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  1. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Modular Café

    Thanks :) It's bright light yellow. Thanks :)
  2. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] 1973 Porsche 911

    Another day, another Porsche... ..or something like this. The 1973 Porsche 911 - my absolute dreamcar! Until I get to drive one of those myself, I'll have to settle for the smaller, brick-built versions :D And since LEGO's Speed Champions Porsches are not really my style, I created my own. It's mostly my own designs, ideas and builds, but I also got some inspiration from jon3lliott's classic 911s. - 6 studs wide (+ mirrors and fenders) - ~200 parts - fits two minifigs (but not with every headgear/hairpiece) Enjoy :) (Click the images for zoom/larger pictures) Phil
  3. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Modular Café

    Thanks :)
  4. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Modular Café

    Hello there. So here it is, my very first own modular building: a small corner café. It's based on 24 x 32 studs (+ sidewalks), has two floors, a rooftop terrace and a small backyard. I don't exactly know how many parts it has, I just built it over the course of the past weeks and didn't really think about counting. I got the basic idea from the set 41379 'Heartlake City Restaurant', the first friends set that I really liked. The bright light yellow with the medium nougat at the bottom is a really nice colour combination and the green adds a nice touch to the whole building. The first floor is for the café. With five tables, there is enough room for guests but one can also get their coffee and donut to go. From the back there is a staircase to the first floor where the kitchen is, and with another flight of stairs you get to the terrace. Here one can enjoy their favourite cake with a view, all while being in the grapevine's cool shade. I hope you like it. Enjoy :) (click the smaller images for zoom) Check it also on my instagram-page ;) Phil
  5. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Safari + 930 Flatnose

    Thanks, you two. :)
  6. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Safari + 930 Flatnose

    Thanks, you two! :) If anyone wants to build the flatnose and has some spare change, the instructions are now online on rebrickable:
  7. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Safari + 930 Flatnose

    Thanks man :) I agree, even some new trans-clear slopes would be great. 3298, 4161, 3038 etc...
  8. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Safari + 930 Flatnose

    Hey. I wanna show you two of my recent models. The first one is a Porsche 911 Safari. I started building that lime Porsche when I first got the 75888 set, more than a year ago. After a long time and many changes I came up with this offroad version a couple of weeks ago and I think it turned out really nice. The other one is a 930 Flatnose, which is basically a 930 (aka 911 Turbo) with the front parts of a 935 race car, designed and built in the 80s. It is one of my favourite Porsches ever and I wanted to build this model for a long time. Finally got all the pieces together and I am really happy with the result Both are in City/Speed Champions scale and can fit 2 minifigs each. ~250-270 parts, ~17 studs long and 6 studs wide (+ mirrors & fenders). Porsche 911 Safari Porsche 930 Flatnose Check my ig for more :) Phil
  9. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC/Mod] Phil's Beach Buggys

    Thanks guys :) Yeah, my ecaxt thought. And the colour is awesome too. You could make a brick-built cockpit. That would sure look nice, too :)
  10. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    [MOC/Mod] Phil's Beach Buggys

    Hello there. I'd like to show you my two most recent mocs: my two beach buggys. No. 1 is a heavily modified version of Jack's Beach Buggy (Set 70428). I took the original "chassis" - which was the main reason for getting this set - and made it a bit more suitable for the average Lego City inhabitant :) No. 2 was a bit more work. I got the basic idea by building the 70422 Shrimp Shack. I really liked the vehicle parts in dark azure, the 'cockpit' and the hood, but the build from the set was just unsatisfying. So I build something completely new from it. I don'T have all the parts though, so this one is just digital :/ If you like them, you can get the instructions for free on rebrickable: Enjoy :)
  11. Phil_DeLaGhetto

    Hello there.

    Hi. I'm Phil, greek but live in Germany, 27 y/o, and studying dentistry. I love Lego since the crisp age of 4 and haven't lost my love and passion for it :) And besides it REALLY helps me relieve the university stress :D You can check out a bit of my stuff on instagram and rebrickable: Phil