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  1. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It looks like it might be an alternate model for 6747 Race Rider: LEGO 6747 Race Rider | Brickset
  2. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That is certainly one of the correct colors, but the piece was much larger. I tried looking through that purple color on Bricklink some time ago, but couldn’t find a match there. I thought it could maybe be some sort of Belville or Gear piece, but I couldn’t spot any good match on my look through Brickshelf.
  3. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I have seen an odd piece that I haven’t been able to identify. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo. I saw a bag of this piece in a second hand store. The piece looks like a flower or knob for a water tap, or like a larger version of a Technic Knob Cog. It was about 6 studs in diameter, with 2x2 hollow studs in the center. On the bottom there is a black spike. The entire piece is about 4 or 5 bricks tall. There were multiple colors of this odd piece, purple, teal and yellow. The colors would suggest that it’s from the end of the 90’s. I hope my description makes some level of sense.
  4. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I think it might be this piece: Minifigure, Weapon Gun, Blaster with Studs on Sides, Bottom, and Front : Part 44709 | BrickLink
  5. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It's a part of an old set of electrical wire: BrickLink - Part 766c01 : LEGO Electric, Connector, 2-Way Male Squared Narrow Long with Center Post [Electric, Wire & Connector] - BrickLink Reference Catalog
  6. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It's a fairly common one from 70's: Sets that have 3004p60: Brick 1 x 2 with Shell Logo I Pattern ( BrickLink Reference Catalog - Sets which Contain Part 3004p60
  7. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Maybe it's this laucher isntead: Kanoka Disk Launcher Small&category=[Bionicle]#T=C Edit: Sorry, didn't notice the later half of your post. I had a hunch that it was some sort of promotional piece similart to the Knights Kingdom PVC figures, but i couldn't find it on brickset.
  8. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    A1 are K’nex parts, not LEGO. A2 and D3/4 are from the same set, 7018 Viking Ship. There are som Bionicle related parts: A disc launcher: A couple of ball launchers: And the thing in the middle looks like some sort of Nestlé cereal related promotional figure. The garage doors have already been mentioned. I don’t know what the rest is, probably not LEGO though.
  9. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It’s the bottom part of an old conveyer belt, the spindel is also a part from it:
  10. Runamuck

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    Here is a link for some of the newer issues of Bicks ‘n Pieces: In general there are a lot of interesting magazine scans on this webpage:
  11. Runamuck

    What type of ship is the Black Seas Barracuda?

    For what it’s worth the old German catalogs actually assign ship types to some of the sets. The Black Seas Barracuda is a Brigantine. The Caribbean Clipper is a Cog. The Skulls Eye Scooner is a 3-masted Barque. The Regegade Runner is not given a clear type, it’s just called Einmast-Piratensegler (roughly translated one-masted pirate sailer). The Imperial Flagship is a Caravel. The Dutch 1996 catalog calls the Armada Flagship a Galleon and calls the Redbeard Runner a warship. Admittedly I don’t really know much about ships, so I don’t know if the types actually fit.
  12. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Let’s see: Wild Style Cole, the shoulder pads are on the Aquaman figure. Not sure about the head thought, that probably from a different figure. Legs from Zugu, rest from Tarantula. Kai head, Flotrax armor and wings, not sure about legs and torso. Aquaman with the aforementioned Cole shoulder pads. The hood is from one version of another of Lloyd, the armor is from a Chima phoenix, not sure about the rest, probably Aaron Fox. Zebraman Lance torso and armor, some version or another of Wu’s head. Leonidas torso and legs with some Batman head or another.
  13. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Let’s give it a try: 1: 80’s or 90’s Town race driver 2: Minecraft figure 3: Ninjago 4: Ninjago 5: Possibly partially a Legends of Chima figure. 6: Ninjago 7: The LEGO movie Wildstyle 8: Too small to see, maybe Ninjago? 9: Too small to see, maybe Exo Force? 10: Ninjago 11: Ninjago 12: Ninjago 13: Legend of Chima lion 14: Aquaman 15: Too small to see, maybe Ninjago? 16: Can’t see due to the light 17: Probably Ninjago 18: Maybe Adventurers? 19: Not sure, Ninja Turtles? Ninjago? 20: Not sure, Ninjago? 21:Legend of Chima Lion 22: Nexo Knights 23: No idea 24: Castle 25: Ninjago 26: Nexo Knights 27: Ninjago? 28: Legend of Chima wolf 29: Ninjago 30: Legend of Chime eagle head 31: Possibly Ninjago 32: City 33: Not sure 34: Star Wars Clone- or Stormtrooper? 35: Nexo Knights 36: Ninjago 37: City policeman 38: Ninjago 39: Chima head, Ninjago torso 40: Ninjago? 41: Ninjago 42: Star Wars C-3PO 43: Can’t see due to the light 44: Not sure 45: Not sure 46: Ninjago 47: Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit 48: Castle? 49: City? 50: Ninjago? 51: Ninjago No idea how accurate this is, but it might be a push in the right direction.
  14. Runamuck

    [WIP] 6255 Golden Medallion Comic - Colorization and DTP

    Thanks, it is nice to hear that the work I put into it is still being appreciated. It is very interesting to see what the French character names are. It’s also good to know what some of the wordplay for their names is, one wouldn’t catch that without knowing French, and running it through google translate would not be of much help in that department. There is a ton of traced art in the Ladybird books. An odd little detail in that regard is that captain Foul’s ship the Barracuda, is not even the ship from the comic at all. The Ladybird version of the Barracuda is actually the ship that the pirates attack in the start of the comic, called the Golden Loot in the audio version. The model for the comic version of the Barracuda does actually appear in the Ladybird books, but as a different ship. Captain Jonah’s ship the Hesperus is traced from the comic version of the Barracuda.
  15. Runamuck

    [MOC] The Flying Dutchman

    Thanks for the comments. There actually is a bottle of rum on the ship. I don’t think it can be seen in the photos, but on either side of one of the masts there are two barrels. One of them has a fish in it, the one on the other sine has a bottle standing on top of it. The front end of the ship is inspired a bit by the Red Beard Runner, although mostly just to get the height right so the triple guns won’t be blocked. The color of the sails comes from the fact that it was the only green paper I had around. I would have preferred something a bit darker, but for the moment Kermit the Frog green will have to do.