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  1. Fulcrumfan91

    Could LEGO remake Fright Knights?

    Yeah I wouldn't mind this at all!
  2. Fulcrumfan91

    Could LEGO remake Fright Knights?

    Aw man those are spectacular!
  3. Just wanted to throw it out there. Do people think that could be something we get at some point? Would love to see an updated Night Lord's Castle!
  4. Fulcrumfan91

    Help picking a cool set?

    Yeah I'm likely looking to just buy 1 and that's it. I won't rule out getting one of the others later but...super unlikely, so yeah. Im looking for a balance between play and build, build is more important to me but I'd like to have the option of having neat details or tricks in the set to sometimes keep me occupied during breaks or off days.
  5. Fulcrumfan91

    Help picking a cool set?

    Hello! I'm debating buying one of the following sets (really can't afford all of them, so picking one) and just wondering which of them have the best build/might be the most worth getting? I also do enjoy playing around with the sets from time to time, not necessarily important but it is a nice bonus I suppose. 10273: Haunted House 10305: Lion Knight's Castle 10320: El Dorado Fortress 21058: Great Pyramid of Giza Would love to know what folks think and appreciate your help!
  6. Question for folks (and especially if you have the sets in hand), which between the T-6 and the E-wing set seems like the more interesting build??
  7. Saw another T-6 review...imma be honest, even though I have gripes with the set, I still really like it.
  8. Still unreal they didn't at least use the same red bricks or what not for that side of the ship.....
  9. Yeah seen the review of the T-6, it's a huge shame how underwhelming it is. It does, however, look pretty cool as a model as long as you pose it on one side (still unbelievable to me they didn't bother designing the back of it...like it's expensive guys wtf). The gunship imo looks great, might be the wild card fave for me as of right now. Hoping to see Ghost reviews soon.
  10. I ended up getting the Ahsoka clone pack, and honestly it's really good. The clones look great, I don't care as much about minifigure details personally as long as the set itself is good, which is why Im a little annoyed by the T-6 being half finished. I'll still get it and it'll likely still be a good set, but I don't like that personally. Gunship is maybe my 2nd fave set after the Ghost as of this moment in time.
  11. Same, and yeah, fair point.
  12. Oh dear....the T-6 is missing red bricks on the other side of the ship so it looks asymmetrical....how on earth did Lego miss that...thats bad.
  13. Im liking the ship despite its smaller size!
  14. official images for the Gunship are out