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    REVIEW: 10247 Ferris Wheel

    Excellent review; I'm very tempted. What does annoy me is that they used a ton of the smaller green plates to make an oddly shaped 'baseplate'. From the width at least, it would seem to fit a 10701 48x48 plate. They could've tiled it up green if they wanted to... This seems like a fragile set that you'd almost need to build in its intended display location, rather than risk moving it...
  2. bjornkeizers

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I've been seeing the same thing here in the Netherlands... I originally got the Speed Champions LaFerrari and Porsche 918 late july. Shortly after, there weren't any McLaren P1's to be found pretty much anywhere. It's been sold out for months at my local LEGO specialist and only a fraction of my online stores still have some. Most are sold out and have been for ages. You can still get them from LEGO and if you're not in a rush, some stores have them available online... but that does mean paying shipping unless you're ordering other stuff. It was so rare to find around september/october, I was pretty much convinced it was already unofficially retired. But nope, still listed as a current product online.
  3. bjornkeizers

    Helicopter MIL MI-171 (MI-8 modification)

    Wow, that looks surprisingly accurate.
  4. bjornkeizers

    classic rally car. (vs New)

    Wow, that's awesome! 6634 was in fact the very first LEGO set that I ever got, so I might just build your version as a homage.
  5. bjornkeizers

    What was your first major City/Town building?

    The first - and pretty much, only - building I had was the 6380 Emergency Treatment Center from 1987. I had a TON of LEGO in the late 80's - early 90's, but I was mostly a vehicles guy. Nowadays, it's completely switched: I prefer buildings over vehicles with the great modulars. So, I recently re-bought a lovingly used 6380! Having places like Bricklink really helps to find those great old sets.
  6. bjornkeizers

    10251 Brick Bank

    I got a Yularen as well with my order yesterday. Fun coincidence, as I started watching Clone Wars the day before. I'll probably make him a passenger in my Tydirum shuttle.
  7. It's working for me, so apparently they un-fudged it. Was able to order the Brick Bank and redeem the VIP points just fine.
  8. Oh yeah, sounds logical. It's still showing me as correctly logged into the Netherlands store and Netherlands as shipping destination. I should've known it wouldn't be THIS easy to get an order in on january 1st. I had SOME hope that I might be able to get it in before the rush, but apparently not.
  9. If it's doing that, it's certainly not doing it consistently... And if I add just the rally car, the price jumps to 13,42 and in the checkout page, shows "shipping method: standard 5,95" separately. I imagine someone messed it up at LEGO, probably in the tax calculation thing. Guess I'll have to wait until morning to see if they fix it.
  10. Hey gang, happy 2016! I was browsing the LEGO site just now, ready to buy the Brick Bank modular. So I log into the Netherlands store, see it listed for 169,99 and I add it to my bag. I hover over the shopping cart and it's listed as 169,99. I click on checkout, and the unit price suddenly jumps to 187,79.... that's odd! GBHQ jumps from 399 to 402,56 and the new 9,99 rally car suddenly has a 13,42 price tag. Is anyone else seeing this strange behaviour? I imagine we're all hitting the site pretty hard, but I've never seen the prices messed up....
  11. I very much dislike the large parts; it's one of the reasons why I stopped buying LEGO for quite a while when they introduced and overused them. I like the building aspect of LEGO most of all, and the specialised, huge parts take that away. They also limit the potential for parts reuse and MOC'ing. I prefer to use ten parts instead of one wherever possible. Which is also why I like the huge modulars: they don't seem to skimp on parts and will use whatever looks best and gets the nicest result, rather than skimp on parts. They design them the way I would design them: with as much details as possible.
  12. bjornkeizers

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I built the shuttle Tydirium yesterday; the new 2015 version. I've always been a big fan of this strange design, even though I'm not much of a Star Wars fan overall. I have to say: it's quite a fun build! The bags are just the right size and diversity to keep it interesting, even though you're mostly working with white here. Love the end result too; looks great despite being a relatively smaller build for the size of ship it represents. I actually ordered it online friday, after seeing my local LEGO retailer was out of stock. I visited them friday and it looked like a giant horde had picked everything clean - nothing much in stock except for the 2016 police city stuff...
  13. bjornkeizers

    LEGO sets: Has it become like booking tickets for a concert?

    Could be, but then again.... it's been pretty much confirmed since september and with the holidays between it, people had the opportunity to either spend money now or hold off and buy the GBHQ on release. I only bought the Doctor Who set this month and nothing else, just to accommodate the GBHQ with regards to spending. No christmas presents for me - just GBHQ. And precisely because it is such an expensive thing, who knows how many they really made as a first batch. Either way, I bet a lot of people will be buying this bad boy come january 1st...
  14. bjornkeizers

    [REVIEW] 42048 - Race Kart

    Very cool set. I'm not usually into Technic, but I feel some exceptions coming up in 2016. This will definitely be cool to have.
  15. bjornkeizers

    What got you into collecting Lego as an Adult?

    I got my first lego in 1984 at age 2 and regularly got and bought stuff up until the late-90's. I slowed down then and only got the Model Team sets when they came out very infrequently. 5542 Black Thunder, 5561 Big Foot and 5563 Racing Truck were the last sets that I got. I built the racing truck while watching the Twin Towers fall on CNN. That year, I also started college and eventually two new hobbies, watch collecting and photography. I read the LEGO catalogs for a year or three after that, but found nothing of interest. I pretty much wrote it off, but kept it all my old stuff anyway. I did buy two ISS space station sets and the first Minecraft set when they came out, but that was pretty much it. Flash forward to earlier this year. LEGO announced: we're switching plastics somewhere about 2030. This got me thinking: what if I ever want to get back into the hobby? What if I have kids, will LEGO still be around and what it is today? It also got me to check out the website. Where I discovered that Model Team had made somewhat of a comeback with the large vehicle sets. So in june, I bought the VW camper. This was soon followed by the Ferrari F40 when it came out and finally the Mini Cooper. I also got the Parisian Restaurant modular, being a fan of architecture and highly detailed sets. Flash forward to now, with a Detective's Office added this month, a ton of the current City sets, the Ghostbusters set and I'm already ordering stuff from Bricklink to build new things. So yeah, LEGO's got me hooked again.