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  1. eldiano

    Future Castle Sets?

    Walmart!!! Interesting, headed up right now, they usually stock mine up on Fridays but let’s hope the toy section stockers are on their A game!! Thanks
  2. eldiano


    Amazing mod!! Love the cannon balcony!
  3. eldiano

    Future Castle Sets?

    Quick question, has anyone seen the Lego Creator set 31120 out in the wild in North America? If so from what retailer, I did my daily rounds on local shops to see if anyone stocked up the august toy lines across other brands also and nothing so far, i need to check my local Legoland just in case they sneak it in hehe
  4. eldiano

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    Ohhhhhh gotcha, I mean I almost bought this monkey from Bricks and pieces but then realized and hope that lego will give us the pirate monkey we deserve, at the end of the day we did get an “updated” bricked pirate on 31109 hahaha, i completely forgot about it lolol
  5. eldiano

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Growing up I had a dad that would buy me anything I wanted and a mom who always said no to toys, grew up with split parents btw, thing is I was scared because of my mom to ask my dad so the only lego pirate toys I got were the $3.99 sets, the very first one I remember ever getting was the 1481 Pirates Desert Island, https://brickset.com/sets/1481-1/Pirates-Desert-Island I will never forget those beautiful treasured gold coins, ever since then I always wanted more coins for my sets hahaha. Even then I only had sets like that shripwrecked pirate, cheap sets, from 3.99 to 19.99 on average, the most expensive set I had at the time was the black seas barracuda which my dad purchased me for Christmas ‘94 from what I remember.
  6. eldiano

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    When was the last time they released jack the monkey in a lego set?
  7. A possible Dream come true, can't wait to see what they have in plan for us!!!
  8. What if LEGO out of nowhere just completely blind sides us with a full on Pirate Wave? That's why I feel the snubs mostly because they probably have something rolling in their sleeves I Think hehehe
  9. This is the whole reason I save up on points, LEGO will drop these gems out of nowhere hahaa
  10. eldiano

    [WIP] “L’Anubis” - 3rd Rate Ship of the Line

    Fantastic Ships! The pirates never stood a chance!
  11. eldiano

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I hate brick sails, but that’s just me, cloth sails in my opinion made me think of a time when i was kid where i used fans to propel ships in the tub, brick sails would sit there haha. The creator 31109 is the closest thing we will ever get to a pirate gunboat than this idea sailboat to be honest. I hate creator sets, in my opinion i don’t have the room to dump all the bricks to create all the variants haha but still. Here’s a tiny mod of what could had been an amazing set if they do decide to focus on future sets hehe Maybe we could have gotten a dedicated styled pub called “Captain’s Inn” hehe
  12. eldiano

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Damn, i am still missing an order from May 24 and all that Lego has done is give me 500 VIP points and not even bother to look into. It was the only one I really wanted to build and that was currently holding me back for a current MOC that I already forgot what I originally wanted to do but oh well, it is what is. Haha
  13. I realized that removing the mizzen sail changes the look completely!!!! I love it now more than ever I think haha before: After Would trimming down the spritsail be a huge Nono or what? Hope you enjoy this minuscule mod in the forum of magnificent and better ships here!
  14. Thank you mate!!! That is correct the pre fab hulls are 2 studs wider, I have like 10 of them I bought just for this but I gave up ultimately realizing I would need to expand the ship and everything else in between and left it as is, plus some ninjago and other lego pirate themed ships look good. I ended up liking the size of this ship giving more a mini Caribbean clipper sized pirate attack ship haha I am thinking of posible removing the rear sail just to see what it would look like!! Thank you so much! I never realized the amount of work Lego tried by making their pirate hulls all brick builds and I agree you do lose the concept of this ship but at the same time. I thought I was on a mission to simplify the design but ended up giving up halfway through because I realized it would had ran me more money!!! When I first bought this ship I wanted it for the pirate tavern, even ended up buying was a prefab horse and wagon made cart similar to the mill village raid but I noticed a few things that just irked me a bit to say the least in regards to the ship and you are correct I wanted to stay close to the original design and not make it bigger simply to keep it in the original LEGO aspect, I wanted to double the masts to the standard 4, and extend the hull by one to make it a nice ship but it would look like another Brick Bounty, I noticed a lot of similarities between the two, the design of the rails, the cabin, the colors and the aft castle. This creator ship is weird to be honest, it has more bricks than the brick bounty but it’s a smaller ship haha, The Brick sails still don’t make sense to me because it doesn’t fit the ship. At the end of the day it is doing something nice with this ship, I just stuck with the sails at least and just some minor rails to make it more Minifigure friendly and not lego mini sized statue hahaha. Funnily enough despite buying this for the tavern as of yet I haven’t managed to build it BUT I have all these extra interior pirate themed furniture ready to have a good time if need be!!! I didn’t ‘t know how to use wanted lists, but I learned real quick, i thought I had to manually buy each piece and that’s why I gave up halfway, then I realized you can buy everything under a wanted list and create carts from stores all over bricklink that will simplify everything into minimal hassles haha. I am very familiar with your MOC!!! Believe me I was studying and researching every single 31109 MOD in the forum to see if sails was doable, I love yours, it makes a full sized ship that even holds it’s own weight with the Blackseas barracuda!!