I don't think I've seen such a list before. I doubt any brick and mortar store sold these sets, as the catalogs specifically mention them as exclusive. I think some rare sets were exclusive to Brick Kicks subscribers too? You are very fortunate to have had 12v sets as a child in the US! Although in hindsight, it is maybe better I didn't even know they existed. They did not appear in any catalog I ever got my hands on anyway. I first learned about their existence when Bricklink was first created. I was shocked (and awed) to learn about them! I remember when I was little being idly curious about the extra rails included with both Container Crane (7823) and Car Transport Depot (7839). I also received a crossing with the electric rails. Not sure why that was what was available instead of the one without in the US. Incidentally, the one without electric rails are harder to find compared to ones with rails. I think I just assumed these odd metal rails were for some future electric train system that Lego decided not to make! Little did I know. Also the Manual Level Crossing (7835) which I had in my youth has a provision to install conducting rails, although they were not included. I don't think the instructions show how to do this, but it might be on the back of the box, I can't remember.
  5. Holger, that's a great layout! I see yours more as a Train layout that happens to have some Town buildings, where as mine was more of a Town layout that happened to have a Train. The lack of 12v in the US is obvious when comparing the layouts. I like your apparent use of light posts to light up your switch controls! I was wondering how, when you were a child, you acquired all the yellow Technic needed for the ramps and bridges?
  6. Unfortunately, I do not. I've always been more of a lurker on these boards and online in general. There is a lot of information on this forum however, if you search the old posts you will find some good information, and might be able to make a contact. A far as what I think about 7735, since it's purely a matter of opinion, that I can answer! I've always liked it, maybe because it is a little odd, but I love the color scheme of the engine. I think its better than 7720 or 7745 anyway.
  7. Yes, I got most of them on Bricklink and a few on Ebay. It takes a while, but they come along! 7727 had the shortest production time, 2 years I believe, hence it's rarity and high cost. I only collected one of each set without regard to variation, but I know there are collectors out there that are experts in these variations.
  8. Whoa! We do collect almost exactly the same. I also start with 1978 and exclude early non-headlight/minifig inside sets. I also end around 1998, although this date is a little fuzzy for me, depending on the line. For example, I stop collecting space sets at Unitron, I don't care for fantasy/alien sets so I don't collect Explorien and later (Exploriens start in 1996). For this reason I also don't care for or collect Aquazone. Like you, I don't collect Town Jr. either. I don't think I will ever get into Fabuland, but will probably get Paradisa, although I don't have any yet. Technic is a low priority line for me as well. I think my complete list is just under 1000, very much like your 850 but it does have 120 Technic on it. I also don't consider multiple set numbers for the same set necessary. When the difference is polybag vs. box I try to get the box version which is the non-USA version just because I like the boxes better, but if I end up with one of each I will keep both. It sounds like we own about the same number of different sets. You should post some photos! I have about 750 total, but that includes a lot of duplicates of accessory sets like track and base-plate packs. It will probably take a lifetime for me to get them all! I try not to overpay or get in a hurry to buy something. Also Space and Technic are low priority for me so who knows on those... The value packs are hard to find in the US as well, maybe that's why I find them so cool! Here is a photo of what I have so far. IMG_20180129_064620857 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  9. Thanks for the nice comments all! ColletArrow- I see what you mean about that last photo, it's as if the town is so big, the mass of buildings gets lost in the distance! Purely unintentional I assure you! Splatman- Yes it was a walk out basement- an easy escape. I dream of someday once again having a town layout, only bigger! Grrr- Just to be clear, the layouts were all of my sets when I was little. The boxes on the shelves are my current collection. But yes, I was a very fortunate child! As I child I only collected the town sets, but now I collect everything from the era. My collections is complete in some areas, I have all the pirates/western/12v&4.5v train/castle sets. (Missing boxes from some of the small castle sets still.) I have most of the major town sets but am missing hundreds of smalls. Missing a lot of space, especially classic and futron. Working on 9v trains. Also working on model team and a long way to go on techinic. Of course, I am always trying to improve what I already have, part-wise just about everything is mint or close to it, but some boxes are missing inserts, things like that.
  10. Just one idea, if someone has a large European catalog from 1993 to check for 5086, I believe these catalogs came with a fairly extensive service pack section in the middle. I have one from 1996 that is this way, but I think all 12v was done by this time. The catalog scans on Peeron do not seem to include this section.
  11. Building 7777

    Paperinik77pk- I love all your photos, thanks for sharing! The Blue SW10 looks great. Some day if I ever get around to re-creating the stickers I will have to send you a set. I have not build the the tipper wagons yet, do they tip smoothly? Did you happen to build the track side dumps with the automatic tipping feature? I'm curious how well it works in real life. Also referencing your yellow shed and lack of parts, I bought a nice mostly complete copy of the old yellow castle that was missing it's box and instructions, used all the yellow pieces, and was able to sell the minifigs/weapons/stickers for about what I paid for the whole set. Also did this for the engine factory, it's a good way to ensure you are using vintage pieces too!
  12. I posted a photo of a Town/Train layout from my childhood in another thread, but have more photos and decided it would make an interesting thread! Does any one else have photos from 1980-something (or 1990-something, or even older)? Here are some of mine, in order from oldest to newest- please forgive the photo quality, these were shot with a cheap film camera, clutched in the sweaty hands of a small boy! It may seem like a large amount of sets for a kid to acquire, but from age 6 and on Lego was the ONLY thing I wanted for years and years of birthdays and Christmases. The shine of Lego never wore off for me. Plus a few of these sets were my older brother's... This is the oldest layout I have- the year is 1988, we had just moved to a new house which had a finished basement that doubled as my bedroom. Finally, I had the room to have a permanent layout! Layout 1 (1) by jet_flap, on Flickr Probably not much later, I built this second layout. Most sets are the same, but notice how I put my new train cross to use- however pointless it was in this application! Layout 2 by jet_flap, on Flickr I soon found it challenge to create efficient layouts with trial and error. I had a limited amount of road plates, and a lot of buildings to fit in. As my town continued to grow, it became very time consuming trying to fit everything in. Therefore, I started to design my layouts using little one inch squares cut out of paperboard. Each square had the road drawn on it (straight, curve, T, or Cross). I also had I piece for each set I owned that was on a base plate. This made it very easy to plan a layout before assembling the real thing! Layout 3 Layout 3 (1) by jet_flap, on Flickr Layout 4 Layout 4 (1) by jet_flap, on Flickr Layout 5- This was my last layout. At this point we moved again and I no longer had the space for a permanent layout. I was also 17, and had lost interested in having it set up anyway! (You can find these and a few more photos of these layouts from different angles on my Flickr page.) Layout 5 by jet_flap, on Flickr At this point you might be asking yourself, what did he do with all his Lego after that? Is there a sad ending? Did he give them all away? Sell them at a garage sale? No indeed! I kept them! Every. Single. One. In fact, not only did I keep every set, but ever since the first set I kept every instruction sheet and every box too! I still have them all, and now many more, and I continue to add to my collection to this day! I hope you have enjoyed these photos! IMG_20170701_163412675 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170701_163346494 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170701_163335389 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170701_163316543 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170701_163252854 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170701_163238473 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  13. It definitely came with 7722, I never had the service pack when I was a child. I believe I got it in 1989 but I may be off a year. I am just headed out of town, but I can study some old photos when I return and see if I can pin it down exactly. Also, I know it was ordered from Shop-at- home. Here is a photo of it going around my childhood layout a couple years later. A bit blurry with the old film camera, but you can make out the black switch! Layout (2) by jet_flap, on Flickr
  14. MOC - 12V DB BR78

    Looks beautiful! Great use of vintage parts!
  15. What is Town Forum to you?

    You are not alone! I agree completely. Maybe its time for a Vintage LEGO Builder/Collector Forum here on Eurobricks.