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  1. Interesting, the 7722 set I got as a child in the US has the black switch. I believe it was in 1990. Maybe it was a late production run thing. I think I have another red wagon with black switch as well, so I doubt it's rare. In fact, when I first saw your photo, I was wondering why you had so many of the red wagons with red switches, I thought that was unique to the blue wagons. It's less likely but maybe it is a US thing to have the black switch? More likely its a late run variation though I would guess.
  2. 9v Controller Repair Question

    Thank you for the quick response guys! I will have to try to find a replacement. I think I have the placement correct Haddock51, here's a photo to verify and in case anyone references this thread in the future. IMG_20171208_120603860_HDR by jet_flap, on Flickr
  3. I acquired an old 9v controller recently. It operates normally, but something was rattling around inside when I shook it. I opened it up to find out what it was and found two small metal pieces which appeared to be a broken in half retaining clip or perhaps something else. I can't for the life of me figure out where this goes, as everything seems to be very secure without it. Does anyone know? I don't have much experience with the 9v system. Incidentally, I was surprised how easy it was to open the controller up, just 4 simple screws. The 12v controller is much harder to open. Of course, back then they made them so they did break, so there was no reason to open them up! I was also surprised by a quantity of little bits of black plastic. I discovered it was the insulation flaking off the wire. Never had a problem with the old 12v wires, even ones 30 years older. I guess it's not just bricks and stickers they make cheaper these days. Sorry, rant over! IMG_20171208_091119014_HDR by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171208_091559711_HDR by jet_flap, on Flickr
  4. Building 7777

    It wasn't hard to find the parts, just expensive. Indeed I did sacrifice a 7750 for the parts. That's over $300 for a nice one plus the cost of the extra windows or a copy of 7810. I was just pointing out it was a lot more expensive to build than other sets from the book, most of which just use basic inexpensive 1980's parts.
  5. Building 7777

    Well, I was trying to decide what to work on next. It was between the Shell fuel depot, cargo depot and coal depot. I actually have parts of the coal depot built already, but I think I'll give the Shell one a try first, as those tanks are just too impressive. It also offer a greater challenge as there are just two small photos to go on, and both run across the spin/fold of the book.
  6. Here's mine: D/F/NL with no axle hole. I am not the original owner of this set, but all parts are mint and period correct so I have high confidence these are original to the set. Always interested in seeing the inventories improved on these old sets! IMG_20171207_105351769 by jet_flap, on Flickr
  7. Building 7777

    I just finished my large red engine shed from the back cover of the 7777 idea guide. There is only one photo of it in the entire book, and that only shows one corner and the front (as seen in the first photo below). I had to guess how long the shed should be and how to handle the pattern of the windows down the sides. I went with two full base plates, due to the large size of the building I thought it would look a bit silly on one. IMG_20171204_165747206 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171204_163129402 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171204_163221989 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171204_163139690 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171204_163521689 by jet_flap, on Flickr It is quite a large building! Here are a few photos comparing it to the yellow shed from earlier in the book. IMG_20171204_164326517 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171204_164348009 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20171204_164433424 by jet_flap, on Flickr It was a fun build, I hope you enjoy the photos! Would you have done anything differently?
  8. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I believe that is correct. Also, the large brown slope pieces at the front and rear, I don't think this part exists even today. Appears to be one continuous shallow slope, 1 brick of rise over 6 studs. I agree that would look better than with the tubes. Two of these panels would look pretty good too, but didn't appear in trans-clear until the late 90s I think. Could be installed in either direction.
  9. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I guess I shouldn't have been so specific when saying 80's since I'm not sure when the prototypes were developed. It could have been in 1990 or so, since two of the other prototypes are 9v, so I should have said "period correct." Your shutter variation looks nice, and indeed I did test out your single shutter model. I know the original photo is a bit blurry, but I am quite confident my version is correct in this regard. I did a careful measurement on the photo, and the single shutters are too narrow, the double too wide. The part didn't appear in a set until 1991 apparently, but it was surely available to LEGO designers for at least sometime before that. It looks like quite a few were used in brown on the brown prototype engine as well, a whopping 20 on the visible side.
  10. [MOC] Classic train - 12v Shell Terminal

    This looks very nice! Excellent job of using vintage parts to create an authentic look. My one suggestion to make it less like a MOC and more like a production set is to increase the play-ability. Sets from this era all have clever little ways to allow kids to play with them more, especially a set of this size. For example, you could incorporate hoses and reels to transfer fuel to/from trains. You could also include a small service vehicle, or even your own design of a tanker car. Just a small suggestion, again it looks very nice!
  11. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    Here it is from 2009: Also a link to the thread : https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6833-pre-production-design/&page=5
  12. Interesting read, any additional information would be great. Thanks for the various links Holger! Interesting, I own two of these and tried them out quite a bit. It's been a few years, but I seem to remember them working quite well for me given their reputation after a little practice.
  13. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    I think it would look pretty nice, but I don't think Lego would have used this part in that way. Too MOCish. I got the photo of the prototype right in this forum, along with 3 other ones. I think it was from a few years ago, and the photos were given to someone who had interviewed the designer. It may have originated from one of the magazines you mentioned, I'm not sure.
  14. 12v UP SW10 set prototype recreation

    There are two other areas that are less important, but I had trouble figuring out from the fuzzy original image. First the fuel tanks. I think I have it right or at least close? IMG_20170917_142153827 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170917_074124087 by jet_flap, on Flickr Second, the black top of the engine compartment, the area with the two exhaust stacks. I did mine with 4 2x4 bricks in a row. This is probably not right, maybe instead a 4x8 plate on top with stacked 1x8 plates under it? Incidentally, The inside of the engine compartment is hollow save for the standard 2 train weights, except for the end with the ladders. IMG_20170917_142538052 by jet_flap, on Flickr Lastly, I am quite pleased with how the headlamps worked out on the end. It took me quite a few different tries but I think I got it correct. In the end the solution was typical for LEGO of the era: Simple! I love trying to figure out these little details in recreating this set, and the sets from 7777. IMG_20170917_142038675 by jet_flap, on Flickr IMG_20170917_141753514 by jet_flap, on Flickr