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  1. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I meant the mold that the piece is actually made from could be altered to just have the hat section
  2. Perhaps they can reuse the plastic mold without the cowl section to make just a hat piece?
  3. Ah I am glad they let you get one for each of you, I would rather them go to people who actually want them than scalpers buy them all!
  4. Also for those in the UK, TRU stores got a shipment of the Lego minifigure 4 packs this morning so if you ask in your local they may be able to get one from the loading dock for you.
  5. Same goes for Robin's normal hairpiece with the glasses attached.
  6. TRU has got to be the most useless retailer going like, seems they have already botched this "promotion" in the UK. I am going to be so annoyed if they don't get more stock in! Apparently a guy just came in and cleared the shelf of all of the batman packs at my local so no doubt those will all be going on eBay for an absurd price.
  7. Hmm it's showing as in stock but if I click on the actual product it just comes back with "There are no items found". The packs aren't supposed to be out till the 1st of November here though.
  8. What is the point of that? Surely the whole point of having an exclusive is to sell it!
  9. Yeah I appreciate it being Shayera inspired too although the hair-helmet combo with her red hair would have been amazing! I suppose without the hair the only difference with a Kendra version would be a darker skin tone and all green legs?
  10. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Hmm then perhaps it is a UK thing only getting 1 set?
  11. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I guess I must be super unlucky then .
  12. Those prices seem pretty fair (better than the DCEU justice league set prices). Is that first line indicating the space shuttle only has one robin?
  13. Anyone know anything about the bricktober promotion in the UK?
  14. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I only got one set of wings in both the crawler and flying fox. I did check the instructions but it only lists one set of wings in the booklet. Did anyone else buy the sets yet and get more than one set of wings?