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  1. Is there a source confirming this is already available in Germany?
  2. I have available the empty retail display boxes for collectable minifigure series 2, 3, 4, 5 and 14. Series 3 and 4 the header has been removed from the box but is still present. They are all flattened with minor shelfwear but otherwise good condition. Asking for a small contribution via PayPal towards postage if you're interested. I'd rather they go to someone else than end up in my recycling bin. Thanks
  3. I'm currently looking to buy various Harry Potter Gear Items (Retail/Store Displays). Unfortunately there are none of the items I'm after currently listed on Bricklink or Ebay, however I have seen them bought and sold in the past, so I'm hopeful that there are some out there. Items I'm looking for: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Retail Display Flag - Harry Potter Hogwarts Game Retail Display Flag (in English) -$_12.JPG Any Harry Potter Sets in Retail Display Cases. The only sets I have been able to confirm the existence of in these cases are 4707, 4754 and 4842 however if you know of any others please let me know. Harry Potter Cardboard Retail Display Header. I've lost the only image I managed to find of this, but it is a large cardboard shelf header from the 2001/2002 wave of HP sets with the brown background and a photograph of a yellow skinned Harry minifigure. If you know of any other Harry Potter Retail Display items not listed (either the existence of them or availability to buy) I would also like to hear from you. Thank you
  4. RubeusHagrid

    Brickset down?

    Huw is posting updates here: Unfortunately it is looking highly improbable that the new site will be launched to fanfare today as planned due to the server issues.
  5. RubeusHagrid

    LEGO for sale

    Ah, you've edited it My comment was in response to your original wording - which is what is highlighted in bold in my quote
  6. RubeusHagrid

    LEGO for sale

    I'll do that - you've got a deal
  7. RubeusHagrid

    RaincloudDustbin Trade Thread...

    Yeah, I can! Don't know what you're on about... Actually, no you can't, and not to be rude, it's best to check your facts before you snap at potential trading partners... Is your inbox full?
  8. RubeusHagrid

    RaincloudDustbin Trade Thread...

    Just pointing out that ASAP is already widely used for As Soon As Possible, and even if you were intentionally re-purposing it, you would want AMAP, not ASAP. Also, unless you're just looking for the torsos, which seems unlikely, you need to get the pictures under the listing for 'Torso assembly' on Bricklink. I thought I'd better let you know that in case you ended up ordering any on Bricklink, and were surprised when you didn't get any arms or hands! You haven't included ** on your key either.
  9. List has been updated, thanks!
  10. RubeusHagrid

    Coastguard HQ Modular Building

    The Coast Guard HQ seems to have gone AWOL? The Brick Fanatics and Flickr links are broken
  11. Hi All, I'm having a bit of a clearout. I have the following items spare: 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue (BNIB) Harry Potter Building The Magical World Book x 5 (brand new including exclusive minifigure) TMNT Splinter Keychain (Brand new) I am happy to sell these, or trade for anything from my wanted list: WANTS: Most Harry Potter sets (preferably new) Multiples of the following 2010/11 HP Minifigs: Dementor, Dobby. Goblin 2010/11 HP Gryffindor/Slytherin School Uniform Torsos Anything off here If you are interested please send me a PM. Many thanks for looking Matthew
  12. RubeusHagrid

    2010/11 Harry potter sets-

    I can only see three? Why are you advertising for sale something you are undecided about selling? I would highly advise that you do that, to make sure that they are 100% complete before attempting to sell to such a bunch of OCD LEGO fanatics as you'd find here No, not particularly. Please understand that while I might be viewed as 'picking holes' in your post, I am merely attempting to educate you into a better seller. I'd advise you learn to be more precise, professional and polite in future.
  13. RubeusHagrid

    2010/11 Harry potter sets-

    Make your mind up! Which is it? Bit vague, aren't you! Could you be a bit more precise: which sets are complete, which are missing pieces and if so which pieces. What condition are the parts in?
  14. I'll take: Lego mining 4x4 with minifigure and dynamite 30152 £1.50 Each Lego Fire boat with minifigure 4992 £1.50 Lego motorbike with minifigure 5626 £1 Pharaohs quest sacarb attack boxed 7305 £2 Pharaohs quest dune buggy polybag 30091 £1.50 Alien conquest Jet pack trooper poly bag 30141 x2 £1.50 Each Harry Potter and chest polybag 30110 x2 £1.50 Each Lego Cars Grem 30121 Polybag £1.50 Lego Creator Dog 7872 £1.50 Viking £2.50 Haz-matt guy x 5 £2 Romans loose x1 £4 bagged x3 £4 space marine x 7 loose £2 bagged x5 £2 neptune x 2 £1.50 little red riding hood x2 £1.50 hippy £1.50 aztec warrior loose x7 £2.50 Bagged x5 £2.50 Are all these new?