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  1. Lord Valgor

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    I think I got the photos working. Also if it helps, the prison and crane modifications didn't require a whole lot of new pieces; I mostly just moved things around. The prison isn't perfect, but it's good enough for now. Someday I might revisit it to see if I can give more walking room around the cannon whilst keeping the original design language
  2. Lord Valgor

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    Thanks, thought I was going crazy because I swore they were visible when I posted. Lemme see if I can get a more direct link and update the post.
  3. Lord Valgor

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    Let's give this a shot. Here's the hall and wall I added to the main tower, plus the ladder that leads to the cannon deck atop. I've got proper pieces on order, so don't worry about the color mismatch haha. Here's the other side. The corners that will be adjacent to the office will be smoother after my extra pieces arrive. Here's the office, again I need the pieces to complete the walls and support, but with the plate there you can see it'll add plenty of room. I'm also considering adding a folding bed to the office, but we'll see. Here's what I did with the crane; quite a bit less bulky but still good looking IMO. Also has a place for minifigures to stand. Here's what the new prison building and trapdoor look like: Here's what I did with the section beneath the central courtyard, with the hatch open. Beds are small and rudimentary on purpose. Minifigures can stand (without hats) as long as they aren't under the support beams. Ladder (as noted) is bad; I'll keep toying with designs, but I'm at least okay with it for now. And the other side of it with the hatch closed. Table, lantern, sword barrel, and cheese all visible here. And finally the gate (with 1x2 plates added to reinforce it a bit) and the new treasure room. The wood plank beneath the treasure is on jumper plates so that it can be somewhat easily removed (it's a tight fit). Lots of room for treasure to help the fort live up to it's name.
  4. Lord Valgor

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    Haha, I'll see if I can figure out how to post photos inline into this thread... In the meantime, an update; Since my last post I've: Added two studs to the width of the main section (and thus the office). Had to order some pieces, so still waiting on them before it's fully done. Readjusted the prison tower to accommodate the cannon I removed from the main tower. Changed the crane to be longer, and more visually appealing (even though it was period accurate, I didn't quite like how bulky it looked). Moved the prison tower ladder so that it doesn't block the hatch down to the treasure (wine) cellar. Added a (bad) ladder, a floor, two beds, a lantern, sword storage, writing desk (via a barrel), and some cheese to the basement of the central courtyard. Now the soldiers have somewhere to wait out the storms and hurricanes . Other minor changes (moved the key, moved the table, swapped some wall pieces around, etc).
  5. Lord Valgor

    LEGO 10320 Eldorado Fortress - MOC / MOD Thread

    I know I'm late, but I finally picked this set up and instantly began to mod it. So far I've: Closed off the office (whilst keeping a hallway so that people don't have to go through the office to get to the balconies and cannon atop). Added a ladder to the cannon deck up top. Added a plank to the "wine cellar" and placed a load of treasure there. Added some small plates to prevent the gate from 'caving' inward. What I still plan on doing: Adding two studs of width to the office, likely by adding two studs to the whole tower. Readjusting the prison tower to accommodate the cannon I removed from the main tower. Making the crane longer and making sure it can lower items into the "wine cellar". Moving the prison tower ladder so it doesn't block the hatch. Adding the telescope to the balcony of the main tower. Things that I'm toying with: Removing the wine from the "wine cellar" and making it only house treasure. Adding a ladder and room beneath the central courtyard (I'd lose the "dock" functionality, but realistically I won't ever display it in that configuration, so I'll probably go for it). Widening the docks to be at least 4 wide all around. Replacing the black dock with dark brown (I tried it with reddish brown and it just didn't do it for me, so I'll have to see what it looks like in dark brown, otherwise it'll just stay black).
  6. Lord Valgor

    [MOC] The Olde Gull

    Thank you!
  7. Lord Valgor

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    It didn't work for me
  8. Lord Valgor

    [MOC] The Olde Gull

    Here be The Olde Gull; a fine ship despite her age. The Olde Gull by LordValgor Description: Just a small ship I made out of spare parts. Nothing special, but a respectable ship nonetheless. Still need to make sails for it though... Comments welcome! Here she is fully laden with cargo. Not a bad haul. Fully laden by LordValgor Here she is laden with cannon and cargo, just in case you wanted a bit more protection brought along. Laden with cannon by LordValgor Need to smuggle something? The Olde Gull has got ya covered there too. Hidden compartment by LordValgor
  9. Lord Valgor

    [MOC] Imperial Fort "Guardian"

    Thanks! I guess I should mention that I tend to prefer keeping the build in line with standard lego design aspects. I tend to prefer the charm of a lego set, rather than go all out with details and small pieces of some of the other (amazing) MOC's I see here. And I'm sure I'll try and add the jail cell some day haha.
  10. Lord Valgor

    [MOC] Imperial Fort "Guardian"

    The Imperials recently finished their newest fort, Fort Guardian! by LordValgor Description I recently (finally) finished my latest MOC; a fort for the Imperials that rivals any pirate ship that dares try and assail it. Geographically speaking I think of this fort on a peninsula overlooking a channel with a narrow access point for ships that then leads to a bay with a full harbor and city. Thus any ship attempting to reach the bay will be unable to maneuver and therefore be a sitting duck. As for the build itself, full disclosure that I pulled elements from several official sets. The lighthouse is pulled off of the Creator Lighthouse 5770, and the tower of the fort is pulled from the Soldiers Fort 6242 with some changes of course. The rest of it I basically pulled inspiration from who knows what sources and went with it. Focused on making something that I always wanted to see in an Imperial Lego fort. Anyways, let me know what you think, and enjoy! (Also, in the first picture you can see a secret hiding place for loot! Take a guess, and the answer will be revealed below :) Pictures This here be the mortar emplacement; works a treat at keeping them pirates from even thinking of entering the channel! Mortar emplacement by LordValgor The upper watchdeck, complete with three cannons and an access hatch to the main cannon deck below. Top cannon deck, crane, and flag by LordValgor The land route to the fort and the lighthouse. Lighthouse and stairwell by LordValgor Another view of the entrance. Sorry mysterious armed stranger, Imperial access only. Entrance from land by LordValgor The "Guardian Wall". It protects the channel and thus the bay from any would be ne're do wells. Guardian Wall by LordValgor The gun deck. Gun Deck by LordValgor Inside of the dock office. Didn't add anything here, but I might add a small desk; would seem appropriate. Inside the dock office by LordValgor The secret stash! You could see it through the stairs from the first picture. Did you guess right? A secret stash by LordValgor The Lighthouse from the cliffside. Lighthouse cliffside by LordValgor A shot of the cliffs, trees, and foliage. Cliff and trees by LordValgor Final notes Overall I'm quite happy with it. It isn't super amazing, but it doesn't need to be. It's fun, playable, and serves it's purpose of guarding the bay :D. Only thing I couldn't quite get to work that I wanted was a little jail cell beneath the lighthouse. Might still be doable some day, but I just don't have the pieces for it right now. Thanks for looking!
  11. Lord Valgor

    Can I use MOCs I posted for BoBS?

    Awesome! This is what I was planning on doing :) Sweet, thanks!
  12. Lord Valgor

    Can I use MOCs I posted for BoBS?

    Hope this is the right place to ask, but basically I have a few MOCs I'm looking to post, but I'm also considering joining BoBS and would like to know if I can double dip? Especially since I might have already created something which my BoBS character cannot currently afford to own, but later down the line I'd like for them to have the option. So would it be possible for me to post MOCs in the MOC section, and later use them for my BoBS character too? Thanks!
  13. Lord Valgor

    Future LEGO Pirates Set Speculation

    The pragmatist in me says that it isn't very likely Lego is reissuing old sets, and thus I'd be inclined to say the same about any potential new Pirate line in the works. However, that pirate backdrop you are standing in front of has a copyright of 2022 in the bottom left. This doesn't mean too much, but it does say that they printed it specifically for this year (vs say re-using some old stuff they had in storage); and because those are not cheap it also says that Lego is at least somewhat doing something pirate related (whether just marketing/promo related or otherwise, anything is something). At any rate, thanks for sharing!
  14. Have you cleaned and ironed any of the newer sails? Talking from 10210, QAR, or the new Barracuda Bay? Curious if those would be any different. 10210 especially since I don't want those to lose their stiffness. How do you ships look after 1,5,10 years? Primarily I'm thinking of my 10210 Imperial Flagship, I don't want its sails to go flat and lose their stiffness. Thanks all for the replies! You might be pushing me towards displaying with the sails on :D
  15. Thanks for the reply! I was hoping to hear from a few more folks, but that's okay I think for now most of my sails will remain stored away. Maybe some day I'll get brave haha.