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  1. eldiano

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That’s amazing!! I was on the same boat you were, getting the pieces from Lego was cheaper than Bricklink once shipping is added on! I got lucky, I’m Currently working on expanding a soldiers fort from 2015 but my order came in
  2. eldiano

    [MOD] Shripwreck Defense and Skull Island

    Try to at least!! They won’t get the treasure easily!!! Thanks, it’s what made me mod the sets because the ninjago sets are more modular and meant to have different styles one could play with!! I made these with my kids in mind so they could have fun!!! The whole purpose is that you could move around the v shape island to either an extended coastline or just various islands, either way with mini cliff that’s setup as an extra hangout for the pirates while the closer you get to the treasure island the heavier defenses get! Pirates could also barricade behind the planks but i never knew i had the guts in my to set out something like this! As of this writing the Bricks and pieces colossal order just came in for my MOD Soldiers Outpost after nearly a month in waiting and I cannot wait! It will be similar to this but nothing fancy!!! The entire sets in all their glory
  3. Thanks to a few members and TeriXeri, I always wanted to do a mod for these sets since I wished we could had gotten another wave following the 2015 pirates line due to their modular setup, with that said I was inspired after seeing some Ninjago sets and their similarities with build and play features i was looking for. I am a simple guy type of builder, but this is my first mod with a pirates set! I used the template of the 71717, swapped out some bricks and made a few mods!!! Overall look of all the 3 sets combined, placing a cannon in the middle as a last line of defense before the cave! I wanted to expand and add more into the “shripwrecked” bricks and planks!!! Getting those trans blue bricks which you can’t see give the face of the rock a “watery” fall look. I’ll try to take my lighting studio out for better pictures!! Had to reverse the dungeon since the mast lookout stood out in the way, a small detail I completely overlooked once I put them together! I wasn’t trying to do something extravagant, I wanted to keep it Lego simple by trying to mimic their simple builds to an extent! In the end, they always win the gold! Hope it’s to EB standards!!!
  4. eldiano

    Future Castle Sets?

    I love it, I’m shocked it opens up and it’s a rectangle castle, it even has a throne room!!! My only complaint is the simpleton door which is an easy fix to be honest but it’s way better than I expected, it does have more room inside that some of the previous full fledged castles though, even the detail of the red and white banner makes it confusing for me trying to pin an official color of the Black Falcons, I think the Blue flags does it for me to be honest!!!
  5. eldiano

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Here’s an unpopular opinion I Hate about LEGO. Not enough reissues of older sets, rather than reimagine older sets I just wish they just re-release them as is, just as they did the blackseas barracuda in 89-2002 for example and the castles line up
  6. eldiano

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The way i see it, it’s just a spin off of their anniversary and not really a spin off of their hogwarts sets, I’m sure we’ll get an expansion set, either way i got myself light bluish gray roof tiles for them just in case they don’t
  7. eldiano

    Future Castle Sets?

    I mean I guess I just want full fledged waves just as much as everyone else I guess. Paying 99.99 for a creator set and only getting 2 Minifigures is incredible sad IMHO and hence why I called it a slap in the face.
  8. eldiano

    Future Castle Sets?

    I’ll go as far on a limb to say that I disliked building the creator 3 in 1 pirate ship by a lot. They throw in 1264 bricks into a lot of small bricks that were unnecessary just for necessity of making it fit, i found myself questioning why they just throw in small 1x1 bricks in the hull all over the place, i mean 75% of the manual is just the hull itself. Is it vibrant, yes, colorful and detailed for such a small ship, some people liked it I guess but i bought it for just being a pirate ship, but the build was certainly annoying, just by looking at the leak of 31120 I can honestly see as a fact this set will be the opposite of 31109 and I cannot wait! The creator series is a slap in the face for us pirates and castle fans
  9. eldiano

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Call me crazy but did they delist the Mario from the starter kit also? I remember see him at the beginning at one point.
  10. So what would take it’s place if anything at all?
  11. eldiano

    Brick-built Animals VS Molded Animals

    I am completely split on this subject, on creator sets it’s completely under stable to have brick built animals, but if it’s a regular set i expect molded animals with that said though I prefer molded animals. The creator dragon looks amazing so far but I dislike the chicken bricks and parrots that completely look like half the size of a Minifigure TBH
  12. I know when using Apple Pay as a method of payment can be problematic after an item is delayed and the approval window has passed, but with the bricks and pieces turn around window as of late I noticed 2 things, one that my order status on the shop.lego.com website says that it’s shipped and the second i got an email saying that i have a problem with my order regarding the same issue. Has this happened to many of you? I must have placed like 10-15 orders using Apple Pay and pay pal but now my orders past the 22 day window all say shipped with emails stating the shipping receipt
  13. eldiano

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I got both of them but I can’t them to Lego Life App for some reason
  14. eldiano

    [Opinion] How LEGO made it impossible to build a City

    What’s going to replace them at all?