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  1. Neidhardt03

    German LEGO Adventurers Audio Dramas

    I know I'm five years late, but I've got to report the results of my research regarding why the two adventure audio dramas have so little in common. But before I do that I'll give a little bit of my backstory with the 1990s german audio dramas. So I first discovered some but not all of them on YouTube in late summer of 2014 (I was 10 at the time), these being: The two western dramas: "Steckbrief für den Kopfgeldjäger" and "Der falsche General" The two castle dramas: "Hokuspokus Zauberstab" and "Der Sohn des Königs" The two city/police dramas: "Die Botschaft von Lars" and "Gangster, Gauner und Ganoven" Two of the pirate dramas: "Piratensegel am Horizont" and "Insel der schaurigen Masken" The first of the time cruiser dramas: "Testflug TC13" And finally, the two adventure dramas: "Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz" and "Orient Expedition" Even as a kid I couldn't help but notice how much "Orient Expedition" stood out from the rest like a sour thumb. But then again, I didn't spent too much time thinking about it. As I grew older my interest kinda faded away, until I discovered your posts in this forum regarding the subject. I was actually pretty surprised that the audio dramas didn't go totally unnoticed outside of the german-speaking territories. Anyway, back to the subject, so: after reading this very post I remembered that feeling regarding "Orient Expedition" and so decided to dig for answers this time around. And here's what I found: 1. With the exception of "Orient Expedition", all of the dramas I listed where produced around the sime time, being from 1995 to 1998. You can actually tell that rather well, as they all have the same director/producer (Hans-Joachim Herwald), Head writer (Susanne Schindler-Günther) and several even share actors. For instance, the actor who voiced Joe Freeman in "Die Jagd nach dem Pharaonenschatz", Eberhard Haar, also voiced Sheriff Silver in the two western dramas. Two more examples would be Sascha Draeger, who voiced both Bo'sun Will in the pirate dramas and Dickens in the castle dramas, and Achim Schülke, who served as the narrator for the pirate, city/police and castle dramas; in "Der falsche General" he voiced the character of General Mack Maxwell. 2. The "Orient Expedition" one, on the other hand, was produced in the early 2000s. When exactly I can't tell, but it was released in 2003, appearently to coincide with the launch of the Orient Expedition adventurers sub theme. However, it wasn't available for sale, but rather given as a promo item to people who'd purchase one of the Orient Expedition Lego Sets at a Vedes Toy store. Note: Vedes is a chain of toy stores based in Nuremberg, Germany. Source: Lego - @ Hö (