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  1. Part 2530 (Cutlass) in ABS plastic?

    Thanks guys, that all sounds right. As someone who only collects vintage sets and has done so for many years, its pretty rare and exciting to come across a part or even variation that I have never seen before. It's sounds like they made a pretty limited number of the ABS version before switching over, but certainly enough that the part is not truly rare. I went ahead and put in a request to add the variation to the Bricklink catalog, as I think it warrants a separate entry. I agree the ABS shortsword and also cutlass are more prone to snapping, but they are still superior to the soft plastic version from a collector standpoint! The soft plastic variety gets chewed up pretty easily, even just from clipping into a minifig hand, any many of them look bad. By the way, does anyone know the official name for this type of plastic? With regards to the brown variations of bows/quivers, it is indeed a pain to match them all correctly when refinishing a set. Of course there are at least two different shades of all the brown ABS accessories as well: lances, spears, halberds and all other old brown ABS parts such as the ladder piece and wagon wheels. I just try to keep a good supply of spares on hand!
  2. Part 2530 (Cutlass) in ABS plastic?

    Correct, it is definitely ABS. It's hard to tell from the photo, but it is hard and shiny. Just like the ABS short sword from the castle line.
  3. I came across something I've never seen today in a copy of 6274 Caribbean Clipper I picked up, the Cutlasses were made of ABS plastic. Unlike the old castle short-swords which came in both ABS and the newer soft plastic, Bricklink does not list an ABS variation of the Cutlass. My question is, is this part more common than I think? I've owned many, many classic pirate sets, including my own complete collection, and have never seen one before. The set they came in is clearly an early copy, as the large flag came with stickers rather than printing as in later sets. Photo shows ABS above soft plastic version: