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  1. WIP REVIEW: 10218 Pet Shop

    I'm sorry, things got a bit crazy for me that week and I never was able to finish this. I would revamp this review but I don't have the time to right now. (sorry for bumping the topic)
  2. Back from my long break from Lego, it's good to be back!

  3. Just came across my Lego, all

  4. MOC - Modular Post Office | Flower Shop |Artist's Studio

    Great job! I hope for more.
  5. MOC - 7 wide truck

  6. MOC:mini boat

    Wow! well done on the pieces.
  7. MOC - Oceanographic Ship

    Very nice work! I think it is interesting that you use water in your city.
  8. Currently building the Maersk train.
  9. MOC: 1960s Bedford Ambulance

  10. Decal Wish List

    I will start work tomorrow.
  11. MOC: farm

    Very cool! I love the truck and tractor
  12. Neoclassical Bank - Modular Building

    no words! I love it!
  13. MOD: Steep Hillside House with interior 5771

    wonderful details in there! I love the scenary, I really think you should expand it more for all the creater houses.
  14. My Emerald Night Gold line Mis Printed

    Very interesting topic! Funny thing about my luck is that all of my lego sets have had a defective piece!