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  1. Until we get confirmation, we don't know what the sets will be, that's just how it is.
  2. No but it's how it works. Sells more sets. Want a minifig? Buy this expensive set. Theres no other reason that they do this other than trying to increase their profits as much as possible.
  3. Actually...now that I've read them
  4. Yeah agreed, I doubt Din and Grogu are included in the TIE vs Fang. Yes actually. The Mando BP, Imperial Marauder, Luke vs Dark Troopers, Snub Fighter. Aw man fr? I imagined it more just...all black
  5. I don't think we'll even get Mando or Grogu with that set tbh. I still stand by my original thought/feeling
  6. Yeah makes sense. I kinda assumed the TIE/Fang set would be something more like towards the end of the season. I get the feeling it'll be a lot like Vader's TIE vs A-wing that we got a few years back. Probably 4 minifigures.
  7. Never realized this was out, if that comes out, day 1 buy from me. That looks spectacular and I love Ahsoka so. Perfection for me haha
  8. XD Yeah, that's why I'm not a fan.
  9. Agreed, Im pretty excited to see the other sets but so far...most of the stuff revealed has been pretty good!
  10. I think there is a possibility we might get more info during SW celebration on those....but no clue if that'll happen. It's in around 3 weeks from now.
  11. That's really awesome and sweet, honestly, cherish it. I used to have it but had to sell it years ago, it's a great set.
  12. Lol exactly why I edited my comment. I knew someone was gonna read it as me actually thinking that'd happen Listen, it's great to speculate and all, but you're also setting yourself up for disappointment. Then we get the handwringing when, surprise surprise, the mystery set has nothing to do with prequels/CW. I'm gonna say the big set is the Home One and leave it at that. There's my speculation. If I'm wrong, ok, I'm wrong. Hammerhead Corvette would be hella ill tho
  13. Bro, they already shelled out for the CW 20th, the clone heads lol now I could be wrong....but it seems to be what it is. There's literally no other evidence that would suggest it being a gunship let alone Count Dooku's Solar Sailer Though that set for 1000 pieces would be very funny, but obviously I was making a point, not being serious. I love TCW but man....there's way too many fans complaining about how it gets no love or that they don't get some random ship from LEGO from that era. The late 2000s and early 2010s really spoiled y'all fr