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  1. Updating Your Minifigs

    Keep it black/black on Yularen.
  2. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    If anyone played the Pirates of the Caribbean game from Lego, it's the closest thing we got for the Dutchman in terms of scale.
  3. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    What's the difference between the Rebel A Wing pilot that came out in the polybag last year versus the pilot version we got in the A wing set this year?
  4. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Dumb question, which retailer is Vader's transformation exclusive to?
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Did everyone get the mail with the may the fourth event with R2D2 polybag announcement?
  6. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Thats acually pretty amazing i thought they made it up the size of that ship along with the turrets, now i am curious on what it would have looked like in real life!
  7. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    After obsessing with the trailers from the new movie, I noticed that literally all the crew of the silent mary have admiral hats and not the tricorn, and my biggest objection from this set after building it, is being angry at lego at the notion that given the proportion of this huge ship they did not bother to add the mini figures at least to compliment the tremendous size of the ship, and tha'ts how I feel, loved building this ship and felt like it was a breeze to assemble but just how they did the helicarrier it would have been awesome if they bothered to include some of them.
  8. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Loving so far the Armando Salazar Brickhead!! not bad at all!
  9. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Very interesting, he said we could design the ship before it's haunted state but that would be very hard without the sails IMHO. Plus even they say that disney are a-holes lol. Love it.
  10. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Good question i really want to know, the booklet states its the pride of the spanish main, at this point it could be made up like the front cannons the QAR and the FD had.
  11. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    Reading the short mythology of the Silent Mary, and watching the trailer numerous times, I want a regular Capitan Salazar, his captian dress Is Beautiful along with the grey colors of the crew members!!! Even his spectral form is beast, but still, a full sized former Silent Mary is a long shot, but everything about this line is beautiful, i love the box, the black and gold details, the manual with the short description and movie pictures. I have been following the Lego fb page and people have been asking about other sets and they keep saying anything is possible, with one comment stating they cannot confirm nor deny but they don't know what Lego designers are up to, and in all reality I wish for more POTC sets
  12. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I was missing bags 9 and 13, i freaking hate how lego scatters minifigs through four bags, i panic whenever i could not find lesaro's head and corina's face. I love it, too bad double VIP points ended day before this thing came out but honestly and quite frankly i would love a flashback silent mary!!! I find myself watching the trailer over and over at how the ship was and he only thing missing this build is the bird on the middle mast... this movie deserves more sets PS those sharks are huge! The insides are big enough to fit something inside lol
  13. Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I feel they are a lot of elements we are missing from this movie, like the trident of poseidon in a set, I feel this is the only line that deserves a rehash of all the ships.
  14. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Right now TRU is doing stock prices after a week then they jack up the prices, but good luck if your TRU has them now, they just pulled the new wave off the shelves, I got what I needed though.
  15. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Problem is Walmart doesnt have them in their inventory right now, anyways since i got the tip about them being in the back I checked today and found them in the shelves and of course got like six imperial trooper battle packs and the mini series 4 vehicles but unfortunately when they rang them, the cashier saw they were street dated and only let me have them because i found them but now they are removing them off the shelves, can't complain i am happy.