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  1. eldiano

    Future Castle Sets?

    What I hate about the Creator 3 in 1 sets is the lack of mini figures, 99.99 for only 3 when they used to give us like 6-8 for that price point back then and the overuse of the small pieces to make up a higher count I guess.
  2. I agree, especially when you compare lines such as GhostBusters and back to the future side to side!!! They only milked the Firehouse and vehicles but Playmobil although has both and then some literally feature more accessories, furniture, more play features, lights sounds and cheaper than Lego I think.
  3. eldiano

    10291 Queer Eye Apartment Set

    Oh look the introduction of the white brick, many were expecting to be in the Peach Castle 🤣
  4. eldiano

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    All it is, is Lego telling fans, “Sorry your princess is in another castle!”
  5. eldiano

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think it’s funny everyone was expecting a full sized peach castle, but we got one on micro scale 🤣🤣 I saw the question mark also and was like wtf but funnily enough it’s a decent set, I like the Mario 64 references but that question mark though lol
  6. eldiano

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    You just make videos with their Ninjago setup, they are just six stations and the helps you by asking to recreate ninja poses once you are done they just give you the coin! They gave them out one per person who did it in my store!!! But they are awesome indeed!!!
  7. eldiano

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    what if you did order it and Lego messed it up? This has happened to me in the past lololol, i told me the page refreshed when I checked out and the cart disappeared and re appeared lol
  8. eldiano

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Imperial Ship!!!
  9. eldiano

    Future Pirates Speculation

    There’s no pleasing you guys, i was happy with my pirate pub from the creator series now I’m on the same “boat” hahahaha
  10. eldiano

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooo curious on how they would approach a new Pirates wave, will they continue the similar style from the modular 2015 wave or new and improved brand new sets, islanders? Pirates hide out? New flagship? I see spoilers from licensed sets but whyyyy not pirates, we need to sail the seven seas again!!!! Anyways wishful thinking as usual TLG wasting away biggg anniversaries I guess, you figure they would do something original for their 90th anniversary with original waves but so far nothing but licensed sets so far lolol
  11. eldiano

    [MOD] 31120 Medieval Castle

    Thank you!!! I have so many BF knights I had to mix them up and vary some styles
  12. You know what’s great about yours? You could place the drawbridge in front of your caste and it would fit in perfectly for castle defense!! The bricks from 31120 just flows with it smoothly!!
  13. You did An amazing job recreation that drawbridge!! A mix of previous ones makes this one the best one!
  14. eldiano

    [MOD] 31120 Medieval Castle

    Thank you!! I was hoping to start modding one of the towers but typical USPS delivered my P&B envelope to the wrong house so now i have to wait 25 more days!! At least I got my main one delivered hehehe Thank you mate!! I’m still thinking on how to do an alternate wall build but mirror it so it’s it could fit on the inside of this castle, once you told me the stairs would be on the outside I have been trying to solve that problem ever since hahaha I’m super OCD and like you and others in previous work have stated this set feels incomplete in some ways, once I built it the throne room side the grey piece didn’t make that much sense until you finally put it together and was like ohh that’s the back wall and feel like this was never designed in person and maybe different teams worked from home to make it work unless their intention was completely different I think! I was talking about this light grey 1x1 round brick below the 45 slopped wall extension, from the back it looked weird so I just swapped it with a 1x1 square dark grey to fix the synergy of the castle wall hehe I plan on adding a light up brick to the blacksmith forge on the first floor since I got an extra one from 21325 Medieval Blacksmith set!
  15. eldiano

    Super Mario 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    If You have a nintendo account you can also get 250 lego vip points from the Nintendo Rewards page FYI, that’s halfway points from 400!!!