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  1. This is why I am 99% sure another Disney D2C will not be a castle. Asking Disney fans to shell out $350 for one castle is already a big ask. Having another on the shelves at the same time — which honestly isn’t THAT different — seems like a good way to convince fans who are on the fence that they don’t need either.
  2. My hope is that they're giving us attractions from the park as D2Cs, and that the CMF series are actually meant to be cast members, which would explain why they don't have Simpsons-like molded heads. And if that's the case, I'd like a Haunted Mansion very much please!
  3. I've got plenty of Harleys already, and I'm not looking for another one. But she's one of the most popular DC characters with mainstream audiences, and definitely one of the most popular female DC characters, period. Remember that most consumers don't collect every last minifig that comes out. It would be silly of Lego not to find a way to work her into the line in any way they can -- not a waste at all.
  4. They already did a turkey this year and probably didn’t want to repeat. And Thanksgiving—particularly the “Native Americans and Pilgrims” version—is really only a U.S. thing.
  5. BrickSantorum

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Well, this is bricking disappointing if true.
  6. BrickSantorum

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    There were a lot of problems that they just couldn't overcome. The biggest one was that they entered the toys-to-life game market after it had already peaked, and kids were losing interest in it (Skylanders, Disney Infinity, etc.). The other major problem was that it was just so expensive to get started, if you paid full retail price. The starter packs were almost twice the price of a regular game, and the Fun Packs were originally priced at US $15, which is crazy expensive for a non-exclusive minifig (as most of the early ones were) and two usually underwhelming mini-builds. If they had launched 18 months earlier and priced everything more aggressively, they might have had a chance. But instead, it just turned out to be a huge wasted opportunity.
  7. I wonder if this has anything to do with the use of the phrase "Super Heroes." It's a jointly held trademark of Marvel and DC. Maybe the two companies aren't playing as well behind the scenes as we might hope?
  8. The forehead/ear mold is... not great. What I’m more bugged by is the color, though. I feel like the LOTR goblins were much closer to the MCU Skrulls’ skin tone. Maybe that color just isn’t going to be in production for 2019 minifigs?
  9. Do the spider-mech’s legs move when you roll it along?
  10. It’s possible that they believe “Batman” is a stronger brand than “DC Super Heroes,” so they want to lead with that whenever possible.
  12. BrickSantorum

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    And the November U.S. store calendar just dropped, and there’s not a single mention of any of the Bricktober sets. Starting to get pretty anxious about these.
  13. Nothing has been confirmed one way or the other so far.
  14. Blame the federal interstate highway system.