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    Lego, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter. Basically just fandoms.


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  1. Well I couldn’t tell the difference, so great job!
  2. The Lego Theory

    [MOC] Brickonium. A brief history about a dystopic planet.

    No problem! Good luck with the project!
  3. The Lego Theory

    Ninjago reimagined in Western Setting

    I love this idea! Just changing the setting of a theme can make some great MOCs. Cant wait to see what happens next here!
  4. The Lego Theory

    [MOC] Ninjago Borg Tower

    Oh thiiiis is what that was! I’ve been using this picture as a guide to try and make one in Minecraft for a while now, never knew it was from a fellow Eurobricks user!
  5. Is this on LEGO World Builder? Because if not, it would fit in quite well!
  6. I love the camera build. The use of the new Harry Potter wand pieces in black is amazing!
  7. Clutch power is the grip that holds two bricks together. Hope this helps! Also, great moc!
  8. The Lego Theory

    [MOC] Ogel's base

    Amazing! The factory look gives it a real action-movie-villain look. Love it!
  9. The Lego Theory

    [MOC] "Armada Cove" by Jason Brown

    Wow! I love this!
  10. The Lego Theory

    [MOC] Brickonium. A brief history about a dystopic planet.

    This is great! I feel like i’ve heard Brickonium somewhere… Maybe Life on Mars? Cool moc, great job!
  11. I love that idea! It would fit right in with the Vampire Bat from the minifigures series. Their whole bio is about how they would like to leave Lord Vampyre’s team and join the monster fighters! Similar to Invizable from Ultra Agents! Here’s the Vampire Bat’s Minifigures bio from “What a lovely day!” The clever and stealthy Vampire Bat may be his monster master’s chief hench-bat, but he isn’t entirely thrilled by wicked schemes to eclipse the sun and plunge the world into eternal darkness. After all, he might be one of the children of the night, but that doesn’t mean he wants to spend all his time there! In fact, the Vampire Bat actually loves being out in the daylight. Sunny days at the beach are his idea of perfection (though he does get a lot of sand in his fur and it’s not easy to see through the glare when your eyes are so well-adapted to the dark). Now that there are a bunch of human monster-fighters trying to foil his master’s plans, he’s secretly rooting for them to win!
  12. The Lego Theory

    [MOC] The Inn of the Prancing Pony

    Absolutely fantastic! I wish LEGO made more LOTR based sets, and this moc really feels like lego lotr. Great moc!