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  1. brickostan

    [MOC] Barbershop

    Wow. Looking really good. I really like the roof and the rounded balcony/windows.
  2. Yeah. I have thought of using these curved roller coaster tracks for this since 10261 (with the red tracks) came out. But only now have I build it in real life - the big push for doing it was that they were now available in dark red.
  3. brickostan

    Airport People Movers

    Build something that run on these tracks?:
  4. Thanks. I was glad to see that Lego realeased them in dark red. But rollercoaster track is one thing, I also needed hinges in that color. At first I looked at dark red hinge plates (2429/2430), but they are rare and insanely expensive (at least for the amount I needed). Then I settled on th hinge bricks instead (3830/3831). 😀
  5. Thanks. Thanks. Yeah, but personally I don’t have space for that at the moment. Maybe I should try to find some more space 😀
  6. brickostan

    [MOD] 10270 Extended "Dutch" Version Modular

    Maybe turning the roof 90 degrees on the other building would make it look even more “Dutch”
  7. Thanks. Yeah, the roller coaster tracks is perfect for that. Originally I wanted to use the red tracks, but when I saw that they were available in dark red, I though it was a perfect match. Thanks. If I had more space in my LEGO city I would. But at the moment I don’t have plans to double it. I will make it a little longer though. Thanks. Thanks.
  8. Hi I don't know if anyone has used this technique to create a canopy/roof for a station before. My intention was to make something that looks like Copenhagen Central Station (Københavns Hovedbanegård).
  9. brickostan

    DB 200 116

    Really nice locomotive. And if you're into running a danish Lego train layout, you could also use this locomotive (if you change the decals to 220). In 1980 DSB rented some BR 220's from DB. The ones running in Denmark was always run two-and-two - something about not being powerfull or reliable enough. I can't remember which.
  10. brickostan

    Just some 9v train automation with Mindstroms NXT 2.0

    I was thinking og controlling a 12V trainmotor from a PF IR sensor (and only giving the motor max 9V). But does anybody know if the PF IR v2 smooth out the PWM, and/or if the 12V train motors can handle PWM. Else I should put a low pass filter between the two.
  11. brickostan

    [MOC] 'Bricks Cross' - Train Station

    Nice build. Please post pictures where all sections are assembled. And as some other write: build it in real life.
  12. brickostan

    [MOC] BR24 (German standard steam locomotive)

    Wow. Very impressive. And it takes the curves without any problems.
  13. brickostan

    Union Pacific SD70ACe Heritage Fleet - 6 Locomotives!

    Wow. Impressive work. Nice locomotives. You run 24V on the tracks and use capacitors in the trains. Why? edit: I found earlier posts where you explained the 24V setup.
  14. brickostan

    Karlsruhe Tram (GT8-70D/N)

    Wow. Really neat tram. How long is the full model?