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  1. Thanks for the comments and the welcome to Eurobricks. Unfortunately the car does not have suspension, as I wanted to keep it simple and I couldn't see a way of fitting it in at this size anyway. I hope to progress to suspension, gearbox, etc in future MOCs. It is driven by one L motor sitting behind (in parallel to the rear axle) - this proved a bit of a headache to fit securely, as it kept trying to twist away from the differential gear when powered. It is a bit slow, but I suppose that is to be expected. I will try to find time to post a shot of the underside when I get time.
  2. Very good detail for such a small model and great photos too.
  3. Here is my small scale, about 1:17, rc Nissan Skyline R34. Not many functions, but does have servo steering, rear differential, opening bonnet and boot. I have tried to make it as small as possible whilst accommodating the AA battery box. Hope you like it.
  4. 26: 10 21: 6 28: 4 18: 3 23: 2 27: 1 Great job everyone!!
  5. Hi all Having only come back to building technic sets a few months ago and having been inspired by some of the amazing MOCs I've seen on here, I thought I would try my hand at my very first MOC. So here it is a sportsbike comprised of pieces from 42036 and 42028 (plus the gear selector from 8880) - I hope you can see past the mismatch colour scheme. Functions: - 2 speed gearbox, operated by foot lever - fake engine - front and rear suspension I would have liked to complete this in a single colour scheme and more/better fitting panels, but unfortunately have limited pieces to build with and would hate to take apart my other sets. If I attempt another MOC then I will definitely spend more time planning and getting proportions right before I start the build. The main thing I have learnt is that it's not much fun having to dismantle and rebuild several times because it just doesn't look right. This project has given me an even greater appreciation of other people's work on here and I'm looking forward to seeing all the completed TC6 entries. Any comments/suggestions on my work will be welcome - I have a vast amount to learn. Cheers