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  1. Lord Valgor

    Pirate Game

    This is fantastic! What rules do you use? I am working on making my own Lego Pirate Game (largely inspired by evil Stevie's). Also, do you have pictures of all the vessels used? Your bigger ships sound to be quite impressive MOCs. At any rate, super cool and would love to see more pictures if you have 'em!
  2. Lord Valgor

    Queen Anne's Revenge Sterncastle Modifications

    I edited you title to make it more clear :P. Also changed "Stern castle" to "sterncastle" to be correct. I thought Google spell check was supposed to know these things lol.
  3. Hey guys, Quite a long time ago I posted my IF Mods here on these forums. I mentioned that I was able to make the SNOTty section just as sturdy as the rest of the ship, but I didn't show how. Well today I got a little less lazy and decided to take the photos and explain what I did. The modifications are quite minor (so much so I don't know why TLG didn't do it from the get-go), and they don't seem to affect the look or style much at all (the best mod I did was "under the hood" so it could look almost exactly the same). At any rate, you can see my bow mods Here :). Anyways, just thought I would share so let me know what you guys think!
  4. Hey guys, I finished my QAR (4195) Mods and added specific descriptions to each of the photos. I didn't change much on the whole of the ship (unlike my mods for the 10210 IF, which you can see Here if you like). However, I did make some fairly extensive mods to the sterncastle while trying my best to keep the look and feel of the ship the same. Also I would like to make a disclosure: My mods to the QAR (and just about any mods I make to sets) are not designed to be the best or to rival any of your guy's MOC level designs (they never could! :P). I instead try to focus on the spirit of the set itself. I like to add elements that enhance the play factor, embellishments, overall asthetic, or (if I am feeling bold) include what the set was "supposed" to entail. I say this not to as any sort of insult, but simply because I sometimes see relatively simple additions that seem to make the set feel much more "alive". Now that that's out of the way, here's what I modded/ added :P Widened the captain's cabin by 4 studs. Added a wall and door to enclose the captain's cabin. Added a bed to the captain's cabin. Added a desk and the shelf from 4191 to the captain's cabin. Added ladders to the cabin door "deck" and another bone ladder to the poop deck. Added stern chase cannons (optional). Other miscellaneous embellishments. Anyways, let me know what you think! PS- I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to add the photos here in the thread, but I might be able to be convinced to try it again :P.
  5. Hey Guys, I searched around on these forums but didn't find anything on this topic, so I figured I would ask in hopes that some of you have some really good advice for future ladies and gents (as well as myself). I am curious how all of you store your lego sails long term. I have the Imperial Flagships (6271 & 10210) and QAR which both use the thinner crisper type fabric, and currently I store them in a ziplock bag (not sealed) at the bottom of a large book. I recently took them out for a special Halloween display, and they felt a bit moist (I don't close the ziplock bag because I am afraid that they will mold). Originally I wanted to ask if you think I should throw some silica gel packets in with the sails, and whether then to close or open the bag, but instead I figured why not open this up for discussion. So, I am curious how you guys store your lego sails, and what you would recommend overall as best practice. Some other questions I have: - Do the IF and QAR sails require differences in storage due to their difference in composition? - Do you guys keep your sails on display usually, or in storage? If on display, how do you prevent or clean off dust? PS- I feel like I remember seeing a thread that had to do with cleaning sails, but I can't find it. Can someone point me to it? It may have some relevant information on this topic too :).
  6. Hello all! Lately I have been working on a small and humble diorama for a story I am going to try and tell. I call this one "Prepare for War" as the idea behind it is that the Imperial Navy is now officially responding to the overwhelming acts of piracy within their waters. With a fresh shipment of armaments and ammunition, and the arrival of the infamous Imperial Flagship "Audacity", the Imperial Navy is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Only time will tell how the Pirates will respond. All pictures can be found Here, but if you guys want I could add some of them to this post :P Anyways, please let me know what you think! I certainly have a lot to learn from ye masters, but I am proud of my start here and I hope to continue the story (adding more depth along the way as well) over the coming months as I have time :)
  7. Lord Valgor

    Pillage the Village Contest: Out for Blood Edition

    I have a few clarification questions. 1) I assume that the physical modification of LEGO pieces (ie coloring or cutting) is not allowed? 2) May I use an official LEGO set as a base to my submission? For example, if I depicted a battle between two large ships, would they have to be custom built, or could they be official LEGO sets? Thanks!
  8. Lord Valgor

    Share Improvements on Original Sets to 'Complete' Them

    Yes, please upload pictures! My own modifications to the Imperial Flagship (10210) can be seen Here (original post here). I believe that the changes I made to the bow, kitchen, and balcony are the ones I am most proud of XD. Also I am currently trying desperately to redesign the crow's nest to be more sleek and appropriate, while still maintaining its function. Any one have any good ideas or suggestions?
  9. Lord Valgor

    Imperial Flagship 10210 door problem..

    The doors were in fact designed this way sadly, and when I did my own modifications I was unable to find an easy solution to this (if I recall correctly, the only decent options being to redesign the deck access hatch entirely, or to reverse the doors opening direction, neither of which I was willing/ able to do). However if you do run in to the exploding bow problem, I have reinforced my own with little to no visual change and would be happy to share the details (though it may take a bit of time :P). Since making the changes I can carry the ship any way I like without problems. If you come up with any ideas/ mods, be sure to let us know though! -Valgor
  10. Lord Valgor

    What're your favorite and least favorite Star Wars sets?

    Hey guys, I was just wanting to start a thread (and maybe a Poll later) on this topic: Which official Lego Starfighter is your favourite one, and why? (eg 6207 A-Wing, 9493 X-Wing, etc) as far as limitations go, I am only including Starfighters. So no capital class ships (though I think that one will be my next post :P). I would have to say that the 7259 ARC-170 is so far my favourite, with my recently acquired 7180 B-Wing coming in second.
  11. Lord Valgor

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Found a Republic Frigate (7964) today, and it was on sale for $74. I went ahead and picked it right up. Anyone else think I got a good deal? I am not so much a fan of the new clone wars genre so it is mulling about in my head still :P
  12. Lord Valgor

    Imperial Flagship Modifications (10210)

    Thanks! Lol, I hear ya. Every time I come home (I'm away for college most of the time) I have to take it out and look at it for a few minutes. It is a truly magnificent ship. Also, that sounds really cool about the Queen Anne's, you should definitely post some pics when you get it finished! I have wanted to modify it in some way, but right now I am low on matching pieces I think. I am also working on making my own Skull's Eye Schooner from scratch, so that really cuts into pieces as well. As for the bow, I mostly just added some pieces that keep the deck portion together, then I connected the bow's keel (not sure what that should be called, anyone know?) to the rest of the ship so that it wouldn't just fall off causing the whole thing to crash. I also think I did something to the two SNOTy sections, but when I took it apart, it didn't look any different. I feel like I remember there being a place to put them, that was like 1 stud away from what the instructions said, that was way more sturdy and didn't mess with the look or how they fit, but I could just be imagining things. I'll try and add some photos in not too long.
  13. Recently got the Queen Anne's Revenge as a gift. Pretty nifty ship, but I think my favourite part is the blood red sails Also, if I may ask, I notice many of you are getting some pretty good deals. Is there a magic website that I don't know about? Or are you guys just watching and snatching up all the good deals on ebay and BL?
  14. Lord Valgor

    Imperial Flagship Modifications (10210)

    Thanks! I am particularly proud of the Balcony as it (IMO) compliments the ship. I really should take a picture of the whole ship with all the improvements... I didn't because I ran out of room in my photo area :P
  15. Lord Valgor

    Imperial Flagship Modifications (10210)

    Haha, ya that is probably true. But with that idea I was trying to add the front and rear facing cannons that many larger ship of the line's had in those days. The only way to do it in such a small space (that I could think of) was to make them swivel mounted. I also added bracers so that they don't flop around while sailing :P But I do agree that realistically those would never work, but hey that is what imagination is for :D