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  1. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It's a fairly common one from 70's: Sets that have 3004p60: Brick 1 x 2 with Shell Logo I Pattern ( BrickLink Reference Catalog - Sets which Contain Part 3004p60
  2. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Maybe it's this laucher isntead: Kanoka Disk Launcher Small&category=[Bionicle]#T=C Edit: Sorry, didn't notice the later half of your post. I had a hunch that it was some sort of promotional piece similart to the Knights Kingdom PVC figures, but i couldn't find it on brickset.
  3. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    A1 are K’nex parts, not LEGO. A2 and D3/4 are from the same set, 7018 Viking Ship. There are som Bionicle related parts: A disc launcher: A couple of ball launchers: And the thing in the middle looks like some sort of Nestlé cereal related promotional figure. The garage doors have already been mentioned. I don’t know what the rest is, probably not LEGO though.
  4. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    It’s the bottom part of an old conveyer belt, the spindel is also a part from it:
  5. Runamuck

    Bricks 'N Pieces Magazine scans...

    Here is a link for some of the newer issues of Bicks ‘n Pieces: In general there are a lot of interesting magazine scans on this webpage:
  6. Runamuck

    What type of ship is the Black Seas Barracuda?

    For what it’s worth the old German catalogs actually assign ship types to some of the sets. The Black Seas Barracuda is a Brigantine. The Caribbean Clipper is a Cog. The Skulls Eye Scooner is a 3-masted Barque. The Regegade Runner is not given a clear type, it’s just called Einmast-Piratensegler (roughly translated one-masted pirate sailer). The Imperial Flagship is a Caravel. The Dutch 1996 catalog calls the Armada Flagship a Galleon and calls the Redbeard Runner a warship. Admittedly I don’t really know much about ships, so I don’t know if the types actually fit.
  7. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Let’s see: Wild Style Cole, the shoulder pads are on the Aquaman figure. Not sure about the head thought, that probably from a different figure. Legs from Zugu, rest from Tarantula. Kai head, Flotrax armor and wings, not sure about legs and torso. Aquaman with the aforementioned Cole shoulder pads. The hood is from one version of another of Lloyd, the armor is from a Chima phoenix, not sure about the rest, probably Aaron Fox. Zebraman Lance torso and armor, some version or another of Wu’s head. Leonidas torso and legs with some Batman head or another.
  8. Runamuck

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Let’s give it a try: 1: 80’s or 90’s Town race driver 2: Minecraft figure 3: Ninjago 4: Ninjago 5: Possibly partially a Legends of Chima figure. 6: Ninjago 7: The LEGO movie Wildstyle 8: Too small to see, maybe Ninjago? 9: Too small to see, maybe Exo Force? 10: Ninjago 11: Ninjago 12: Ninjago 13: Legend of Chima lion 14: Aquaman 15: Too small to see, maybe Ninjago? 16: Can’t see due to the light 17: Probably Ninjago 18: Maybe Adventurers? 19: Not sure, Ninja Turtles? Ninjago? 20: Not sure, Ninjago? 21:Legend of Chima Lion 22: Nexo Knights 23: No idea 24: Castle 25: Ninjago 26: Nexo Knights 27: Ninjago? 28: Legend of Chima wolf 29: Ninjago 30: Legend of Chime eagle head 31: Possibly Ninjago 32: City 33: Not sure 34: Star Wars Clone- or Stormtrooper? 35: Nexo Knights 36: Ninjago 37: City policeman 38: Ninjago 39: Chima head, Ninjago torso 40: Ninjago? 41: Ninjago 42: Star Wars C-3PO 43: Can’t see due to the light 44: Not sure 45: Not sure 46: Ninjago 47: Lord of the Rings/ the Hobbit 48: Castle? 49: City? 50: Ninjago? 51: Ninjago No idea how accurate this is, but it might be a push in the right direction.
  9. Runamuck

    [WIP] 6255 Golden Medallion Comic - Colorization and DTP

    Thanks, it is nice to hear that the work I put into it is still being appreciated. It is very interesting to see what the French character names are. It’s also good to know what some of the wordplay for their names is, one wouldn’t catch that without knowing French, and running it through google translate would not be of much help in that department. There is a ton of traced art in the Ladybird books. An odd little detail in that regard is that captain Foul’s ship the Barracuda, is not even the ship from the comic at all. The Ladybird version of the Barracuda is actually the ship that the pirates attack in the start of the comic, called the Golden Loot in the audio version. The model for the comic version of the Barracuda does actually appear in the Ladybird books, but as a different ship. Captain Jonah’s ship the Hesperus is traced from the comic version of the Barracuda.
  10. Runamuck

    [MOC] The Flying Dutchman

    Thanks for the comments. There actually is a bottle of rum on the ship. I don’t think it can be seen in the photos, but on either side of one of the masts there are two barrels. One of them has a fish in it, the one on the other sine has a bottle standing on top of it. The front end of the ship is inspired a bit by the Red Beard Runner, although mostly just to get the height right so the triple guns won’t be blocked. The color of the sails comes from the fact that it was the only green paper I had around. I would have preferred something a bit darker, but for the moment Kermit the Frog green will have to do.
  11. Runamuck

    [MOC] The Flying Dutchman

    After the new influx of Pirates related sets I decided to rebuild all my Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean sets. But there has always been a bit of a gap among the POTC sets when it comes to the Flying Dutchman. So during a boring weekend I decided to try and build my own for the first time. I was a bit difficult to actually post the pictures since all my old image hosting site had crapped out. I have seen many versions of the Flying Dutchman throughout the years, but hardly any that have actually been the size of a LEGO set. So for the sake of compatibility, and due to my slightly limited parts selection, I tried making a set sized version. Since I wanted to make it like a set I even incorporated a few gimmicks into the build. I build triple cannons that actually spin. The cannons are attached to gears, and can be spun; unfortunately the gear that does the spinning is hidden behind the railing in this photo. The “maw” of the ship. The figurehead of the grim reaper. I used the version form the LEGO POTC game for a bit of reference, since it pretty hard to see much of any details on the crud colored film version. One detail I wanted to try and incorporate into my model was the faces above the gun ports. The other side of the ship with its gun ports open. I tried building the kraken caller, the center of it can be moved up manually. Hadras at the helm. I had to remove a part of the deck to take a picture of this, but underneath the cabin there is a prison cell. Interestingly enough the cabin was the first part of the ship I built. An odd bit of design philosophy about this ship was if I don’t know what details to add, just add some seaweed. The octopus decoration is taken directly from the video game. A few pieces can be easily removed to give at least some access to the inside of the cabin. Behind the Deadman’s Chest we have Davy Jones pipe organ, even with a silver stud for his locket. There was also another thing that I felt was missing from the POTC sets: Jack the monkey! I tried making him as small as possible, and I succeeded, he is almost the same size as a normal LEGO monkey, even if he is a bit blockier. And since it was Jack I had to attempt an undead version too. The two versions are pretty similar in size too. Size comparison with a regular monkey. Barbossa and his pet.
  12. Runamuck

    [WIP] 6255 Golden Medallion Comic - Colorization and DTP

    Admittedly I can only think of one example that is traced from the unpublished comic. On page 20 we have a panel of Governor Broadside’s ship the Ironram. The picture was traced and reused in every Ladybird book on the map of the Tropical Sea. I don’t know if there are any more cases, but this one is pretty clear, even if they didn’t get the flags right.
  13. Runamuck

    [WIP] 6255 Golden Medallion Comic - Colorization and DTP

    If anyone is curious, I can offer a little information on the original version I worked on, even if it was a bit of hush hush work when I originally got it. Make sure to mention that the comic is property of LEGO. The version I was provided years ago is in Danish, so no need to translate it back into that. Although the comic was never published elements of it were reused in other LEGO Pirates things. Some of the art was traced for the Ladybird books. Elements of the story were reused for the later German audio dramas that feature the islanders. I assume that some of the islander names originate from this comic as well. Somewhat off topic, but since we have a few people here who speak French, have any of you ever taken a look at the scans on Brickfactory? There are a few French magazines and comics, even a couple of pirates themed ones.
  14. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Brickset has a new picture with a much higher resolution. The figures can be seen pretty clearly now. I think the captain might have a new torso.
  15. While I’m a bit skeptical of mobile games, I have to say that the info from this game sounds fairly interesting. So let me see if I get this right: This is Private LaQuay. This is Darwin. This is Scarlett the Buccaneer. This is Princess Argenta. This is Cook Bart. And this is Admiral Nonsuch. This is very interesting. Are there any old names that are being used in the game besides Captain Valiant? It would be quite interesting if an official source finally gave Flashfork a figure. Any good links to where one could see the trivia and character facts that can be unlocked besides in the game itself?