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  1. The app is now working again, Both devices are ok, one without deleting and reloading is fine. The other has lost all built profiles, I guess the app was having issues not my end.
  2. Deleting the app and reloading has not worked for me.
  3. Ok, did you loose all your profiles?
  4. Is anybody else having problems with the app today? When opening the app I’m just getting a black screen, tried two different devices and reset both.
  5. That’s good to hear, thanks Michael.
  6. The chosen European supplier website is not very UK friendly at present, any attempt to use the English version throws up a 404 error. Also the shipping details are only in German and relevant to EU customers. I have emailed them for more info directly and will update here with any news.
  7. Testing, testing,123, is anyone there? Reply but smaller? Medieval Cottage by Paul ROBINSON, on Flicor Final test (possibly) Smaller again? Messy workbench by Paul ROBINSON, on Flickr
  8. Testing, testing,123, is anyone there?