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  1. The forehead/ear mold is... not great. What I’m more bugged by is the color, though. I feel like the LOTR goblins were much closer to the MCU Skrulls’ skin tone. Maybe that color just isn’t going to be in production for 2019 minifigs?
  2. Do the spider-mech’s legs move when you roll it along?
  3. It’s possible that they believe “Batman” is a stronger brand than “DC Super Heroes,” so they want to lead with that whenever possible.
  5. BrickSantorum

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    And the November U.S. store calendar just dropped, and there’s not a single mention of any of the Bricktober sets. Starting to get pretty anxious about these.
  6. Nothing has been confirmed one way or the other so far.
  7. Blame the federal interstate highway system.
  8. BrickSantorum

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    Excellent summary - thanks for posting! Your friend is right on the money about licensor approval. I spent 12 years writing books about various video games, and the approvals process for companies like Nintendo was rigid, to say the least, even when working with characters from different franchises that are all owned by the same company.
  9. Don't get our hopes up.
  10. BrickSantorum

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    Pokémon is a separate company from Nintendo, with their own licensing deals. But yeah, this is definitely a fake rumor.
  11. Maybe not even a movie.
  12. I just came here to say that I had a dream last night that there was a Marvel CMF series announced for 2019. So if that happens, I'm officially psychic. Also, hooray, I just started a rumor!
  13. Seconded!! I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to retool a Chima head to a Spider-Ham head. And then something worthwhile would have finally come out of Chima.
  14. BrickSantorum

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    If I recall correctly, in the DC thread, there's also a rumor of a Solomon Grundy in the Winter '19 wave. If we don't get a Swamp Thing fig in the next 12 months, Swampy should fire his agent.