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  1. Interesting that Joker's rubber duck is actually green. No Apache Chief has photo booth photos.
  2. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Oh yeah! Completely forget about that
  3. Future DC Super Heroes Rumors & Speculation

    Starfire and beast boy are in Lego dimensions packs but they look a bit more cartoony. Brainiac probably won't be back for a long time at least.
  4. I have just realised the platform at the front of the justice league party set is designed to have black canary's microphone stand attached to it!
  5. Although the bat space shuttle looks great the minifigure selection in it is terrible
  6. It has diamonds printed over the eyes.
  7. Yeah there definitely is flesh on the legs- he has like little black pants, brown legs and yellow boots.
  8. Completely agree, the beyond suit just doesn't work in Lego form.
  9. There definitely won't be a third series of minifigures.
  10. I suppose a retail exclusive addition to the party set could be a possibility?
  11. We are getting black canary and Hugo strange though which is 2 character I have wanted since DC Lego started I don't remember him having a beard either
  12. While I'm glad we got all the villains, I am so disappointed we are getting FaF Alfred and Harley instead of Samurai and Classic Cyborg . Samurai is a huge missed opportunity because we will never see him in Lego now and the same goes for Gleek. Classic Cyborg is my favourite version of the character so I'm super bummed we won't get him either but I suppose he could come in a set in the normal DC range eventually In my opinion the series has about 10 good minifigures, 5 okay ones and 5 poor ones (looking at you FaF suits and vacation babs, robin and Alfred). I really don't see this series selling as well with general fans as the first series though.
  13. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I meant the mold that the piece is actually made from could be altered to just have the hat section
  14. Perhaps they can reuse the plastic mold without the cowl section to make just a hat piece?
  15. Ah I am glad they let you get one for each of you, I would rather them go to people who actually want them than scalpers buy them all!